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PRESERVATION WEEK MAY 9-15, 2010 Planning for a Special Event.

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1 PRESERVATION WEEK MAY 9-15, 2010 Planning for a Special Event

2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS New Jersey State Library sponsored program with funding from Institute of Library and Museum Services Additional Recognition: American Library Association. Association of Library Collections and Technical Services Library of Congress Institute of Library and Museum Services American Institute for Conservation Society of American Archivists Heritage Preservation

3 Using Preservation as a Theme Preservation of interest for: -Genealogists -Collectors -General Public Fun teaching opportunity for reaching out to schools, Scouts, community centers Topic for an anniversaries, alumni day, historical events Engaging for community groups

4 Using Preservation as a Theme Mission link to museums, historical societies, archives and other libraries Partnership opportunities Connects public to their cultural heritage Connects public to your collection Reaches new audiences

5 Benefits of Partnerships Helps to meet mutual goals of serving the community Extends the outreach for each partner Increases visibility Helps to pool resources Inspires others Collaboration = more than sum of parts Benefits of Partnerships

6 Developing Partnerships Start with who you know Identify your goals Identify what you can offer Explore what partner(s) can offer Take time to develop relationship Set clear goals Seek maximum visibility Credit for collaboration is shared

7 Challenges with Partnerships Takes time to develop and maintain relationships Need strong administrative commitment to the partnership Longer lead time to plan an event Can be staff time intensive Need to recognize and balance the various strengths of each partner

8 Event Checklist Develop strategies for success Make a checklist and timeline Create a budget Plan logistics Plan publicity Evaluate Wrap up

9 Media Outreach Newspaper articles News announcements Feature pitches PSA’s Web Blogs Banners Mailing lists

10 Tips for Writing Press Releases Be sure event is newsworthy Provide a brief description of the news event Tell who is announcing the event First 10 words are important Avoid adjectives, fancy language Deal with the facts Plan timing of press release Provide contact information Make it easy for the media

11 Resources Paul Hellman’s tips on focusing your message Where to sign up for Paul Hellman’s tips Tips for Writing Press Releases

12 Process Measures Outcome Measures # items created (flyers, bookmarks) # people attended List media contacted Who did you engage? (Board, Friends of Library, Staff) Did you achieve your goal? Did you receive positive feedback from media stories? Was your partner satisfied? Measuring Success

13 Low Cost Ideas More Elaborate Ideas Handouts Web links ALA bookmarks Film screening Speaker’s Bureau Tie in preservation to a program already planned Demo salvage techniques Preservation Fair Coordinate exhibits with other institutions Sample Program Ideas

14 Publicize Event Send announcement of your event to Jeanne Drewes and she will put it on a Google map that is being mounted on the preservation week site. Email at Tell your story on s/preswk/story.cfm

15 Resources ALA Graphics for Pass It On books and posters Friends of the Library USA program ideas Partnerships for a Nation of Learners Foundation Directory

16 Power point prepared by: Jill Rawnsley Preservation Consultant

17 Some Videos to Show Here are some videos to show during breaks or part of your program. Saving Your Treasures tm Mr. Bean goes to the library Canadian Conservation Institute comment/index-eng.asp comment/index-eng.asp

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