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Tentori Federica Pedrazzini Jessica Campari Elisa Giaccheri Sara.

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1 Tentori Federica Pedrazzini Jessica Campari Elisa Giaccheri Sara

2 Capital : Belfast Surface: 14.131 sq kmq Population: 1.685.267 Language: English (official) and Irish (only in some rural areas by the catholic population) Religion: protestants (53%) catholic (43%) Military expenses: its defense depends on London

3 The Ireland of the North occupies one slice to the northeast of the Irish island, expanding itself on approximately 17% of its surface. The only earth border is that one with the Eire to south and the west. To east, exceeding the Sea of Ireland, finds the southern Schottland

4 The economy is characterized from numerous industrial activities (weaves them, aeronautics, shipbuilding, electronic, chemistries and foods). Agriculture supplies oats, linen, forages and potatoes. It practices to you to the breeding (ovine and bovine) and the peach. Other centers are Larne and Will strain some. The economic center of the region is Belfast.

5 The climate is humid and mild, the Gulf Stream maintains it uniform all the year: in summer the average of the temperatures do not exceed 16 degrees, in winter they do not come down under the 4 degrees.

6 RIVERS: Short lenght The regular presence of water En estuary mouth The Shannon The longest river of Ireland The larger lake is the Lough Neagh boasts also the supremacy of largeness in all the British islands, and its dimensions are truly remarkable.

7 The territory is flat and hilly, the little mountains do not go beyond 850 meters Croagh Patrick The sacred mountain of the Irish

8 The “Giant’s Causeway” (pavement of the Giant)” is a natural formation situated on the north- east coast of ireland “Boot of the Giant " Characteristic cliff that recalls an ancient legend “The Harp of the Giant”

9 “The Hurricane” “Chimney Stacks” “The Stream bed”

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