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Meaningful Use Stage I Class III Menu Objectives

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1 Meaningful Use Stage I Class III Menu Objectives
Shannon Earhart, RRT Michelle Koressel, CPC Solutions Development Senior Analysts, AHIS

2 Menu Set Objectives 5 of the following 10 objectives must be satisfied
At least one of the selected objectives must be a public health objective The following objectives are considered public health objectives: OBJ 302I: Submitting Electronic Syndromic Surveillance to public health agency *Development-health agencies currently do not have interfaces available OBJ 302K: Submitting Electronic Data to Immunization Registries *CHIRP

3 Common term definitions
EP-Eligible provider Unique patients-If the patient is seen by the EP more than once during the reporting period, that patient is included in the denominator once Denominator- The number of patients that meet the objective criteria Numerator-The number of patients from the denominator that have documentation in the medical record which satisfies the objective Transition of Care-Responsibility for the patient's care of a particular condition to the receiving physician

4 OBJ-302H Clinical Lab test results
More than 40% of all clinical lab tests results ordered by the EP during the reporting period whose results are either in a positive/negative or numerical format must be documented as structured data Satisfied by lab interfaced results *Labs in Microbiology are excluded

5 OBJ-304D Patient Reminders
More than 20% of all unique patients 65 years or older or 5 years old or younger must be sent an appropriate reminder during the reporting period. eMessenger or Letters *Must be in category of follow-up, preventative care, or health maintenance

6 OBJ-302M Patient Education
More than 10% of all unique patients seen by the EP must be provided patient specific education resources. Satisfied by Treatment > Education

7 OBJ-304I Transition of Care Summary
The EP who transitions or refers their patient to another setting or provider of care must provide a summary of care record for more than 50% of transitions of care and referrals Automatically attach current progress note and medical summary to outgoing referrals * Print or Fax with attachment or via Peer to Peer(P2P)

8 OBJ-302J Medication reconciliation when there is transition of care
More than 50% of transitions of care in which the patient is transferred into the care of the EP, must perform medication reconciliation Appointment for New Patient in which EP is assuming care>Transition of Care check box Current Medications>Medication Verified check box

9 OBJ-302B Drug formulary checks
The EP must have enabled this functionality and have access to at least one internal or external drug formulary for the entire reporting period. Check Rx eligibility and set formulary from Appointment or Treatment screen *Not represented on MAQ

10 OBJ-302I Generate list of patients by specific condition
Generate at least one report listing patients of the eligible professional with a specific condition Registry>Demographics and ICD *Not represented on MAQ

11 OBJ-304G Providing timely electronic access to health information
More than 10% of all unique patients seen by the EP must be provided timely (available to the patient within 4 business days of being updated in the certified EHR technology) electronic access to their health information subject to the EP’s discretion to withhold certain information. *Requires patient portal which has not yet been implemented. *Not represented on MAQ

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