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Master Instructor Training 2005: Reno, Fort Benning, Pensacola 2006: Reno 2007: Pensacola 2008: Camp Perry 2009: Pensacola 2010: Camp Perry, Sanford, Colorado Springs, Anniston I, Long Beach, Anniston II 2011: Anniston

2 JMIC Master Instructor Workshop
Workshop Objectives: Train and certify (or recertify) Master Instructors to teach the JROTC Marksmanship Instructor Course to JROTC Instructors Establish a cadre of JROTC marksmanship mentors for other JROTC instructors Improve the safety and quality of instruction in JROTC marksmanship programs

3 JROTC Marksmanship Instructor Course (JMIC)
Course Objective: To train and certify JROTC Instructors to teach gun safety and air rifle marksmanship to JROTC cadets and how to establish and manage safe air rifle ranges for cadet marksmanship activities

4 JMIC Development JMIC Developed After Army & Navy JROTC Marksmanship Safety Stand-Downs in 2004 JMIC Created by CMP in response to Cadet Command requests in Jan-Feb05 JMIC Revision in 2008/2009 JMIC Master Instructors: Marksmanship experts selected by JROTC Commands and CMP Trained and certified by CMP in 2-day workshops to teach JMIC to JROTC instructors

5 Original JMIC Review Panel Camp Perry, Ohio, 4-5 February 2005

6 Original JMIC Review Panel
Camp Perry, Ohio, 4-5Feb05 London Dubois, Army Cadet Command Carl Filip, AJROTC Eastern Region Ashley Garman, AJROTC Western Region Maj Don Hanks, MCJROTC Instructor John Hoffman, CMP Range Officer COL Tom Johnson✚, Retired AJROTC Instructor MSgt Gerald Lyons, Retired MCJROTC Instructor MAJ Joe Mucelli, Retired AJROTC Instructor MAJ Larry Pendergrass, Retired AJROTC Instructor LtCol Pete Peters, NJROTC Instructor CDR John Roberts, NJROTC Instructor Duane Tallman, CMP Range Officer Phil Williams, CMP SJD, Marksmanship Instructor

7 JMIC Master Instructor Training
Examine and Discuss JMIC Sessions 1-9 in detail Discuss Notes and Questions concerning each Session Do range live firing to practice range operations and marksmanship instruction (if possible) Review: JMIC Resources Procedures for conducting JMIC courses Procedures for Army unit inspections

8 MI Workshop Materials Instructor Notebooks & Resource Materials
MI CD with JMIC Presentations & Notes MI Shirts (Be sure to turn in sizes) MI Certificates (Presented at end of course) JMIC Instructor Worksheets Updated Slides and Notes posted at

9 JMIC Procedures CMP POC for JMIC Administration: Brad Donoho, , ext Vera Snyder is Brad’s assistant ext. 1182) MIs set up courses as requested or required Required equipment and materials to conduct course: LCD projector and screen Air rifle range (if possible) JMIC Notebooks and Instructor CDs Request Instructor Notebooks and Instructor CDs from CMP CMP will post open course announcements on web site To Teach JMIC: Distribute Notebooks and CDs Have Instructors complete JMIC Worksheets Forward JMIC Worksheets to CMP at end of course After JMIC, CMP will: Register JMIC completion by Instructors in database Send Certificate directly to Instructor

10 Your Mission Teach the JROTC Marksmanship Instructor Course to JROTC Instructors Be an expert marksmanship resource (mentor) for other JROTC Instructors in your area Be part of a team that continually strives to improve the safety and quality of JROTC marksmanship

11 What’s Wrong with this Picture?
Or Why is Your Mission So Critical?

12 JMIC Results To Date 12 JMIC MI Courses Completed (5 in 2010)
340 Master Instructors Trained & Certified 4,721 Instructors certified: Army ,601 USMC Navy ,488 Air Force 961 Army JROTC Unit Inspections Completed Two injury-causing safety incidents since program began (Jan05-Mar11)

13 JROTC Competitions 1st Phase: Postals for all units, 7,803 cadets participated in 2010 (record) Separate postals for AJROTC, MCJROTC, NJROTC & AFJROTC Competition in Sporter and Precision Classes 2nd Phase: Army, USMC, Navy and Air Force Service Championships (February) 3rd Phase: National JROTC Championship (Last week in March)

14 JROTC Postals CMP administers postals
Units enter teams & request targets on-line Krüger/Orion targets shipped by CMP All targets scored with Orion Scoring System--provides shot group print-outs 23, targets scored in one week

15 JROTC Postal Statistics
Service 2007 2008 2009 2010 Army Indiv. 2241 2147 1979 2265 Navy Indiv. 2627 2885 2673 3346 USMC Indiv. 991 1440 1686 1716 USAF Indiv. 121 248 431 476 Army Units 293 261 239 257 Navy Teams 627 372 units 591 745 USMC Units 167 176 361 teams 175 USAF Units 14 22 41 39

16 2011 JROTC Competitions 1Sep11: Postal programs & target order forms available Enter teams (with names) on-line, allow ten days for target printing and shipping 23Nov11: JROTC target firing & mailing deadline 2Dec: Deadline for receiving targets 9Dec: Service Championships programs released and qualifiers announced

17 National Standard Rules
The “Blue Book” is the official JROTC rulebook Next Council Meeting: July 2011 All JROTC Commands have representatives on Council Rules effective from 1Sep10 Rules questions or input welcome--contact Vicki CMP:



20 Are Non-Lead Pellets Suitable for Marksmanship?
Test conducted by CMP/22Apr10 Vogel lead—Control ¢ ea. Daisy Tin ¢ ea. El Gamo Platinum ¢ ea. El Gamo AP ¢ ea. Dynamic (1st group) N/A in USA Skenko Yellow Disc.? Dynamic (2nd group) N/A in USA Skenko Blue Disc.? 3. 4. 5. 6. Update: 13May10 8. 7. 1. 2.


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