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Suhaimi Napis Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Director, InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC) Universiti Putra Malaysia Director,

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1 Suhaimi Napis Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Director, InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC) Universiti Putra Malaysia Director, E-Research Area, Malaysian Research and Education Network (MYREN) Vice Chair, ASEAN S&T Research and Education Network Alliance (ASTRENA) Director, Natural Resource Area; Co-Chair, Agriculture Working Group, Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Towards Enhancing Cyberinfrastructure for Telemedicine in Malaysian Hospitals Through MYREN (Phase 2)

2 Outline MYREN Proposed Local and International connectivities Roll-out plan for Phase 2 Current Situation and Future Outlook

3 Malaysian Research & Education Network (MYREN) Key Components Network Infrastructure Network Operations Human Capital Programm e MYREN Research Communitie s International Partners 5 Major Components Central technical coordination – network design, support & operation, helpdesk, network monitoring & management etc Dedicated network supporting NREN activities and collaborative research – broadband capacity, video conferencing, linkage to other NRENs Student placement, technical training series, industry-MYREN joint talks, virtual lectures, seminars UM, UKM, UPM, USM, UTM, UUM, MMU, UTP, UiTM, Uniten, UMS, Unimas, TM R&D, Monash etc

4 All of Malaysia Layer-1 network successfully constructed Expand user communities to schools, hospitals Regional test-bed for new advanced applications Launched March ‘05 14 members connected MYREN NOC successfully operational Collaborative services – e- lecture, teleconsultation, remote interviews, IP streaming, video conferencing Linkage to TEIN2 – 10 Asia Pacific, 33 European, 1 North America NRENs Phase 2 Phase 1 Transform MYREN into a leading NREN in Asia Pacific Future Phases Transition MYREN into advanced NREN Successfully created MYREN Regionalise MYREN – 5 regional nodes successfully commissioned Self-operated Layer-3 network High capacity network and improved performance for HPC 40 members connected (eg university hospitals) Increase international cooperation through APAN, APECTEL, Pragma, Internet2 etc Testbed environment for advanced application and services testing and deployment MYREN Next Phase Long-Term Milestones

5 Current Status Network Infrastructure – Gateway to e-Research communities Network Infrastructure MYREN NOC, Cyberjaya MYREN WAN Campus Network UTP Campus Network UPM Campus Network UKM Campus Network UITM Campus Network MMU Campus Network UNITEN Campus Network UM Campus Network UTM Campus Network UMS Campus Network UNIMAS Campus Network National Advanced IPv6 Centre USM MIMOS Grid Computing Centre MDeC Virtual Reality Center 100M Campus Network MONASH Campus Network TM R&D 1Gbps Campus Network UUM ITU CoE “High Performance Centres” 10 Asia Pacific,33 European, 1 North American NRENs

6 Research Area Working Group (WG) Birds of a Feather (BoF) Status Update MYREN Research Community Researc h Commu nities MYREN Research Chairman IPv6 A/Prof. Dr Sureswaran IPv6 Security WG IPv6 Routing WG IPv6 Communications WG IPv6 Monitoring WG Knowledge Mgmt Prof. Tengku Mohd T Sembok Knowledge Mgmt WG Information Retrieval WG Multimedia Apps A/Prof. Ewe Hong Tat E-learning WG Virtual reality & Immersive Tech WG Interface Design and Ambient Intelligence (IDAI) Mgmt Science & Tech WG A/Prof. Dr Suhaidi Hassan Accounting Info System BoF E-Supply Chain BoF Decision Modeling BoF Econometrics BoF Network Research Prof. Dr. Borhan Md Ali Software engineering BoF E-Security WG Wireless/WSN WG Routing & NMM WG MYREN NOC Network Quality of Service WG Dr Phang E-Research A/Prof. Dr. Suhaimi Napis e-Culture WG Medical WG Open Source WG Proposed new grouping VLSI/MEMS BoF Automotive CAE BoF Distributive Computing Tech & Design BioMedical Computing BoF High Performance Cyber Design Dr Mamun Reaz

7 Key Principles and Priorities 1.Increase accessibility to new and potential members by regionalising MYREN connectivity with 4 nodes (Q1 2009) and 2 nodes (Q3 2009) (eg. University hospitals) 2.Support high bandwidth capability scalable up to 1Gigabps at backbone and at least 100Mbps at access layer 3.Support advanced high performance applications in various fields including bio-informatics, micro-electronics design, telemedicine, chemical informatics, engineering etc 4.Flexibility to provision advanced and ‘open source’ applications MYREN Next Phase Overall Objective & Priorities of MYREN2

8 Key Principles and Priorities 4.Synergies MYREN with many more centres of excellence in Malaysia (specialist centres) 5.Build technical expertise with MYREN NOC and its community members – various test bed projects 6.Boost collaborative research and education activities within MYREN, through the enhancement of MYREN Human Capital programmes MYREN Next Phase Overall Objective & Priorities of MYREN2

9 1.UKM, Bangi 2.UPM, Serdang 3.UNITEN, Serdang 4.MMU, Cyberjaya 5.USIM, Nilai 6.LimKokWing, Cyberjaya 7.KLiUC, Serdang 8.UiTM Kuala Pilah 9.CUCMS, Cyberjaya 10.MINT, Bangi 11.ANGKASA, Putrajaya 12.MASTIC, Putrajaya Gigabit Ethernet cloud 1.UM, PJ 2.UiTM, Shah Alam 3.Monash, Sunway 4.MUST, PJ 5.UTAR, PJ 6.Jabatan Kimia, PJ 7.Jabatan Meterologi, PJ 8.Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam 9.Universiti Industry Selangor (UNISEL) Cyberjaya 1.UTP, Tronoh 2.USM, Penang 3.UUM, Sintok 4.UniMAP, Kangar 5.UPSI, Tg Malim 6.AIMST, Sg Petani 7.UiTM, Sg Petani 8.UiTM, Arau 9.UiTM, Permatang Pauh 10.KUIN, Kedah 11.Politeknik Kulim, Jitra, Permatang Pauh, Behrang, Arau, Ipoh Penang JB 1.UTM, Skudai 2.UTHM, Batu Pahat 3.Monash, JB Branch 4.UiTM Segamat 5.UTEM, Melaka PJ KL 1.Nottingham, KL 2.OUM, Jln Tun Ismail 3.UniKL, Jln Sultan Ismail 4.Twintech, Bdr Seri Dsara 5.FTMS,KL 6.Infotech MARA, KL 7.MACRES, Jln Tun Ismail 8.IMR, Jln Pahang 9.MRB, Jln Ampang Red indicates sponsored member in Phase 1 1.UIAM, Kuantan 2.UMP, Kuantan 3.UiTM Jengka 4.Politeknik Kuantan 5.UMT, Kuala Terengganu 6.UDM, Terengganu 7.UMK, Kelantan Kuantan MYREN2 Network Connectivity: Possible future scenario and connectivities to IHLs, RIs and other agencies

10 MYREN 2

11 TEIN2 Topology: 45Mbps Connectivity to MYREN

12 TEIN2 Routing AS24489 AS24490 IPv4 block: /20 IPv6 block: 2001:0254::/32

13 MYREN2::MOHENET Discussion between various skateholders and ministries to transfer MYREN to Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) as custodian Among issues discussed: –Management and Operation MYREN2::MOHENET –Disaster Recovery Centre/Business Continuity (Sharing with UPM) –VOIP/SIP based Telephony (Sharing with UPM) –Video Conferencing (AccessGrid)

14 MYREN::Ministry of Health? Medical Schools/Faculties connected to their respective teaching hospitals Other public hospitals under the Ministry of Health not connected with high bandwidth MYREN may be the answer but need inter-ministry top-level decision. Medical WGs partners supports needed for promotion and buy-ins

15 TQ

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