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1 Wake County Public School System NORTH CAROLINA TEACHING STANDARDS AND EVALUATION INSTRUMENT Implementation 2010-2011.

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1 1 Wake County Public School System NORTH CAROLINA TEACHING STANDARDS AND EVALUATION INSTRUMENT Implementation 2010-2011

2 Future-Ready Students For the 21st Century The guiding mission of the North Carolina State Board of Education is that every public school student will graduate from high school, globally competitive for work and post-secondary education, and prepared for life in the 21st Century 2

3 3 North Carolina Public Schools Goals To produce globally competitive students To be led by 21st century professionals To be healthy and responsible To provide leadership that will guide innovation in NC Public schools To be governed and supported by 21st Century Systems

4 WCPSS Board of Education’s Mission: The Wake County Public School System will educate each student to be a responsible and productive citizen who can effectively manage future challenges. WCPSS Board of Education’s Goal: WCPSS students will demonstrate high academic growth; by 2014, all students will graduate on-time prepared to compete globally. 4

5 SUPERINTENDENT’S VISION: Working as a community of educators and stakeholders, with support from our broader community, we will ensure that every child educated in our school system graduates on-time prepared for the future. STRATEGIC DIRECTIVES: 1) Focus on Learning and Teaching 2) Retain, recruit, and train high quality employees 3) Develop and implement systems and structures to support schools, ensure accountability, and engage the community 4) Expand fiscal accountability 5


7 New Standards for Teachers, Principals & Superintendents! GS 115C-295.1 required the State to review & revise teaching standards in North Carolina In August 2006, Chairman Lee charged a Commission to review and align the standards to the State Board’s mission and goals 7

8 8 Draft Completed in March 2007 Distributed materials through focus groups and other meetings throughout the state Standards were presented to the State Board of Education in May and adopted in June 2007.

9 9 ALL Evaluation Systems Must Be Aligned With The Standards July 1, 2008 - New principal evaluation went into effect

10 10 …SO WHY DID THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION ADOPT A NEW MISSION STATEMENT AND GOALS??? North Carolina has moved from a manufacturing and agricultural economy to a technological and research-based economy. Schools must respond to this change if students are to be ready for their future.

11 11 What else has been happening? Let’s consider a 64 year old born in 1945 who began school in 1950. What did this individual experience in each decade?  1940’s  1950’s  1960’s  1970’s  1980’s  1990’s  2000 - present

12 1940sPresident traveled by plane while in office, Casablanca best picture, Lone Ranger debuted, 1st kidney dialysis machine, Invention of Tupperware, 1st cake mix on shelves 1950sMr. Potato Head & Barbie invented, Dennis the Menace cartoon introduced, Rice-a-Roni sold in stores, Microwave patented, Elvis Presley w/ Blue Suede Shoes #1 song, Hula Hoop introduced, White-Out introduced, Credit cards introduced, B&W television became popular, Color TV introduced 1960sFM Radio debuts, 1st Handheld calculator, Artificial heart was introduced, Cleopatra #1 film 12

13 1970s1st Laser printer & ink-jet printer, 1st Word processor, 1st Cell phones, 1st Post-it Notes, Liposuction introduced, Pong is 1st video game, 1st floppy disk for computer 1980sFirst cell phones sold, Disposable contact lenses available, Disposable camera available, Cabbage Patch Kids on the scene 1990sWorld Wide Web changes the computer world, DVDs, Viagra is invented 2000 to Present Artificial heart and liver, Blue tooth, Hybrid Car, You Tube, Translucent concrete, Adidas invents shoe w/ a microprocessor to determine appropriate support for wearer 13

14 Consider the Kindergarten Child entering School in 2009 ??? What might life look like for this child? 14

15 2020Remote control devices built into pets, Living- genetically engineered teddy bear, Electronic memory enhancement, Fully functioning artificial eyes, 3D home printers, Fully automated piloted cars, viewers choose who acts in what roles in films 203095% of people in advanced nations will be computer literate, Artificial precipitation introduced 2040Nuclear fusion as a power source will be possible, There will be a moon base the size of a small village, We will mine for materials on Mars 2050Humanoid robots will beat Green Bay Packers in football 2070Time travel invented, Immortality chip available 15

16 16 NC Standards for Teachers Standard 1: Teachers demonstrate leadership Standard 2: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students Standard 3: Teachers know the content they teach Standard 4: Teachers facilitate learning for their students Standard 5: Teachers reflect on their practice

17 17 21 st Century Skills Framework

18 HOW ARE PROFESSIONAL TEACHING STANDARDS UNIQUE? ALIGNMENT!!! SBE Goals & Mission 21 st Century Knowledge and Skills NC Teaching Standards School Executive Standards Superintendent Standards Evaluations Teacher Working Conditions Survey 18

19 19 Some Differences TPAI Three 45 minute observations Just classroom Teacher Behavior NEW MODEL A year-long process Many outside classroom factors Teacher behavior, student behavior & student learning

20 Schedule of Training September 2009 Overview of Standards/Process October 2009 Standard I November 2009 Standard II January 2010 Standard III February 2010 Standards IV and V March 2010 Evaluation Instrument April 2010 Final Questions 20

21 21 Our children are the messengers we will send to a world we will never see. »Neal Postman

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