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2 INTRODUCING THE PLANET Topographic Map of the World

3 Provides visual evidence of environmental changes taking place around the world “A picture is worth a thousand words” “Seeing is believing” Introduction: A Story of Change A Story of Change

4 A collection of “before and after” historical and current satellite images on various themes for 80 sites (271 images) around the world Over 30 environmental case studies supported by narratives (93 000 words), images and 215 ground photographs A compilation of 66 environmental maps 334 page, large format book UNEP’s Best Seller Ever

5 Scope and Extent of coverage Focus on trends over time Significant environmental changes Regional and thematic balance Landsat series of satellite data as a primary tool due to the longest historical record of the earth surface since 1973

6 Intended for informing - policy makers - non-governmental organizations - private sector - decision makers, etc. Provides resources on environmental change to academics, teachers and citizens Science and Policy

7 Focus Areas Atmosphere Energy consumption & resources extraction Urbanization Forests, biodiversity Croplands Grasslands Water and coastal regions Tundra/Polar regions

8 Table of Contents Introducing the Planet – a story of change People and Planet – human influences on the planet Human impacts on the planet – visualizing changes over time Natural and human-induced extreme events Epilogue

9 Introduction: Overview WHAT - What is happening where? WHY - Trend over time is the most compelling information - Hope images will contribute to change the way we perceive the environment HOW - Story of environmental changes told using current and historical satellite data, ground photographs and short narratives

10 Apollo Image of the Planet This view of the Earth from space helped demonstrate how finite, interconnected and fragile our planet is Inspired Earth Day Celebration in the United States The Inspiration…

11 1900-2000 AD Earth’s Shrinking Biosphere Currently, the Earth is the only home we have With each new person added to our growing population, the amount of our living space decreases Land Area hectare per/capita

12 Epilogue The Conservationist’s Lament The Technologist’s Reply MORAL... The evolutionary plan Man’s a nuisance Went astray Man’s a crackpot By evolving man But only man Can hit the jackpot Kenneth Boulding in: Thomas, W.L. ed. 1956. Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth. University of Chicago Press.

13 One Planet Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environment Thank You! Free Downloads: Purchase: INTRODUCING THE PLANET

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