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Korea International School Grade 11 College Information Night Wednesday, February 20, 2013 6:00-7:30 p.m. Mr. Modica, Mrs. Boyce, & Mr. Jacobusse College.

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1 Korea International School Grade 11 College Information Night Wednesday, February 20, 2013 6:00-7:30 p.m. Mr. Modica, Mrs. Boyce, & Mr. Jacobusse College Counselors

2 How does KIS prepare students for college? Through the KIS Mission Statement Through the required curriculum Through Advanced Placement courses Through offering out of class activities such as sports and clubs, growth, and leadership Through the College Counseling Office

3 KIS’s Guiding Principles College is a match to be made, not a trophy or prize to be won. Every college search is as unique as the student who is researching. The college counselor is here to help each student’s college search meet his or her individual needs.


5 Winter of 11 th Grade January-May Review PSAT Score Reports Complete forms requested by college counselor Schedule 1 st college meeting with college counselor Started February 4 th Last day to hold this meeting is April 19 th Start researching colleges Decide on country/countries – different application procedures, admissions criteria, & timeframe If you understand the US application process, other systems will seem easier

6 Winter of 11 th Grade January-May Start researching colleges ( cont. ) Canada – SATs (for some colleges) and grades 11-12 needed (grade 10 for some) Australia – SATs of critical importance & APs very helpful UK – 2 nd most difficult system to understand Course of study must be decided At least 3 good AP scores (really need to be a 4 or 5) related to area of study UCAS limits to 5 or fewer applications (counts towards limit of 10 apps) Oxford & Cambridge have earliest deadlines of any college Schedule student-parent-college counselor meeting for countries other than the USA (recommended) Register for the SAT and SAT Subject tests (May & June)

7 Reminder – KIS’s High School Graduation Requirements English – 4 credits Math – 4 credits (Geometry & Alg II/Trig) Science – 3 credits (Bio & Chem) Social Studies – 3 credits (Asian Studies, W. Geog., W. Hist, & US Hist.) World Languages – none required Wellness and Lifetime Activities – 2 credits Visual and Performing Arts – 1 credit

8 KIS’s High School Graduation Requirements Electives – 5 credits 22 Total Credits for a KIS HS diploma REMEMBER – most colleges are looking for more than our minimum credit requirements in many subjects especially the highly selective colleges.

9 Reminder – HS Graduation vs. College Admission Requirements They are not the same. Vary from university to university More social studies, science and world language credits might be needed. Know the requirements for your major. They also may vary depending on schools and country.

10 How to Begin to Choose a College Counselor meetings Family Connection (FC) search Individual college websites Links in left margin of FC home page Guidebooks Admission office reps visiting KIS Campus visits

11 Arts & Sciences (and sometimes more) Liberal Arts College: Undergraduate Focus College or University? PhD Programs Arts & Sciences School of Business School of Medicine School of Engineering School of Nursing School of Law University: UG and Graduate Schools Both offer Bachelor degrees

12 Factors to Consider Location Cost Size (small vs. mid-size vs. large) Academic reputation of specific majors Class size Diversity of student body Ranking issues ( variety of rankings available ) Be careful with rankings as they are deceiving Campus and/or city safety

13 U.S. or International Student Based upon citizenship U.S. passport & another – apply with US one Financial certification – some colleges want financial documents at the time of application submission Check the policy of each college Forms FAFSA (US citizens) CSS PROFILE (on College Board website) Bank letters or statements Visas U.S. embassy will require proof to pay in order to issue a visa.

14 Family Connection Sign-In

15 Family Connection (FC) Each parent has a personal login. Parent Questionnaire was due 2/1/2013 Students have separate logins from parent accounts Resume Sr. Portfolio Test scores College list SAT prep program

16 Affordability (Can I “afford” it?) Open and frank discussion with your son/daughter on what’s possible financially Need-based financial aid Need-aware Need-blind Merit-based financial aid Talent-based financial aid Aid for non-US students is highly competitive Visit each college’s financial aid website

17 Sample Financial Aid Website

18 Paying for College - Resources 2011 Getting Financial Aid by the College Board 2011 Scholarship Handbook by the College Board College Admissions Together – It Takes a Family by Steven Roy Goodman and Andrea Leiman The College Solution by Lynn O’Shaughnessy

19 College Admission Test KIS is a private test center Take the SAT Reasoning test in May or June Repeat in grade 12 if needed Only take the SAT 2 to 3 times maximum ACT is a viable option to the SAT and is accepted everywhere the SAT is Tests knowledge learned in school Many students do better on this test than on the SAT – conversion chart is available Available in Seoul

20 College Admission Test Test Prep Options SAT Test Prep provided in Family Connection Best way to prep for the SAT is to read in English Over 800 colleges DO NOT require the SAT SAT Subject tests required for about 50 of the most selective colleges TOEFL test requirements vary from college to college

21 Prospective College List Colleges are categorized into 3 groups Reach – most students with similar profile not admitted Far Reach: 5-15% chance of admission Reach: 20-30% chance of admission Possible: 40-50% chance of admission Recommend you apply to only 2-4 schools Likely – your profile is similar to the college admission profile and your chances of admission are good to very good 70-85% chance of admission Recommend you apply to 5-6 colleges in this category

22 Prospective College List Safety - your profile exceeds the college admission profile and your chances of admission are very good to excellent 90-95% chance of admission Recommend you consider 1 maybe 2 colleges in this category Your goal = maximize offers of admission letters so you have choices An unbalanced & unrealistic college list = way more denials than acceptances

23 Purdue University

24 University of Pennsylvania

25 Stanford University

26 Emory University

27 Northwestern University

28 How Colleges Evaluate Applications Holistic approach – look are many variables Grades, courses, and rank Test scores How is the student interesting Essay Extracurricular activities Letters of recommendation What the college needs (wild card component) Demonstrated interest by the student is recorded by some colleges

29 How Colleges Evaluate Applications GPAs are usually recalculated by colleges May drop the “+” or “-” May only count the 5 academic subjects May weight AP courses differently Could have an admissions formula SAT 1705 with a 3.4 GPA (B+ average) SAT 1850 with a 3.0 GPA (B average) SAT 2010 with a 2.75 GPA (B- average)

30 Applications “Common Application” Used by more than 450 colleges More than 2.1 million applications submitted Application Types Rolling Admission (ROLLING) Priority Admission (PRI) Early Decision (ED) Early Action (EA) Restricted Early Action (REA) or Single-Choice Early Action Regular Decision (RD) Recommend 6 to 8 with a maximum of 10 applications

31 Applications Complete the application carefully Proof read your application Write an authentic, personal essay KIS Authentication Process Extracurricular activities Quality over quantity Sustained effort and commitment Pick most important ones for college applications Show knowledge about the college

32 Decision Time Acceptance Mid to end of December for ED and EA March or April for RD Rolling usually within 2-4 weeks Denial Deferred Happens with some ED and EA applications Applicants will be reconsidered with other RD applications Wait-listed Possible admit but no decision until the college knows its yield from offered places Colleges then go to waitlist

33 For Parents Please activate your Family Connection account if you have not already done so. Contact Ms. Han ( Family Connection (FC) Access from KIS’s website under the HS section Data is seen by you, your student, and KIS only Complete the Parent Questionnaire (due 2/1/2013) Add colleges of interest Student-Parent-College Counselor meetings, which are optional, began on February 4 th and will continue until April 19 th Monitor application process but do not do it for your student

34 Visits to College Campuses If possible, visit different types of schools during the summer or school vacations Check the college’s website and make an appointment for a tour and information session No more than 2 college visits during a day 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon Take notes and/or photos Pick a school newspaper to read Ask questions of student tour guides Likes, dislikes, what would you change, etc. Group tours are available Talk to Mr. Modica if you are interested in this option

35 College Visits to KIS You are welcome to attend fairs and college visits to KIS Some more will be visiting from February through April Most visit in September and October with a few in November KIS has been a popular stop for college reps over the past 3 years 2011-13: 110+ visits per year 2010-11: 100 visits for the year 2009-2010: 95 visits for the year 2006-2009: 20 to 22 college visits per year College visits are listed in Family Connection Students must pre-register to attend by noon the school day before the visit

36 College Visits to KIS KIS’s administration expects students who sign-up to attend a college visit to attend Failure to attend: Presents KIS in a poor light Can result in an unproductive visit for the rep which in turn could jeopardize future college visits Can impact the personal relationship between KIS and the college rep Can result in a referral to the associate principal or principal

37 What to Expect from KIS Experienced and knowledgeable college counselors First-hand knowledge of many college campuses Extensive network Within the international school counseling circuit With US and Canadian college admission reps On a first name basis with over 150 college admission reps

38 What to Expect from KIS Willing to help with College lists Application strategies Testing plans Essay critique if time permits but will not write it Application logistics Trouble-shooting Timely information and reminders Frank, honest, and prompt communication Realistic estimates on admission chances Offer advice on “ways to improve your odds” Facilitate the application process

39 Stats on the Class of 2012 Members of the Class of 2012 enrolled in 48 different colleges in the US and in 3 different countries 253 total college application acceptances (44% overall acceptance rate, a decrease of 7% from 2011) Choices ranged from liberal arts to specialized colleges; from small colleges to large universities; from public to private colleges and universities

40 Multiple Acceptance Stats College Acceptances 2012 2011 2010 2009 2 or more 77.6% 77.6% 95% 79% 3 or more 64.5% 65.8% 71% 58.5% 4 or more 42.1% 47.4% 52.6% 37% 5 or more 30.3% 38.1% 43.4% 23.5% 6 or more 14.5% 27.6% 18.4% 11.5% 7 or more 7.9% 7.6% 10.5% 5.8% 8 or more 1.3% 5.3% 5.3% 3.9%

41 Stats on the Class of 2012 CategoriesChances of AdmissionClass of 2011 Results Far Reach5-15%9.7% Reach20-30%22.4% Possible40-50%46.7% Likely/Match70-85%74.1% Safety90-95%100%

42 GPA & Decile Range for the Class of 2014 as of 1/25/13 1st decile: 4.05-3.93 2nd decile: 3.92-3.83 3rd decile: 3.82-3.73 4th decile: 3.72-3.66 5th decile: 3.65-3.54 6th decile: 3.52-3.40 7th decile: 3.37-3.23 8th decile: 3.22-3.07 9th decile: 3.06-2.78 10th decile: 2.75 and below

43 Senior Year 2013-14! It will be busy, and we’ll cover that next year in September! - Keep in mind - “What makes you special?” – Why should you be chosen over another candidate?

44 Question and Answer Session College is a match to be made, not a trophy or prize to be won. TOGETHER WE WILL PARTNER TO FIND THE BEST MATCH FOR YOUR “CHILD”

45 Course Registration Process for the 2012-13 School Year March 13-15 th : AP Course Showcase March 16-28 th : AP Survey in Family Connection You must rank order AP Classes and will only be considered for AP Courses listed on survey April 2 nd -4 th : AP Committee meets to review and discuss student AP course requests. April 9 th : Course Registration goes live in P.S. Choose your courses wisely – No changes after

46 Thank you for coming tonight.

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