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(DISTRICT ANUPPUR, M.P.) Kavindra Kiyawat, IAS Collector & District Programme Co-ordinator MNREGS. Anuppur (M.P.) Rajendra Singh Chief Executive Offi cer,

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1 (DISTRICT ANUPPUR, M.P.) Kavindra Kiyawat, IAS Collector & District Programme Co-ordinator MNREGS. Anuppur (M.P.) Rajendra Singh Chief Executive Offi cer, Zila Panchayat & Add. District Programme Co-ordinator MNREGS Anuppur (M.P.)

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3 Total Blocks 4 Total Gram Panchayats 282 Total Villages 581 Total Population (as per Census 2001) Total rural population % of Scheduled castes 7.25 % % of Scheduled tribes % Sex-ratio (females/1000 males) 961 % Below poverty line % General Information

4 The biggest Challenge The Biggest challenge in MGNREGA is making payments to the labourers in time.

5 Labour payment issues: Payment of MGNREGA wages to beneficiaries takes atleast 1 month. To receive the payments beneficiaries are supposed to travel between 25 to 40 KM. on average. Lack of branches of commercial banks in rural areas. Unpleasing attitude of bankers towards the beneficiaries with respect to payments. Considerable delay in collection of cheque payments. Slow pace of payment mechanisms followed by banks. Loss of one day’s wage of labourers

6 Aapki Bank Aapke Dwar HELLO ANUPPUR- The Call Center Video Conferencing Chalo Gaon ki Aur INNOVATIONS Strengthening of Panchayat Bhawan To reduce the time from 1 month to 7 days to make payments to labourers

7 The timely wage payment of labours working under MGNREGS works was a great challenge in the district. As a solution of wage payment to labours in a week at their home/village place, “Aapki Bank Aapke Dwar” Scheme has been launched on 26 January, 2010 in co-ordination with District Central Co-operative Bank, Anuppur. Under this scheme 06 mobile vans are provided to the bank for the purpose. AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR Wages Payment through mobile bank during Chief Secretary MP Visit in Gram Panchayat Pondki Lakh Wages payment has been made through mobile banking services of Job Card Holders of four blocks of the district by 06 mobile vans till date The average 730 persons per day are benefited under this scheme. To reduce the time from 1 month to 7 days to make payments to labourers

8 AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR Mobile Banking facility inaugurated by Honorable. Chief Minister MP Labour are receiving Wages Payment under Mobile Banking


10 Nodal Agency : District Central Cooperative Bank ANUPPUR Staffing : One cashier cum clerk and one security guard. Vehicle arrangements : Six Hard top vehicles. Process : Prepare separate ledger for every Gram Panchayat. Open a bank accounts of Implementing agency and the job card holder in the same branch of District Central Co-operative Central Bank. Payments of wages on specified date ( atleast 2 days in a month) and time at the village Panchayat premises. Publicity of the date of payment. Issue Tokens to labourers at payment time. AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR Facilities at payment site : Drinking water, toilet, shed, library, proper sitting place, extended help to fill the forms.

11 To enable offering of agro related credit loans to farmers. To free the poor labourers from the clutches of money lenders. To enable poor labourers to procure agro allied facilities with respect to seasons at villages panchayat level. To encourage the KISAN CREDIT CARD SCHEMES among beneficiaries. To bring the 100 % population under banking benefits. To increase the awareness of banking among people. Future Action plan : By implementing agency. By Gram Panchayat. By Revenue staff. By Cooperative banks. By other departmental field staff. IEC activity to announce the date of payment: AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR

12 By implementing agency. By Panchayat. By public representatives. By other departmental field staff. Inspection : Social audit : Payment at public places in village Panchayat. To make the payment system transparent the payments are made right in front of the public. Display the information of payments at village Panchayat. Adopt the Transparent process. AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR

13 Maintenance of complaints register at village Panchayat. By Hello ANUPPUR (call center). Inspection by Government officials. Disposal of complaints : By district programme coordinator/Add. District programme coordinator at District level. By programme officer at block level. By field staff. By bank management. Monitoring : AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR

14 Payment progress of mobile banking services in MGNREGS (As on 24/12/2010) Achievements : From -ToNo. of blocks No. of vehicles No. of beneficiaries job card holders Payment amount ( ` In crores) Paymen t days /01/2010 To 24/12/ Average Status of payment No. of beneficiaries benefited per day Payment by one vehicle (In crores) Payment per vehicle per day (In lakh) Average Payment per person Rupees only AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR

15 Advantages Disbursement of payments closer to their household within 7 days. Payment gap has come down from 1 month to 7 days. Significant saving of time and efforts of labourers in getting the payments. Prevent the loss of a productive working day of labourers. It has stopped the malpractices during payments. Prefer HAAT BAZAARS (Weekly) day to facilitate payments to labourers. It increases the interest levels of beneficiaries towords schemes. It minimize the crowd seen in commorcial banks. Improve chances of landless labourers in agriculture sector in getting competitive rates. Increases saving habit among labourers. Facilitate easier indentification of beneficiaries/labourers. Increases the awareness of women towards these schemes. Promote education and literacy among beneficiaries. It has bring down the complaint graph. Public representatives are also satisfied. Officers are now able to give more time for better implementation of the scheme. AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR

16 CHANGE AT A GLANCE COMPRATIVE PROGRESS OF YEAR & (Till November) YEAR No. of Job Card Holders No. of Accounts operated in Banks / Post Offices Employment Provided to Families Total Running Works Beneficiary Oriented Works Total Man days51.17 Lakh56.39 Lakh Total Expenditures Lakh Lakh Employment Provided to SC/ST Families64 %70 % No. of Gram Sabhas held Grievance Redressal99 out of out of 55 MIS Feeding Lakh Lakh

17 Strengthening of Panchayat Bhawan Telephone facility. Rest room. Toilet facility Drinking water. Meeting Hall. Electricity (with Inverter Backup) Library. Sports facilities. Facilities provided at payment site in panchayat bhawan Advantage : Panchayat Bhawan has become a center of activity

18 Strengthening of Panchayat Bhawan

19 For the proper monitoring, evaluation and resolving the complaints against construction and irregularties of implementing agencies including wages payment of labours, the telephonic approach of local people was launched as a “HELLO ANUPPUR” at District Programme Coordinators Office. Complaints registered at centre is resolved within 24 hour’s by the department and concerning bodies. Till date 413 complaints had been registered. Out of them 358 had been resolved. This facility available to public for 24 hours. HELLO ANUPPUR The Integrated Call Center in District Advantage :Grievance redressal system has become more effective.

20 For the proper monitoring & evaluation of the works running under the scheme at the grass root level on weekly basis video conferencing With Janpad and grass root level official is held on every Monday of the week headed by District programme coordinator. This helps in proper monitoring and evaluation of the Scheme and conveying instruction in time to grass root level. VIDEO CONFERENCE At block level Advantage: Monitoring & Evaulation of different scheme become easier.

21 Under this programme all the Officials of the district are assigned with the duty of visiting and staying in the Village Panchayat conducting village level meeting and discussing and resolving the conflicts and problems at grass root level. This Programme is organized 2 days in the month. This enhances smooth interaction with the villagers at grass root level. CHALO GAON KI AUR Interaction with the villagers Advantage : Interpersonal relations become stronger.

22 Women Labourers IN TILL NOVEMBER % women reported control over wages earned through MGNREGA. CategoryMan days (in Lakh) Total56.12 Women28.62 Local Wage Increased Local wage rate in the market has increased to The workers have better negotiation strength.

23 Kapildhara 6844 Dug wells Sanctioned in which 4106 Wells Completed. YearRainfall Status Rabi Sowing Area ( In Hec.) Double Cropped Area (In Hec.) Irrigated Area in Rabi through Wells (In. Hec.) Production in Rabi (Mtr Tons) Below normal (40%) Below normal (10%) Below normal (40%) Increase in w.r.t (+)16600( +) 14452(+) 3968(+) Irrigated area increased by about 4100 hectare by the construction of these wells. Source Land Record and Agriculture Department.

24 36800 running meter of 184 beneficiaries completed running meter field bunding of 6698 beneficiaries targeted till 31st December running meter field bunding of 9717 beneficiaries targeted till 31 st March Soil erosion was reduced result in increase in fertility of soil. Total hectares land has targeted in The soil erosion of MT will have saved. Bhoomi Shilp

25 114 Beneficiaries, Hec. & plants. After full growth (5-7 years) beneficiaries are expected to earns ` 40,000 – 50,000 per year per hec. Nandan Falodyan

26 A plan was prepared to connect all villages by fair weather road. Village below the population of 250 were taken. Road length Km was sanctioned in which Km had been completed. Rural Connectivity

27 579 Nirmal Neer Wells sanctioned for the year & Wells has been completed community use of portable water demands and popularity of these wells the rest of wells are to complete 31 March Under Sub Scheme of Nirmal Vatika the 5522 beneficiaries has selected of them 4320 has been benefited as per scheme norms. Nirmal Neer & Nirmal Vatika

28 In Case Of Kapildhara Wells 2468 beneficiaries have been provided with diesel/ electric/paddle pump through SGSY, ITDP, Tribal & Agriculture Department & Proposal for Providing 2038 pumps are under process of sanction. Schemes With Convergence No. Of Works Amount (In Lakh) MLA-LAD Irrigation Department RES Deprtment Agriculture Deptt SGSY Tribal Convergence

29 Name Implementing Agency No. of Sanctioned Works No. of Completed work Enhancement of Irrigation Area in Hec. WRD RES Agriculture Deptt Village Panchayat Water Bodies

30 In district 927 water bodies were sanctioned in which 732 has been completed this includes structures like stop dam, low height weir, diversion scheme, storage tank, ponds, canals and water harvesting tanks these water bodies enhanced 2755 Hec. of irrigated area by beneficing approx farmers. Water Bodies (continued)

31 Plantation 1.Road side plantation 2.Plantation by Students. 3.Block Plantation 4.Gram Van 5.Nirmal Vatika 6.Plantation at government premises. There are 30,92,000 plants are planted.

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