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2 Basic Mechanics  Move objects in four directions within a grid.  Attack via multiple missile launches and other weapons.  Defend via shields, anti-missile weaponry, migration  Multiplayer game via web based application.

3 Story  World population increases while natural resources decrease.  As resources are depleted governments around the world fall, citizens suffer and countries crumble.  Diplomacy has failed, negotiations are no longer an option.  Countries that were once allies become fierce enemies  The world becomes engaged in ballistic missile warfare while competing for the resources needed to survive and build empires.  Nuclear war is imminent.

4 Game Play  Players choose side / country; to compete against someone or AI.  Establish defensive and offensive positions, population centers, and other key components of their countries by plotting their locations on a grid.  Each player will have the ability to launch attacks, defend their countries and gather intelligence on the enemy.  As resource levels fluctuate the country either grows or is destroyed based on choices of each player.  Ultimately, both players result to war until one or both countries are annihilated.

5 Why is this game exciting?  A contingency is a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.  Current media reports human population growth is expanding and Earth could eventually be unable to sustain life.  Player may also be aware that there are nuclear tensions within the Middle East and Asia regions.  Using North Korea as an example… their population is suffering while their government chooses to spend billions on missile and nuclear technologies.  The elements for nuclear war to unfold are all currently present in the world so the player can relate to the possibilities of such a war.  The player will be kept on edge as each country makes decisions on how to proceed.

6 Development Tools  Unity 32 will be tested for feasibility of use for developing graphics to leverage its browser based game libraries.  Music and audio files will initially be collected from free sources on the internet. Garage Band and/or Audacity may be used down range.  Apache Tomcat will be used as the web framework to host the game sessions.  Java and JSP will be used to construct the environment and interactions.

7 Delivery Goals Minimum Target (March 23-30) ◦Story line created, additional design finished. ◦Grid structure created ◦Java classes created for country components, extra perks / inventory items, defense / offense systems and player attributes. Alpha Target (April 6 – 13) ◦Multiplayer component is added to the game to make it web enabled. ◦Player statistic tracking is established. ◦Graphics and sound clips are added where possible. ◦AI players are created along with the associated logic.

8 Delivery Goals (continued…) Beta Target (April 20-27) ◦Add character commentary ◦Perks and hidden items added to the game ◦Addition audio and graphics are added. ◦Finalizing the interactions of objects within the game. High Target / Final System ◦Heavier utilization of Unity 3D for graphics ◦Increasing the response time of the game. ◦Playtesting ◦Regression testing ◦Submission of final game project.


10 Conceptual Map

11 Screenshot – Attack Screen

12 Screenshot – Situational Report

13 Playtesting Results

14 Feedback Positive: - “It looks like the game idea was based off of Battleship.” - “Interesting method of enforcing turn based sessions across browsers.” - “I found the progressive destruction of the enemy entertaining.” - “The music was enjoyable.” Negative: - “This game took a little while to understand.” - “Where are all of the cool 3D graphics?” - “I suggest you play with a responsive person, since the game depends on the other player to make a move before you can get your next turn.”

15 Future Work / Lessons Learned The ideas for the game often times outweigh the available time. I would like to go back to the original plan and add the “Escape to Space” sequence. Overhaul of all graphics and sound as some players value the view over the function. Enhance the turn-based algorithm to time-out a non-responsive user. Leverage an actual game engine and move away from web based infrastructure. Implement drag-and-drop features for the generation of the base.

16 Demo

17 Project Website

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