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M&G’s new barrier solution

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1 M&G’s new barrier solution
POLIPROTECT M&G’s new barrier solution

2 Poliprotect & BicoPET:
Poliprotect differs from M&G’s previous solution, Actituf, primarily because of the technology used, the BicoPET. BicoPET ™ is an innovative technology patented by M&G which allows to mix in a single chip the active barrier (preventing the oxygen entry) and the passive barrier, BASF’s new nylon Ultramid X17 (preventing the loss of CO2). In such a way M&G offers to converters the possibility to have both active and passive barrier without the need to dose. This avoids possible errors and limits the necessity for quality control. Standard PET BicoPET RECIPE 1 RECIPE 2

3 M&G’s new range of barrier resin:
Poliprotect PB (passive barrier) this is the solution for products that require passive barrier only: CSD Ready to drink Poliprotect APB (active and passive barrier) this solution guaranties a high active barrier associated with the necessary passive barrier for the following applications: Juices, smoothies, juice based products Beer, Wine Milk and dairy products Food applications (ketchup, salad dressing, etc...) Poliprotect JB (juice barrier) this solution suits particularly products that need medium active barrier: Juices, smoothies, fruit based beverages

4 The BicoPET™ structure:
Nylon Polyprotect PB PET/new scavenger Nylon Polyprotect APB & JB For the PB grade, the core of the pellet contains the passive barrier. For the APB grade, the core contains the passive barrier while the shell is made of modified PET mixed with the active barrier. For the JB, the structure is identical to the APB but with a nylon content significantly lower. 4 4

5 What are the advantages of BicoPET™?
No additional investment required by the converter because it is dried, injection molded, and reheat blow molded like standard PET No separate handling system for nylon No dosing errors Excellent dispersion Barrier active only when bottles are blown which allows to keep preforms at stock without time limit Recyclable Fully approved by FDA and EC

6 With Poliprotect, a perfectly transparent bottle:
Material tested Haze*, % Standard PET 2.4 Standard PET + 7% nylon (MDX6) 15.5 Poliprotect 2.8 *Haze is measured by Gardner haze meter.

7 Ultramid® X17, the key to our transparency:
What makes Poliprotect unique in comparison to the other existing solutions is the new nylon Ultramid® X17 included in each pellet. The development of Ultramid® X17 is the result of a considerable R&D investment from the part of BASF for the exclusive use of M&G. This innovative nylon has a perfect compatibility with our modified PET and allows to have high transparency in the final bottle appearance. The comparison with the MDX6 (in the same % of dosage) shows that the final haze on clear bottles is dramatically reduced.

8 With Poliprotect, the same bottle resistance as standard PET:
Burst (bar): it determines the bottle strength by pressurizing it until it bursts. Creep (%): it examines the progressive expansion of a bottle once it is filled and carbonated and then put under pressure. Top load (kg): it measures a container's maximum resistance to a vertical pressure.

9 With Poliprotect APB, a permanent barrier on O2
The red line indicates the rate of 1 ppm of 02 ingress which is the typical market requirement. It appears clearly that Poliprotect APB’s performance exceeds by far this target and therefore is the ideal barrier solution for sensitive beverages.

10 Poliprotect continous barrier on O2

11 High protection against Vit. C loss
This test was commissioned by an Italian top-quality juice maker on a 250 ml bottle 100% Poliprotect APB + barrier cap filled with a smoothies (100% juices of mixed fruits) The Vit. C loss is very limited due to the fact that the oxygen ingress is prohibited by the barrier scavenger, also odour and color test show no evident change during time.

12 Long lasting barrier for juices
This graph represents a real test done with a premium orange juice (100% pure juice) that has given a very positive results after approx 9 months shelflife. The customer was using mulitlayer bottles and comparing the Poliprotect results on Vit. C loss saw no difference with its solution and switched to Poliprotect. This will grant the customer higher flexibility and economical convenience at the same barrier performance.

13 With Poliprotect, a reliable and flexible barrier on CO2
CO2 loss simulation- 1L Bottle - 52 g Poliprotect was developed to meet current market requirements on CO2. Nevertheless, in case of higher performance needs on passive barrier, our solution can easily be adapted by adding a greater % of nylon.

14 Poliprotect performances versus competitors solutions

15 Masterbatches M&G has homologated a family of colorants from Holland Colours, which have perfect compatibility with our Polyprotect resin. The same co-operation is ongoing with Colormatrix, Clariant, Repi, Toyo, Sukano, Polyone. Upon request, M&G can homologate a specific masterbatch in short time. Already a list of colorants tested and approved to be used with Poliprotect is available.

16 PoliProtect is recyclable as part of the regular PET stream :
Extensive testing has shown that PoliProtect has the same physical properties as PET when recycled at 25% PoliProtect is fully recyclable in the colored bottle stream Due to the presence of nylon a color shift can occur during recycling of bottles into the clear stream At projected market penetrations of around 2%, testing has shown color shift well within the recycling industry’s tolerance levels Sorting equipment exists which can move nylon containing flakes to the colored stream Recycled resin can be toned 16

17 EEC approval – FDA - Migrations
Poliprotect fulfills the requirements of the European Community and national food packaging regulations. None of the substances listed in Directive 76/769/EEC are present in this resin Poliprotect has received the FDA in 2008. In Fraunhofer Institute Poliprotect PET bottles for juices were screened for migration of relevant compounds with satisfactory results. (available report with results)

18 Manufacturing areas and R&D
Poliprotect resins are produced today in: Europe, Italy, Patrica (south of Rome) – M&G Polimeri Italia Installed capacity: MT/year USA, West Virginia (Apple Grove) – M&G Polymers LLC Installed capacity: MT/year M&G is working on improvement and innovation in barrier PET through the work of the two R&D centers: - R&D in USA, Sharon Center for resin - R&D in Italy, Rivalta for packaging application of the barrier resins

19 M&G a reliable partner Thanks to our past experience as preform producer (M&G sold its Packaging BU in 2008 to Plastipak), we work with our customers as consultants also for specific projects. In this context our Technical Assistance, and our R&D people combine their know-how to offer a support for launching new product packaging or for the restyle of existing one. In this area we provide together with the support of Proplast Institute the following services: Production of preforms/bottles samples Study for new design of preforms/bottles Tests on permeation (02 and Co2) Test on Vit. C for juices or other beverages Mechanical tests: creep, burst, top load

20 M&G Registered Patents
Polyester resin blends with high-level gas barrier properties (Barrier Composition) PET/ PA mix with domains between nm Mg41: Transparent polyester resins and articles there from (Appearance) PA domains in Bottle or Preform in the range of: 30 – 110 nm Mg48: Article comprising light absorbing composition to mask the visual haze and related method Use Colour to mask Haze: any Domains between 400 – 700 nm

21 The Mossi & Ghisolfi Group

22 M&G Group Business Units
The structure of the Mossi & Ghisolfi Group M&G Group Business Units Polymers BU Chemtex Film Acetate BU PET standard grades R&D Diocetate Plastic PET barrier grades Eng. & Tech Film Triacetate Plastic PET foamable grades Project Management Recycling Diacetate Textile Procurement PTA Construction Polyester Fiber

23 kt/year 2000 TOTAL APPROX M&G is the global leader in PET production
The M&G group is today the biggest PET producer thanks to its total capacity of 2 Millions tons of PET per year kt/year Suape, Brasil Altamira, Mexico Apple Grove, WV USA Patrica, Italy 600 650 450 300 TOTAL APPROX 2000

24 Polymers B.U. - Market Shares
M&G Group: a 10% market share in 2009 that makes M&G Group the world leader of the PET market M&G 10% Others 49% Eastman 8% Invista 7% Far Eastern 5% La Seda 5% NanYa 4% Wellman 4% Indorama 4% San Fang Xiang 4% Based on 2009 capacities

25 A worldwide presence: Wilmington Tortona Milan Apple Grove Verbania
Engineering Central Office Tortona Group Head Office Milan Group Head Office Europe Reg. Office Apple Grove Resin Verbania Resin Cellulose Acetate Sharon Center R&D Centre Rivalta R&D Centre Houston North America Regional Office Patrica Resin Altamira Resin Beijing Engineering Poços de Caldas Resin Fiber R&D Centre Shangai Engineering Mumbai Engineering Mumbai Engineering Sao Paulo South America Regional Office Bangalore Engineering Cabo Fiber Pignataro M. Film Suape Resin Indaiatuba Recycle Paulínia PTA

26 Thank you 26

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