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i-Plan to Use My Learning Style

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1 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
PURPOSE: To understand and use personal learning styles to make learning easier and memory long term

2 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
While all the senses are used for learning, everyone has a dominant learning style or preference for gaining information. Learning is easier if the student can access his or her dominant style. Since this is not always possible, it is beneficial to develop non-dominant styles. Self-explanatory

3 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
The Learning Style Inventory will help you determine: 1) how you learn best 2) the best study time for you.

4 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
Find out if you should study in the am or the pm Find out if you learn best by: Doing - a tactile or kinesthetic learner Seeing - a visual learner Hearing- an auditory learner Have students access the Learning Style Inventory. Read directions and provide time for them to complete it. When finished, students should complete the sheet which addresses their style and keep the other two to reference when working toward developing non-dominant traits. Stress that knowing their Learning Style is only good if they use that information to affect their learning.

5 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
A Visual Learner; Thinks in pictures Remembers events as illustrations Learns from using maps, charts, graphs, photos, and drawings Understands better after seeing a video or role play Learns from note taking “Think Visual for Residual” Self-explanatory Check for understanding of “Think Visual for Residual”.

6 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
A Visual Learner Should: Take notes with added pictures, etc. Outline Create organizers, maps, charts, drawings, illustrations as they listen Use graphic organizers Sit up front to avoid distractions Add personal symbols to your notes

7 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
Auditory Learners: Learn from discussions Like when people talk with them Like lectures Listen to the radio Talk though the information Listen well to viewpoints of others

8 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
Auditory Learners should: Read text aloud (if not in class, then at home) Record and listen to their notes while studying Participate in group discussions Hold informal interviews Look for paired learning situations; discuss information with a “study buddy” (someone you can talk to, but stay on task)

9 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
Kinesthetic Learners: Like hands-on experiences Do well in lab classes Like projects Learn from field trips Learn from project-based activities Learn from exploratory activities

10 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
Kinesthetic Learners Should: Move around whenever possible (ex. walk around while studying flashcards) Cut out representations of concepts Participate in projects whenever possible Put learning to the beat of music whenever possible Act out a situation Place note cards around the room and study concepts at each separate location

11 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
Train both sides of your brain: Left side = logical Right side = creative Examples: Alternate the ear you use to answer phone or the hand you use to brush your teeth If you are not a visual learner, watch the Nova or Discovery Channel to strengthen that trait Have students fold their hands and cross their thumbs. The thumb on top will be their dominant side of the brain. We only use 2-3% of our brain - look at what’s left to develop! Discuss ways to train the non-dominant side of your brain. Crossword puzzles, jeopardy, chess all have been proven to raise your I.Q. Brain training activities (learn an instrument, use your non-dominant hand) have also proved to help prevent or slow Alzheimer’s disease. This research has created a new market for handheld electronic puzzles.

12 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
I will study “smart”. I will use my personal learning style to my advantage in studying. I will use my prime time for learning to my advantage in studying. I will look for ways to develop the non-dominant side of the brain. Summarize

13 i-Plan to Use My Learning Style
RAM PRIDE- LIVE IT!!!!!! Have them chant: you say “RAM PRIDE”, they respond- “LIVE IT!”

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