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Assessment Services, SDUSD 2013 STAR Nuts & Bolts Grades 2-8 Traditional Calendar.

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1 Assessment Services, SDUSD 2013 STAR Nuts & Bolts Grades 2-8 Traditional Calendar

2 2 Agenda New for 2013 Test Security Before Testing During Testing After Testing

3 3 What’s New for 2013? heightened securityEmphasis on heightened security –New security affidavit –No unauthorized electronic devices videosNew and updated videos at resultsQuick return of results (2-3 weeks after receipt of scorables)

4 4 What’s New for 2013? Answer DocumentAnswer Document Changes: –No CBEDS (section 14), collected in CALPADS –No ASAM –No SEID (statewide educator ID) –English-learner program participation (section 17) definitions changes –CAPA Section A1 added

5 Assessment Services, SDUSD 5 Security Security Audits Security Agreements Security Affidavits All materials must be kept in a LOCKED, SECURE area In RED Envelope BLM NEW

6 Assessment Services, SDUSD 6 Security BLM

7 7 At randomly selected schools and district offices secure central Auditors will check that materials are secure, accounted for, and locked up in a central location when not in use Auditors will check that correct administrative procedures are being followed Instructional materials have been removed or covered. Students are not being coached through the exams. Only appropriate accommodations and/or modifications are being provided. No unauthorized electronic devices are being used. Security Audits

8 8 Security Audits Continued Possible visit from ETS/Global Compliance Service –Before 62-63 –Before testing (pages 62-63 in manual) –During 63-64 –During testing (pages 63-64 in manual) –After 64-69 –After testing (pages 64-69 in manual) –Ask for “official” letter from the representative when he/she comes to your school

9 9 Before Testing Identifying Students to Test? Accommodations & Modifications Receiving & Ordering Materials Preparing Materials & Locations Providing Training for Staff

10 10 Who should participate in the STAR Program? ALL ALL students in grades 2-11 except those exempt by parent or guardian Parent Exemption Request form in BLM Students participate in STAR by taking either the CSTs, CMA, or CAPA

11 11 2013 STAR: Identifying Students California Standards Tests (CSTs) = grades 2-11; most students take CSTs California Modified Assessment (CMA)= grades 3-11; must meet SBE eligibility criteria; must be in IEP California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) = grades 2-11; students with severe cognitive disabilities; must be in IEP STAR Item & Estimated Time Charts, pages 105-110 in manual Page 74 in manual for CMA criteria See CMA & CAPA rosters

12 12 Identifying Tests for Non-CAPA Students: Required CST and CMA Tests at Each Grade Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5 Grade Level ELA CSTCST or CMA Grade Level Math CSTCST or CMA Grade Level Science CST or CMA See Handout STAR Item & Estimated Time Charts, pages 105-110 in manual

13 13 Required Tests for CST/CMA Tests (non-CAPA students) Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8 Grade Level ELA CST or CMA Grade Level Math CST or CMA (not enrolled in Algebra) Grade Level Science CST or CMA Grade Level History-SS CST Content-Specific Math Algebra I CST or Algebra I CMA CST (Gen Math, Alg I, Geom, etc) or Algebra I CMA Geometry CMA See Handout STAR Item & Estimated Time Charts, pages 105-110 in manual

14 14 Identifying Students for the Standards-based Tests in Spanish (STS) Eligibility Criteria 1.Spanish-speaking EL students enrolled less than 12 months in a US school 2.Spanish-speaking EL students receiving instruction in Spanish regardless of months enrolled see rosters and directions –Reading & Lang. Arts (Grades 2-11) –Grade Level Math (Grades 2-7) –Algebra 1 STS (Grades 7-11) –Geometry STS (Grades 8-11) Eligible students take the STS in addition to the CST and/or CMA (CAPA students do NOT take STS)

15 15 Special Education, 504 Students, and English Learners 1.Identify CAPA & CMA test- takers 2.Review IEP and 504 Plans for accommodations & modifications that must be made available to students 3.Plan for any variations that EL students will use during testing 4.Identify English Learners who must take the STS

16 16 Accommodation vs. Modification AccommodationsAccommodations –Change conditions for testing, but do not change what is being measured –Count as-is; have no impact on API & AYP ModificationsModifications –Change testing conditions and what is being measured –Reported “as is” on the Student Report –Count as far below basic (200) for API –Do not count as proficient or as a participant for AYP

17 17 Modifications are NOT ALLOWED on the CMA See Attachment D of Administrative Circular # 59 Modifications are only allowed on CST & STS (if in 504 or IEP) Page 86 in manual See Handout

18 18 Receiving Materials SECURE ALL MATERIALS SECURE ALL MATERIALS ORDER ADDITIONAL MATERIALS INVENTORY UPON RECEIPT INVENTORY UPON RECEIPT Verify Quantity Note missing materials; contact Denise ASAP if there are discrepancies Fax Form Reseal Boxes Store in a SECURE, LOCKED area BLM S A V E B O X E S Count each booklet; packs of 20 don’t always contain 20

19 19 Identifying and Training Staff CST ExaminerCST Examiner = employee of SDUSD who has been trained and has signed a STAR Security Affidavit CMA ExaminerCMA Examiner = employee of SDUSD who has been trained and has signed a STAR Security Affidavit CAPA ExaminerCAPA Examiner = certificated employee of SDUSD who has received CAPA examiner training and has signed a STAR Security Affidavit STS ExaminerSTS Examiner = employee of SDUSD who has been trained, has signed a STAR Security Affidavit, and is bilingual in English and Spanish ProctorProctor = employee of SDUSD who has been trained and has signed a STAR Security Affidavit. See page 10 in manual

20 20 Required Training for Staff Ensure Consistency  Directions For Administration (DFA) must be read verbatim Ensure Test Security  Monitor students; actively supervise  Collect test booklets and answer documents before dismissing students  Ensure there is enough time to complete a part before beginning the part  Do not send unsupervised student(s) with test materials to alternate location  Report all irregularities/incidents ASAP See Handout Examiner Training PowerPoint on Website

21 21 Required Training for Staff CANNOTTest Examiners CANNOT:  Review test questions before, during, or after testing  Leave instructional materials up in the classroom  Check students’ answers  Advise students of a wrong answer or advise student to check an answer  Withhold answer docs until students demonstrate they have the right answers  Divulge the contents of the test(s) to anyone Ensure that all examiners READ & UNDERSTAND the AFFIDAVIT

22 22 Required Training for Staff monitor Examiners MUST monitor students throughout testing to make sure students are: –On correct part –Not going on to other parts or back to a previously completed part –Not skipping a question on their answer document (so that they are off by one or more) –Not using unauthorized electronic devices during testing session

23 23 Prepare Testing Locations Create an ideal testing environment- free from noise with good lighting & ventilation Remove or cover all instructional materials visible to students related to the content of the test Make arrangements for students w/IEPs & 504s (i.e. read aloud) Prepare a separate room(s) for CMA test- takers Set up a quiet room where students who need more time to test can be escorted by an adult Arrange an activity and separate room for students not tested (exempt by parent)

24 24 Preparing & Distributing Materials Materials provided by school: –No. 2 pencils with erasers –“Testing- Do Not Disturb” signs –Scratch paper for math & science tests –Highlighters may be used (caution to grades 2 & 3) Make arrangements for students w/IEPs & 504s (i.e. Braille version, large-print, calculator, same version test for students with ”read aloud”, etc.) Page 65 in manual DAILYCheck materials out and in DAILY – see Inventory Control form; excel version on our website at BLM

25 25 During Testing Directions For Administration Required Fields on Answer Docs. Managing Emergency Situations Test Booklet Versions

26 26 CST, CMA, & STS Test Booklets- Multiple Versions Each grade level has multiple versions of the test Schools will receive only one version at grade 2 Schools will receive multiple versions for grades 3-11 For students who are eligible for the “read aloud” accommodation/modification, make sure you test with the same version when administering to a small group Students MUST hand-grid the version number used on the answer document Students MUST receive the same test version for the entire duration of the test CRITICAL

27 27 Directions For Administration (DFA) Grade 2 CST DFA is SECURE and cannot be distributed to teachers BEFORE testing; the nonsecure version may be used for training Additional DFAs may be downloaded at: “SAY” boxes must be read exactly as written “T” in “SAY” boxes indicates that everything in the box may be orally translated for EL students if regularly done in the classroom; can translate “SAY” boxes only and may not assist students with test questions

28 28 Managing Emergency Situations and Testing Incidents  Test administration incident  Test administration incident = any situation that occurs before, during, or after testing that does not conform to the instructions stated in the DFA or the coordinator’s manual Disruption in testing (fire alarm, power outage, evacuation) Test administration error (randomly distributing Pre- ID’d answer documents) Student cheating (mark A2, Special Conditions)  Complete a Test Administration Incident Report form RED  Make copy of report form for your files; send original in RED envelope to Assessment Services BLM Pages 64 and 81 in manual See Handout

29 29 Testing Irregularities  Testing irregularities  Testing irregularities = circumstances that may compromise the reliability and validity of test results; could negatively impact API and AYP Coaching students, leaving instructional material up during testing, allowing students to use additional materials not specified in the IEP/504, etc. Inappropriate test preparation Breach in security (i.e. copying tests)  Contact Erin Gordon ASAP Pages 79-80 in manual See Handout

30 30 Answer Documents Pre-ID answer documents 2/05/13 will be included in your initial shipmentPre-ID answer documents = for students enrolled before 2/05/13; will be included in your initial shipment Pre-ID labels 2/05/13 3/28/13 4/15/13Pre-ID labels = for students enrolled between 2/05/13 and 3/28/13; pick up from Annex 10 after they arrive in the district (week of 4/15/13) Hand-grid blank answer documents 3/28/13 first day of testing 4/08/134/12/13Hand-grid blank answer documents = students enrolled after 3/28/13 until the first day of testing; demo guides will be provided for students enrolled between 4/08/13 and 4/12/13

31 31 Answer Documents Answer Documents Continued separateThere are separate answer booklets/documents for CMA and CST at grades 3 and grades 8-11 changes hand-gridIf there have been changes since the pre-id file submission, a blank answer document must be hand-grid fields requiredThere are minimal fields required to match CMA and CST for students (grades 3 & 8-11) with one Pre-ID’d answer document who will be taking both a CST and CMA: 1.Name (last, first, and middle initial) 2.Birth date 3.Gender 4.Statewide Student Identifier (SSID)

32 32 CST/CMA Answer Docs - FRONT = Must Be Completed by HAND = Included in Pre-ID Students must use the correct answer document; check barcode label Sample answer document on page 123 in manual = Hand-grid ONLY if applicable Barcode Label ID

33 33 CST/CMA Answer Documents- FRONT Box 7c = hand-grid for students taking the CMA = Must Be Completed by HAND Box 1 = completed by the student = Hand-grid ONLY if applicable

34 34 CST/CMA Answer Documents INSIDE CMA CST CMA section has: 1.Different subject icons from CST 2.Alternate row shading for the response bubbles 3.Three answer choices 4.Fewer number of questions Grades 4-7 = one answer document containing both CST and CMA

35 35 CST/CMA Answer Docs- INSIDE For Grade 7 Grade 7 Math or Algebra 1, test taken MUST be hand-grid; Version # must be hand-grid if student is taking the Algebra 1 CST or CMA For Grade 8 Version # for math booklet and math test taken MUST be completed Version # must be hand-grid; student uses same version throughout testing window

36 36 Answer Documents Grade 7 CMA Math Grade 7 Math and Algebra I CMA have different numbers of questions

37 37 = Hand-grid ONLY if used by student = Hand-grid ONLY if applicable CST/CMA Answer Documents - BACK = Included in Pre-ID

38 38 = Hand-grid ONLY if applicable CST/CMA Answer Documents - BACK Box A2: Special Condition codes on page 117-118 in manual (i.e. absent, parent exempt, cheated, refused to test) Box A1: only complete if directed by Erin (testing irregularities)

39 39 CST/CMA Answer Documents - BACK = Hand-grid ONLY if used by student Box A3b: Box A3b: hand-grid only if used by student; no modifications allowed on the CMA; codes on pages 118- 119 in manual Box A4: Box A4: hand- grid only if used by student; no glossary use allowed on ELA; codes on page 119 in manual = Hand-grid ONLY if applicable Box A3a Box A3a: must be completed for ALL students who have an IEP or 504

40 40 After Testing Prepare Answer Documents Complete Required Forms Pack Materials Properly Return Materials to Annex 10 Account for ALL Materials

41 41 Prepare SCORABLE Answer Documents demo guides 1.Check that the demographic information is complete & correct – get demo guides A2A3A4 2.Hand-grid A2, A3, & A4 if applicable version #smath/science test taken 3.Check that version #s and math/science test taken has been completed (grades 7-11) 4.Check for tears, stray marks, pen marks 5.Check for paper clips, science reference sheets, scratch paper 6.Transcribe answers to clean answer document if original is damaged An answer document must be submitted for every student (grades 2-11) enrolled on the 1st day of testing

42 Ensure that you and your staff NOT 1.Do NOT erase anything in the response circles NOT 2.Do NOT darken any marks in the response circles Do NOT erase “process of elimination” marks made by students in grades 2 & 3 42 Preparing Answer Documents direct supervision Any “cleanup” of test booklets must be done under the direct supervision of the test site coordinator and/or the principal- see Appendix D of DFA

43 43 Grade 4 CST/CMA Grade 4 CAPA Grade 4 STS Prepare SCORABLE Answer Documents Continued GRADE 1.Separate all answer documents by GRADE TEST TYPE 2.Within each grade, separate by TEST TYPE (CST/CMA, CAPA, STS) EXEMPT ABSENT 3.Within each test type separate documents for students who were EXEMPT by parent (P on A2) and who were ABSENT (A on A2) for the entire test window = ABSENT = EXEMPT

44 44 Apportionment Form Complete one grade level at a time Indicate your school’s first day of testing Sign and have principal sign Return in RED envelope

45 45 Principal’s Certification Principal’s signature Return in RED envelope

46 46 School & Grade Identification (SGID)- side 1 grade test type Complete 1 SGID per grade level and test type: 1) CST/CMA; 2) CAPA; and 3) STS Hand-grid appropriate test Hand-grid grade level; leave blank for CAPA Number of answer docs. under this SGID Pages 25 & 92 in manual First day of testing When was STS given? If no STS, leave blank

47 47 School & Grade Identification (SGID)- side 2 Complete top ONLY for grades 2-8 Pages 98-104 in manual for coding instructional materials Teacher Reports are no longer available, so don’t complete bottom portion

48 48 Master File Sheet SCORABLE Submit with SCORABLE materials- Box 1 For CAPA = all grades and levels are stacked together under 1 SGID Page 94 in manual Totals

49 scorables The Master File Sheet should be the first thing we see when we open Box #1 of your scorables 49

50 50 Packing Scorable Materials Master File Sheet on Top SGID on top of each stack of answer docs SCORABLE SCORABLE materials returned ORANGE in ORANGE labeled boxes Packing Order = 1.CAPA 2.CST/CMA (lowest grade level on top) 3.STS (lowest grade level on top) See pages 64-68 in manual

51 51 Preparing Non-Scorable Materials D a m a g e d - t r a n s c r i b e d VOID answer documents if: Student transferred to a different school before your first day of testing Demographic information on PreID was incorrect & blank document was used Original answer document was damaged and transcribed to new answer document VOIDED answer documents go in NON-SCORABLES

52 52 Packing NON- Scorable Materials NON-SCORABLE Materials Return in GREEN labeled boxes Unused Freight Kit Materials USED Scratch Paper (return or securely destroy) CAPA Unused CAPA Answer Docs VOIDED Answer Documents Examiner’s Manuals & Tests CSTs/CMA (by grade level) DFAs Unused & VOIDED Answer Documents Test Booklets STS (lowest grade on top; highest grade on bottom) DFAs Unused & VOIDED Answer Documents Test Booklets Page 67-69 in manual TOP BOTTOM

53 53 Returning Materials: Labeling Boxes Affix label to designated area on box Put box counts in SCHOOL section on labels


55 Lightly seal boxes to transport 55

56 56 RED Envelope 1.Signed Apportionment Form 2.Signed Certification Form 3.Signed Security Affidavits 4.Incident Reports Make copies for your files and submit originals Do not pack RED envelope in scorable and nonscorable boxes; keep separate

57 Return your materials to Annex 10 by 4:30 p.m. on your assigned day Traditional School Deadlines: May 14: A-F (Elem & Middle) May 15: G-M (Elem & Middle) May 16: N-Z (Elem & Middle) May 17: Senior High Schools 57

58 58 Contact Information Assessment Services Erin Gordon (619) 725-5687; Denise Ormsbee (619) 725-7059; Fax Number (619) 725-7070 Website: Research & Reporting Jim Gustafson (619) 725-7195; Special Education Julie Wade (619) 725-7412; Debby Warner (619) 725-7604; Demo guides CMA CAPA

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