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Angie Ruth Social Studies Mrs. Ruth

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1 Angie Ruth Social Studies Mrs. Ruth

2 2L Table of Contents Time Zones 16L In Which Direction Ex. 17R
Date Assignment Page # Time Zones L In Which Direction Ex. 17R Warm Ups L Warm Ups Cont. 19R Warm Up Quiz L County Map of NC R Time Zone Ex L 50 States of US Quiz 23R 5 Themes of Geo. Notes 24L Latitude Notes R Longitude Notes L Latitude and Longitude Quiz 27R Warm Ups L Warm Ups Cont R Warm Up Quiz L Geography Of Population R World Pop. Dvd WS L Geography of Pop. Cont R Why People Move Notes L Comparison Country Chart R Country Comparison WS L Population WS R Why People Move Voc. Flip Chart 38L Why People Move WS R Resources & Economics Notes 40L

3 Table of Contents Cont. Resources and Economies 41R Warm Ups 61-80 42L
Warm Ups R Warm Up Quiz L Resources & Economics WS 45R Types of Government WS L

4 Table of Contents 1R Assignment Page # Grade Sheet 3R Warm Ups 1-20 4L
Map Skills Pre-test R Layout of Continents and Oceans L Continents & Oceans Map R Hemispheres L Scrambled Continents R Continents & Oceans 5xs L Continents of the World WS R Hemispheres WS F and B L Continents and Oceans Quiz R Directions L Map of 50 states R

5 4L Warm Ups 8/9 1. What page is the Map Skills Pre-test on in your interactive NB? 5R 2. If you miss 4 days of school, how many days do you have to make up your missed work? One for each day missed 8/ How many times should your agenda be signed each week?3 4. How often should your Jag Tag be signed? depends on when I get a demerit 8/ What is the name of our Guidance Counselor who came to our class on Friday? Mrs. Osborne 6. Name the 7 continents. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Africa 8/ If you are visiting Myrtle Beach, name the ocean in which you would be swimming? Atlantic 8.Name the smallest continent. Australia 8/16 9.What line divides the Eastern and Western Hemispheres? Prime Meridian 10. What line divides the Southern and Northern Hemispheres? Equator 8/ What would you use to measure mileage from one place to another on a map? scale 12. Name the special parallel that is found at 23 ½ degrees north. Tropic of Cancer

6 Grade Sheet 3R Date Assignment Grade 8/14,15 Continents &Oceans 5xs
8/ Scrambled Continents 8/ Continents of the World 8/17 Continents & Oceans Quiz (2xs) 8/ Hemispheres-Where r You?WS 8/ Which Hemisphere? WS 8/ In Which Direction? Ex. 8/ Warm Up Quiz (2xs) 8/ States Map Quiz (2xs) 8/ Time Zone Ex. 9/ Latitude and Longitude Quiz (2xs) 9/ Warm Up Quiz (2xs) 10/ Why People Move Voc. Activity 10/ Warm Up Quiz (2xs)

7 8/21 13. Name the 4 cardinal directions. North, south, east, west
14. Name the 4 intermediate directions. northeast, southwest, northwest, southeast 8/ In what direction is Mrs. Ruth’s desk located? west 16. In what direction is the tv located? Northwest 8/ Name all the states that border North Carolina. You may refer to your map of the United States. South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia 18. How many time zones are in the entire world? 24 8/ Name the 4 Time Zones in the continental US from west to east. Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern 20. How many degrees are there between each time zone? 15

8 Map Skills Pre-test 5R

9 6L Layout of Continents& Oceans
Name continents and oceans by where they would go on a map.

10 Continents & Oceans Map 7R

11 8L Hemispheres Equator-divides the northern and southern hemispheres
Prime Meridian-divides the western and eastern hemispheres All continents are in at least 2 hemispheres. You live in the western and northern hemisphere.

12 Scrambled Continents 9R

13 10L Continents and Oceans5xs

14 Continents of the World WS 11R

15 12L Hemispheres WS F and B

16 Continents and Oceans Quiz 13R

17 14L Directions Cardinal Directions- these are the main directions; North, South, East and West Intermediate Directions-these are the directions in between the main directions; Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest Draw and label a compass rose with the cardinal and intermediate directions.

18 Map of the 50 States 15R

19 16L Time Zones Time Zones- 24 longitudinal divisions of the earth’s surface within which uniform time is kept. 24 time zones in the world and we have 24 hours in a day. Why time zones? Because the earth rotates, the sun rises in one place before it rises in another. Rotation of the earth around the sun=time zones The Continental US has 4 times zones-(going from west to east) Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern. We live in the Eastern time zone. One gains time when they go/move to the east and one loses time when they go/move to the west. The International Dateline is located at 180 degrees. The Prime Meridian is located at 0 degrees. These lines are opposite each other.

20 In Which Direction? Ex 17R

21 18L Warm Ups 21-40 8/27 21.One gains time if they move in what direction? east 22. One loses time if they move in what direction? west 8/ Name the special parallel that is found at 23 ½ degrees south. Tropic of Capricorn 24.The International Dateline is located at 180 degrees and the _Prime Meridian________is located on the other side at 0 degrees. 8/ If it is 6:00 am in California, what time would it be in Florida?9:00am 26. I need to contact a company in Texas about a swing I purchased. They are open from 8:00am to 5:00 pm Central time. What is the earliest I can call them from my phone if I live in New York?9:00am 9/ Name the time zones from west to east. pacific, mountain, central and eastern 28. If it is 4:00am in the Eastern time zone, what time is it in the Pacific time zone? 1:00 am 9/5 29. Name the counties that border Catawba. Alexander, Lincoln, Burke, Iredell, Caldwell 30. In which county is Charlotte located? Mecklenburg

22 Warm Ups R 9/ Name the 2 kinds of location according to the 5 themes of geography. Absolute location and relative location 32. If it is 11:00 am in Los Angeles, California, what time is it in Dallas, Texas?1:00 pm 9/7 33. What is the starting point for measuring latitude? equator 34. What is Mrs. Ruth’s song for remembering latitude? Latitude lines go around but you measure them going up and down 9/ What is the starting point for measuring longitude? Prime meridian 36.What is Mrs. Ruth’s song for remembering longitude? longitude lines go up and down but you measure them going around 9/ Using an atlas, give the latitude and longitude of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. See p.39 in atlas.41 degrees N, 76 degrees W Using an atlas, give the latitude and longitude of Perth, Australia. See p.109 in atlas degrees S, 116 or 117 E degrees 9/ At what degrees is the equator located? 0 40. At what degrees is the prime meridian located? 0

23 20L Warm Quiz 1-20

24 County Map of NC 21R

25 22L Time Zone Ex.

26 50 States of US Quiz 23R

27 24L 5 Themes of Geography Notes
1.Location-Where is it? A. Absolute Location-an exact location using latitude and longitude lines B. Relative Location-tells where a place is compared to other places 2. Place-What is it like? ; Describes the physical and human characteristics of an area. 3. Movement-How do people in one area relate to people in other areas? ;people, ideas, goods and information move from place to place 4. Human Environment Interaction- How does the relationship between people and their natural surroundings influence the way people live? A. + influence: cleaning the environment, planting trees, reducing the use of fossil fuels, digging wells B. – influence: air pollution, water pollution 5.Region-What common characteristics does a certain area share? Examples of regions can include: cultural, physical features, language and religion.

28 Latitude 25R Numbered 0 to 90 degrees Equator at 0 degrees
Latitude- imaginary lines that extend east and west Also called parallels because they are always the same distance apart Begins at equator 0 degrees latitude Lines are measured according to their distance above or below the equator *Above the equator= # degrees North *Below the equator=#degrees South 1 degree of latitude =about 70 miles Numbered 0 to 90 degrees Equator at 0 degrees North Pole 90 degrees North South Pole 90 degrees South Tropic of Cancer 23 ½ North Tropic of Capricorn 23 ½ South Arctic Circle 66 ½ degrees North Antarctic Circle 66 ½ degrees South Mrs. Ruth sings---Latitude lines go around but you measure them going up and down( look for numbers marking degrees at sides)

29 26L Longitude Longitude- imaginary lines that extend north and south
Also called meridians Prime Meridian- 0 degrees; it passes through Greenwich, England Measures distance east and west of the prime meridian Longitude lines meet at poles. (Banana) Lines of longitude are farthest apart at the equator. (Banana) Here one degree of longitude is equal to 70 miles and at the poles they may only be a few miles apart. 360 degrees in a circle. Halfway around the earth from the Prime Meridian in either direction you will come to the 180 degrees meridian---the world famous dating site----the International Dateline, Mrs. Ruth says...Longitude lines go up and down but u measure them going around. (numbers are in middle of map or top and bottom)

30 Latitude and Longitude Quiz 27R

31 28L Warm Ups 41-60 9/ When is Constitution Day recognized each year? Sept. 17 42. What is the Preamble? The beginning of the Constitution; gives the purpose of the Constitution 9/ Name at least (3) reasons why people choose to live where they do. climate/weather, job, larger living space, 44.What are (3) factors that have caused the world’s population to grow so rapidly? advances in medicine, cleaner environment, increase in food production 9/ What continent is the most populated? Asia 46.Define population. Total number of people who live in specific area 9/ What is birth rate? Measures the number of births per 1,000 people per year 48. What is death rate? Measures the number of deaths per 1,000 per year 9/ Is the population of the world evenly distributed? no Why or why not? 50. How do you figure the rate of natural increase? The death rate subtracted from birth rate

32 Warm Ups R 9/ Define demographer. Geographer who studies the characteristics of human population 52. Why did your family decide to live where they do? 9/ Name (2) items one may see in an urban area. 54. Name (2) items one may see in a rural area. 9/ Tom is moving to the US from Brazil to open a store in Chicago. Give at least 1 push and 1 pull factor for the move. 56. Compare and contrast the two types of migration. Both involve moving; Internal migration involves moving within the same country and External involves leaving the country or continent to go to another 10/ Name the (3) ways that migration effects people. Cultural, economic, political 58. Name at least (2) pull factors that would attract someone to Catawba County. 10/2 59.Name the most populated city in the US. New York City 60. Name the most populated city in the world. Tokyo

33 30L Warm Up Quiz 21-40

34 Geography of Population 31R
Do you know how many people are in the world? 7 billion Where do most people live? Asia, -India, and China Population-the total number of people who live in a specified area The population did not reach one billion until 1804. Factors that are responsible for the population jumping six billion in 6 years. A. Food Production B. Birth Rate- measures the number of births per 1,000 people per year and Death Rate- measures the number of deaths per 1,000 people per year C. Rate of Natural Increase -the death rate subtracted from the birth rate. This is the population growth that occurs from natural processes of birth and death. Asia, Africa, and South America all have a high rate of natural increase 1. Why? Because farming is a major way of life in these regions and the families need more children to work on the farm. Europe and North America have a low rate of natural growth. Growth Problems -resources are limited and not enough housing, food and jobs

35 32L World Population DVD WS

36 Geography of Population-Cont.33R
Population Density - the average number of people who live in a certain area; shows how crowded area is A. To find the population density - add up total number of people living in an area and divide by the total number of land they occupy B. Where people choose to live is partly effected by climate/weather, elevation, and resources. C. The average population density of the entire planet is 113 people per square mile. The population density in the United States is 80 people per square mile. Population Distribution A. Most people live in the Northern Hemisphere B. 75% of earth is water, between 30 to 45% of earth is too hot , too cold, too wet or too dry for a large number of people to live. C. More people live on the edge of a continent than in the interior. Urban Area-cities and their suburbs; where most of the world’s population lives Rural Area-farms and small villages Demographer-geographer who studies the characteristics of human population Urbanization - the process of development from small settlements to large ones What is the most populous city in the United States? What is the most populous city in the world?

37 34L Why People Move Notes Migration- The process of relocating to a new area Immigrant- person who leaves one country to settle in another Push Factors- reasons that cause people to leave an area; examples-lack of resources to support an entire group, change in climate, escape from war or persecution, forced removal Pull Factors- reasons that attract people to another area; examples-availability of land, jobs, return to homeland, Both Push and Pull Factors can be environmental, economic, cultural and political. Refugee-person who flees a place to find safety Persecution-cruel treatment on the basis of religion, race, ethnic group, nationality, political views, gender or class (2) Kinds of Migration A. Internal-people move from one place to another within the same country; one who does this is known as a migrant 1. Most Common Forms a. Moving from rural areas or small towns to cities b. Moving from cities to suburbs B. External-moving to another continent or across a continent (3) Ways that Migration Affects People A. Cultural-People bring their culture with them when they migrate to another area, and usually their culture mixes with culture of the people who already live there 1. Culture- shared attitudes, knowledge and behaviors of a group; 2. Diversity-having many different ways to think about or do something 3. Discrimination- actions that might be hurtful to an individual or group B. Economic-the arrival of a new group can help or hurt the region’s economy, and resources C. Political-the policies of a region can be affected by the arrival of a new group of people; the new group can be seen as unwanted or dangerous so the government may allow them to be treated badly in hopes that they will leave

38 Comparison Country Chart 35R

39 36L Country Comparison

40 Population WS 37R

41 38L Why People Move Vocabulary Flip Chart
Migration Immigrant Push Factor Pull Factor Diversity Discrimination Refugee Persecution Internal Migration External Migration Culture Migrant

42 Why People Move WS 39R

43 40L Resources and Economics
Natural Resource- something found in nature that is needed or useful to humans ;Examples: forests, mineral deposits, fresh water (3) Types of Resources A. Renewable-those that nature can replace; examples-trees, plants B. Unlimited- those that never run out; examples-sunlight, wind C. Nonrenewable-cannot be easily replaced; examples-minerals and fuels like coal and oil Economic System-different ways that people use resources to make and exchange goods (4) Types of Economic Systems A. Command-one in which production of goods and services is decided by a central government; the government usually owns most of the resources and businesses that make the products or provide the services; also called planned economy; Burma, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia B. Market-when the production of goods and services is determined by the supply and the demand of consumers; also known as demand economy or capitalism; found in the US

44 Resources and Economies 41R
C. Mixed-a combination of command and market economies provides goods and services; Canada, Japan, Australia D. Traditional-goods and services are traded, but money is rarely exchanged; also called barter; oldest economic system; not used much anymore Gross Domestic Product (GDP)- measures the total value of all the goods and services produced in a country in a year ( 2) Categories of Countries Based on Economic Development A. Developing Countries- have low GDP, few economic activities, raise food or animals to survive, have little or no machinery or advanced technology to do work 1. Specialize in raw materials or low cost items B. Developed Countries-have high GDP, many economic activities especially business and information growth of high-level technology, food grown on commercial farms, most people work in offices and factories 1. Specialize in high level technology goods or services Exports-products sold to other countries Imports-products or resources that come into a country

45 42L Warm Ups 61-80 10/ Name the (3) main types of resources. Renewable, non-renewable, unlimited 62. Name the (4) types of economies. Command, market, traditional, mixed 10/8 63.Using the map on p.74, name at least (5) non-renewable resources. Coal, natural gas, petroleum, uranium, bauxite, copper, gold, iron ore, silver 64. What information is used to measure the development of a country? Use p.76 in book to help you answer question. The value of a country’s economy, health information, life expectancy, literacy 10/ Which does not belong with anarchy? Rule by the people, rule by no one, no laws RULE BY THE PEOPLE 66. Which does not belong with direct democracy? Rule by the people, led by a monarch, regular voting LED BY MONARCH 10/ MONARCHY- Rule by One, Power inherited from family, Regular Elections REGULAR ELECTIONS 68. OLIGARCHY- Rule by Few, Military or Religious or Family Power, Power Always Acquired by Force POWER ALWAYS ACQUIRED BY FORCE 10/ Name one way that MONARCHY and DICTATORSHIP are alike. Both ruled by one person 70. Name one way that MONARCHY and DICTATORSHIP are different. Dictatorship gained power by force and monarchy inherited power

46 Warm Ups Cont. 43R 10/ Government-Organization set up to make and enforce rules for a group of people 72. Citizen-person who owes loyalty to a country and receives its protection 10/23 73. Who is the Republican Presidential Candidate? Mitt Romney 74. Who is the Democratic Presidential Candidate? Barack Obama 10/ Want change, liberal, want higher taxes and are for gun control all describe which political party? Democrats 76. Want to keep things as they are, conservatives, lower taxes and against gun control all describe which political party? Republicans 10/ Who is currently the governor of NC? Beverly Perdue 78. What city does the governor of NC live in? Raleigh 10/ Name the person who is in charge of education in North Carolina. June Atkinson 80. Name the NC representative of our area for the House of Representatives. Patrick Mc Henry



49 45 13 Colonies Study Guide p1. and 2


51 47 BrainPop 13 Colonies

52 48L American Revolution Table of Contents
2nd 9 Weeks Grade Sheet R History Mystery L Carolina Colony Questions R Carolina Colony Timeline L Ch.7 S.1,2,3 Facts WS R Am. Rev. Voc. Decoder Puzzle(1-7) 54L Am. Rev. Voc. Decoder Puzzle(8-16)55R Am. Rev. Voc. WS L Ch.8 S. 1&2 PPT. Notes p R Ch. 8 S. 1&2 PPT.Notes p L 5 W’s of the French and Indian War 59R French & Indian War;Who Am I? L Characteristics of a Good Soldier R Evolution of the Soldier PPT. Notes 62L Quiz-Evolution of the Soldier R American Revolution Pre-test L British Taxes Spreadsheet R Road to Independence WS L

53 Table of Contents Contined
What Do You Think? 67R Strengths and Weaknesses of British and Continental Army L Ch.10 S. 1 and 2 WS R 5 W’s of the American Revolution PPT. Notes L Regional Causes of the American Revolution PPT. Notes 71R Quiz-Strengths/Weaknesses of British and Continental Army L DVD Conflict Ignites WS 73R Ch. 7 Crossword Puzzle 74L The Patriot Questions R Battle Stations p.1and 2 76L Battle Stations p.3 and 4 77R Battle Stations p L

54 2nd 9 Weeks Grade Sheet 49R Lost Colony Webquest 3xs
Brainpop -13 Colonies Colonies Test 3xs Colonies NB 3xs Ch. 7 S.1,2,3 WS Story of Us DVD Notes Quiz- Evolution of the Soldier 2xs Quiz-Strengths & Weaknesses of the British And Continental Army 2xs Ch. 10 S. 1 and 2 WS Ch. 7 Crossword Puzzle Battlestations 3xs

55 50L History Mystery Day 2 1. 2.

56 North Carolina Colony Questions 51R

57 52L North Carolina Colony Timeline

58 Ch. 7 S.1,2,3 Facts WS 53R

59 54L Am. Rev. Voc. Decoder Puzzle (1-7) WS

60 Am. Rev. Voc. Decoder Puzzle (8-16) 55R

61 56L Am. Rev. Voc. WS

62 Ch. 8 S. 1& 2 PPT. Notes p.1 57R

63 58L Ch. 8 S. 1& 2 PPT. Notes. P.2

64 5 W’s of the French and Indian War 59R

65 60L French and Indian War: Who Am I?

66 Characteristics of a Good Soldier 61R
Using a graphic organizer..list 5.

67 62L Evolution of a Good Soldier PPT. Notes

68 Quiz-Evolution of the Soldier 63R

69 64L American Revolution Pre-test

70 British Taxes Spreadsheet 65R

71 66L Road To Independence

72 What Do You Think? 67R Explain how war effects a country.
Do you feel the Revolutionary War was inevitable? Can war be prevented? How could the Revolutionary War have been prevented? Explain. Write ½ page.

73 Strengths and Weaknesses of the British and Continental Army

74 American Revolution NB Check Sheet79R

75 Democracy & Gov. Table of Contents 80L
3rd Weeks Grades R Government Pre-test L Who’s In Charge? PPT.Notes 83R Flags of Gov L Pros and Cons Chart-Types of Gov. 85R Essay-Is Democracy the Best Form Of Gov. ? L Naturalization Quiz R Journal Entry L Gov. Voc. WS R Ch.11 Sect 1 PPT. Notes L Brainpop-DOI R JFMS Structure L 5 W’s of Constitutional Convention 93R JFMS Consttuitional Convention L Quiz-Gov. Voc R Ch. 11 Sect. 2 WS L Restructure of JFMS Gov R Political Parties Questionaire L

76 3rd 9 Weeks Grades 81R Brain pop-DOI 1x Gov. Voc. Quiz 2xs
American Revolution NB 3xs Brain pop-DOI 1x Gov. Voc. Quiz 2xs Preamble Quiz 2xs How Bill Becomes Law Quiz 2xs Brainpop-Bill of Rights 1x

77 Table Of Contents Understanding the Preamble 99R
Rewrite the Preamble L Constitution-Article 1 WS R How Bill Becomes Law Notes 102L Constitution-Article 2 WS R Constitution-Article 3 WS L Quiz-Preamble R Constitution-Article 4,5,6,7 WS 106L Quiz-How Bill Becomes a Law 107R Bill of Rights PPT. Notes L Brain pop-Bill of Rights R Journal Entry-Bill of Rights L

78 82L Government Pre-Test

79 Who’s In Charge? PPT. Notes 83R

80 84L Flags of Government Create a flag that represents each type of government. Label each flag. There are (5).

81 Pros and Cons of Types of Gov. 85R

82 86L Essay- Is Democracy the best form of government
86L Essay- Is Democracy the best form of government? Explain your answer. I full page

83 Naturalization Quiz 87R

84 88L Journal Entry Take a few minutes to write about a time in your life when you were able to do something independently for the first time. Describe what you did, how you felt about it, and how it affected the people on whom you were dependent. Did this independence bring more freedom into your life. Write 1 full page.

85 Gov. Voc. WS 89R

86 90LCh. 11 Sect. 1 PPT. Notes

87 Brainpop-DOI 91R

88 92L JFMS Structure

89 5 W’s of Constitutional Convention 93R

90 94L JFMS Constitutional Convention

91 Quiz-Gov. Voc. 95R

92 96L Ch. 11 S. 2 WS

93 Restructure of JFMS Gov.97R

94 98L DVD-3 Branches of Gov.

95 Understanding the Preamble 99R

96 100L Rewrite the Preamble

97 Constitution-Article 1 WS 101R

98 102L How A Bill Becomes A Law PPT. Notes

99 Constitution- Article 2 WS 103R

100 104L Constitution-Article 3 WS

101 Quiz-Preamble 105R

102 106L Constitution- Articles 4,5,6, and 7 WS

103 Quiz- How A Bill Becomes a Law 107R

104 108L Bill of Rights PPT. Notes

105 BrainPop- Bill of Rights 109R

106 110L Journal – Bill of Rights
Which of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights do you think is the most important? Why? 1 full page

107 Political and Social Reform Table of Contents 112L
3rd/4th 9 Weeks Grade Sheet 113R Ch. 11 Section 3 WS L Anticipation Guide: War of R 5 W’s of the War of L The Rip Van Winkle State R The Rip Van Winkle State L Archibald Murphey’s Plan R NC Constitution of L Items to Take Out West R

108 Table of Contents Cont. Top Inventions of All Time 1/2 pg. 122L
Early American Inventions WS R Reformers of NC L Impact of Railroad on NC R Causes & Effects of Mexican-American War 126L Gold Rush in NC R Haiku Poems-Gold Rush and Railroad 128L Antebellum/Civil War Pre-test R Brainpop-Lewis and Clark L Antebellum/Civil War Vocabulary R Civil War Narratives L 5 Senses of Slavery R Antebellum Scavenger Hunt p.1 & L Antebellum Scavenger Hunt p R 5 W’s of the Civil War L Strengths and Weaknesses Of Union and Confederacy 137R Civil War Map L

109 Table of Contents Civil War Weapons 139R Civil War Generals-U 140L
Civil War Generals-U R Civil War Generals-C L Civil War Generals-C R Antebellum/Civil War Voc. Quiz 144L

110 3rd 9 Week GradeSheet 113R American Rev. NB 3xs Brainpop-DOI 1x
Gov. Voc. Quiz 2xs Preamble Quiz 2xs How a Bill Becomes A Law Quiz 2xs Democracy/Gov. NB 3xs Youtube-First Invasion War of x Brainpop-Bill of Rights 1x Brainpop-Lewis and Clark 1x 4th 9 Weeks Holocaust Webquest 3xs Antebellum Scavenger Hunt 2xs Antebellum/Civil War Voc. WS 1x Antebellum/Civil War Voc. Quiz 2xs Civil War Battles Simulation 3xs

111 114L Ch. 11 Sec. 3 WS

112 Anticipation Guide:War of 1812 115R

113 116L 5 W’s of the War of 1812

114 The Rip Van Winkle State 117R
What is emigration? Why were so many North Carolinians headed out of the state? Name two famous people who moved out of NC during this time period.

115 118L The Rip Van Winkle State-2
When was population growth slowest in NC? When was it the fastest? Did free and slave population grow at the same rate, or were there differences? Why might this be? What goals did Gov. William Miller have for NC during his term? What were the goals of the Assembly 17 years later? SOME OF THESE MAY BE ON PAGE 117! NOTE TO SELF!!!

116 Archibald Murphey’s Plan119R
What kinds of improvements did Murphey propose for NC?

117 120L NC Constitution of 1835 What changes were made to the NC Constitution to make it better? Were there changes made that were not for the better? If so, what were they?

118 Items to Take Out West 121R If you were chosen to travel west in 1808,
what would be the five most important items you take with you on the trip? Explain each choice and why. Item #1 Why? Item #2 Item #3 Item # 4 Item #5

119 122L Top Inventions of All Time
Name the top 5 inventions of all time and tell why. ½ page

120 Early American Inventions WS123R

121 124L Reformers of NC Identify the following reformers of NC.(Tell me what they did that was important) Skip 2 lines between each. May use computer if want to. 1.Edward Bishop Dudley(p.301) 2.James K. Polk (p.304-War with Mexico box) 3.Dorothea Dix (p.307) 4.William Holden (p.308) 5.David S. Reid (p.308 and 309) 6.Calvin H. Wiley(p.310)

122 Impact of Railroad on NC 125R
Write 10 facts about the importance of the railroad system in NC. Don’t use obvious ones. Use ones that are important . Use p.301 to top of p.305 May use computer if want to.

123 126LCauses and Effects of Mexican-American War
Make two columns—Causes and Effects. Use the Mexican War PPT. to find causes and effects and put in appropriate column.

124 Gold Rush in NC 127R List 5 facts using the information on pages 305 to top of p. 306

125 128L Haiku Poems-Gold Rush and Railroad
Write a haiku poem for each topic 1. Gold Rush in NC 2. Railroad in NC Follow the format of the haiku Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. 3 lines totaling 17 syllables Subjects are usually about nature and seasons. YOURS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE. Lines should not rhyme. Line 1: 5 syllables Line 2: 7 syllables Line 3: 5 syllables EXAMPLE: Summer windstorms blow syllables Hot dry sand in the desert syllables Nature’s wasteland plain syllables

126 Antebellum/Civil War Pre-test129R

127 130L Brainpop-Lewis and Clark

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