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Antispam & antivirus for ISPs, companies, governments

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1 Antispam & antivirus for ISPs, companies, governments

2 99% spam

3 Spam is costly 15 minutes per user, per day Loss of user confidence
Wasted bandwith Overloaded mail servers Virus risks Dangerous content

4 Process 99 % filtered

5 MailCleaner protection
Monitoring of all addresses Antivirus Antispam Dangerous content detection Catch rate guaranteed

6 Antispam Corporate Solution

7 MailCleaner strengths
Automatic updates Full customization Zero admin Rapid installation Compatible with all mail server Leverages Open Source

8 Quarantine Interface User’s manual
User friendly Quarantine Interface User’s manual

9 The user comes first Intuitive Web interface User friendly
User’s Manual Customizable for the individual Quarantine report via Outlook plugin

10 From 1 to 1,000,000 accounts

11 A solution to fit your needs
MailCleaner Hosted Services Managed, hosted service. For SMBs MailCleaner Enterprise For large companies, institutions and public organizations. MailCleaner for ISP/ASP For Web hosting services.

12 MailCleaner Appliance
Pre-installed on robust hardware 500GB, 2GB RAM Option RAID

13 References Education Industry and Services
Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies Universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Freiburg, … Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne Industry and Services Handicap International, Aspheria (groupe La Poste) Reed Business Information

14 References Finance & Insurance Cities & Government ISP/ASP IBM BCC
Vaudoise Assurances MIG Investments Cities & Government City of Geneva Conseil Général de l’Allier ISP/ASP RIA Internet VTX WebNow

15 Competitive Pricing MailCleaner Hosted Services
Hosted Services at MailCleaner 8 EUR per user per year MailCleaner Enterprise Solution For 1’000 mailboxes, 1.65 EUR per year and Per mailbox, with basic support MailCleaner for ISP/ASP Your choice based on the number of mailboxes, domains.

16 Thank you for your attention
MailCleaner Team

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