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Innovation? Alistair McIntyre Head of Catering Scottish Borders Council ASSIST 2011.

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3 Innovation? Alistair McIntyre Head of Catering
Scottish Borders Council ASSIST 2011

4 Our raison d’être “The economic and social prosperity of Local Authority communities is dependent on the Health and wellbeing of its young people”

5 Think about this? Why do we need to be innovative?

6 What does Innovation really mean?
Google offers 38,000,000 definitions; Innovation is seeing things differently. Implementing innovation is getting others to, also. Change that creates a new dimension of performance.“ Creativity is when you use money to get ideas. Innovation is when you use ideas to make money. Innovation transforms the useful seeds of invention into solutions valued above every existing alternative. Value + Creativity + Execution = Innovation. ----- Meeting Notes (12/08/ :03) -----;kok

7 The recognised phases of Growth:
Innovation [Invention] Entrepreneurial Inventive Exploratory [Translation] Management Modification Improvement [Commercialisation] Leadership Sharing Vision

8 Some thoughts? Who is the service for? The Scottish Government
The Health strategy Childhood obesity HMIE Inspectors Families and customers Economical Nutrition Business Sustainability Our main body of customers [Generation Z]

9 What do we really know about Generation Z?
We know that they want everything…… NOW! IT HAS TO BE INTERESTING! IT HAS TO BE ACCESSIBLE, when and how they want it! IT HAS TO BE QUICK! IT HAS TO BE EASY! ….everything at the click of a button.

10 How things have changed!

11 What are the things that cause us to be innovative?
Strategy Customer Characteristics And Demand Business Sustainability Family expectation Innovation

12 Innovation Plan Customer Characteristics And Demand Assess Family
expectation Business Sustainability Strategy Actions Value Innovation

13 What outcomes are we trying to achieve by being Innovative?
We want to provide; Better….. Quality Service Improved Budgets and Finance Happy customers [returning day on day] Compliance With local Policies and Procedures Legislation Which will lead to very positive Audit outcomes

14 Why Bother? We have a duty to try!
Teenagers in Scotland today are the first in history to be less healthy than their parents Obesity levels spark warnings over diabetes and related health issues The scale of the problem should not be underestimated. By 2030, it has been projected that over 40% of Scotland’s year olds will be clinically obese . At present Scotland is the third most obese developed nation behind the USA and Mexico. Scotland’s levels of obesity are higher than England, Northern Ireland and Wales. [and this is us….. getting better!]

15 The innovation killers!
A game with a purpose; Visualise your regular staff meetings and try and remember if any of the following phrases are commonly used? Score one point for a yes and there are three bonus answers of 3, 5 and 10 available.

16 It’s Aye Been It won’t work That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard That’s not my problem You can’t do that I don’t know how [I’ve never done that before!] I’m not paid to do that! The boss won’t agree! There's not enough time! Why should I care?

17 Scores Bonus points [3 for number 1, 5 for number 8 and 10 for number 10] if you have scored more than 5 you are innovation adverse if you scored more than 10 you are innovation dead if you scored more than 15…………..close and move into the cleaning side!

18 To score higher for my next session…. …
To score higher for my next session…. ….adopt these 10 simple words to improve into your frame of mind Observe Think Change Dare Banish Try Empower Question Grow Do Observe, look at trends and assess how this will affect your business Think, analyse your observations and react accordingly. Change, move out of the past Dare, take some risks and encourage others to do so as well! Banish, the phrases that prevent action. Try, give people the chance to develop career paths and to develop their capabilities. Empower, you can’t do it all, encourage others to make the decisions when it needs to be done1 Question, the past success [that can’t return] and ask HOW can we do things differently? Grow, stop cutting and build! Do, restore your enthusiasm for what’s ahead, look forward to work every day and encourage your staff to look forward as well.

19 5 top ways to destroy innovative thinking
Form a committee Defer all decisions Hide failure Be cautious Glorify process

20 How innovative are we? Do we share innovation and success?
How many groups do we meet at or sit on? Can we do it alone?

21 Communication-one idea?
How many of us spend how long manufacturing menus that are compliant, nutritious, cost effective etc? How many of you would like to just write one for the next three years? We are not in competition so lets work together….really together in collaborative working! The act of working with another person or group of people to create or produce something [oxford Advanced learners dictionary]

22 This would have the potential to help by............
Releasing staff to allow them to do more of what they need to! ……………….manage, train, audit, cook, be innovative?

23 Five Scottish Schools Innovations
Gerry’s vans South Ayrshire's local procurement Tayside’s advertising campaign. St Margaret’s-West Lothian’ “lock in” Clackmannan's Social meals

24 5 from the Borders Concepts[moving into stage 2]
Working with suppliers Grab and go bags McCain's Kitchen of the month and year awards Training Program for all staff Summer Catering conference Appraisal system Turn Aboot

25 Is the future bright? Changes Opportunity Innovation Sustainability

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