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NC AHEC Collaborative Technology Projects for 2006 Senior Administrative Staff Meeting 12/6/2005.

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1 NC AHEC Collaborative Technology Projects for 2006 Senior Administrative Staff Meeting 12/6/2005

2 Overview n AHEC VISION –Statewide Videoconferencing Service n Collaborative Communications Support – AHEC Intranet for file sharing n The Virtual AHEC –Erasing Seams and Enhancing Services n Discussion

3 AHEC VISION n Standardized Service for Multi-AHEC Videoconference Scheduling & Billing n Northwest AHEC / WFU “Contracted” n Administrative Charge: $30 / site n Tiered Usage Charge: –Internal AHEC:$50/hr/AHEC –HC Non-Profit:$100/hr/AHEC –HC For-Profit:$150/hr/AHEC

4 AHEC VISION n Billing for Internal AHEC Initiation –Scheduling Service Bills Discipline @ AHEC –Scheduling Service Pays IT @ AHEC $25/hr –Scheduling Service Pays Bridging Costs n Billing External Organization for Use –Scheduling Service Bills Customer Total –Scheduling Service Pays AHECs & Bridging n Profits Used for Strategic Upgrades

5 AHEC VISION n 11/19/05: NC AHEC E-News Reference n 11/30/05: NW AHEC Scheduler Training n 12/16/05: Discussion to Resolve Details n January: AHEC Review Winter Edition n January: Regional Marketing by IT n February: Statewide Meeting Sessions –Overview and Marketing of AHEC VISION –Best Practices for Planners & Presenters

6 Supporting Collaboration w/ IT n Structured File Sharing via Intranet n A Password-Protected “Network” Drive n Administrative & Disciplinary Meetings –Schedules, Agendas, Minutes, etc. n Collaborative Project Development –Resumes, Forms, Certificate Templates, Grant Submissions, etc. n Sensitive Internal Report Archive


8 Supporting Collaboration w/ IT n Commercial Intranet Services Available –Ex.: & n Early Internally Developed Proof of Concept – Greensboro’s “INCA for HealthStream” n Climate Now Favors Acceptance & Adoption n Investigating UNC-CH Functionality, but n Some Issues Suggest Internal RFP Process –Password Administration & Massive Disk Space

9 The Virtual AHEC n n Single Sign-On with User Profiled n Seamless Integration and Transitions to n Modified Versions of Existing Services –Standards in “Look and Feel” (TBD) n Opportunity for New Services –Targeted Push Promotion, On-line Transcript, Accreditation Track/Remind,...

10 - Diagram provided by Lynn Kennedy, IT Director, NW AHEC

11 The Virtual AHEC: Challenges / Opportunities n Currently, Regional IT Resources Can Be Influenced, But Not Controlled n Some Technical Resources Ill-Positioned n Some Technical Staff May Be Ill-Fitting n Some Teams Protective of, or Prioritize Project or Regional AHEC Over System n Integration of Complex, Disparate IT Can Only be Timely w/ Dedicated Staff

12 The Virtual AHEC: Resources n AHEConnect –Learning Management System –Digital Resource DE Wrapper n AHEC Digital Library –Digital Resource Catalog Wrapper –Distributed User Account Administration n CASCE –CE Offerings & Credit Tracking

13 The Virtual AHEC: Resources n Streaming Resource Serving (MediaSite) –Northwest AHEC / WFU SOM –Eastern AHEC / ECU Brody SOM n Regional AHEC Resources –Regional Websites, Specialized Catalogs –Financially-Custom On-Line Registration n Grant Opportunities –Ex. EBP Virtual Communities (SR-AHEC)


15 The Virtual AHEC : 1 st Steps n IT Taskforce Specs & CIOs’ Response to... n Establish Project Management –RFP -> Program Office & CIOs –New Staff w/ Project Mgr. Reporting to P.O. n Migration to Uniform Person ID (ADL) n Website and Database Setup n Version 1: Unauthenticated Svcs Only n Migration of Systems to Single Sign-on

16 The Virtual AHEC : 2 nd Steps n Version 2: Authenticated Services! n Pass-through to Other System –ADL, AHEConnect, & Others Resources n Profile-based CE promotion n On-line Transcript with Personal Augmentation (ex. Cat 2 CME) n New Services such as Virtual HP / Topic Communities & Intranet Access for Staff

17 The Virtual AHEC : 3 rd Steps n Massive Meta-Data Development Phase n Standard Keyword Lexicon –CASCE, ADL, AHEConnect, & All Other Digital Resources n Librarians Evaluate/Catalog Everything n Version 3: Meta-Searching! (> 2006) –Federated, Single and Advanced Search of All Resources, as well as Topical Browsing

18 Discussion

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