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The Phi Theta Kappa Experience: Honors in Action.

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1 The Phi Theta Kappa Experience: Honors in Action

2 What is the ΦΘΚ Experience?

3 Membership Resources for Individuals Five-Star Honors Institute Honors in Action Hallmark Awards International Convention Regional Events Honors Seminars Sharing ΦΘΚ Experience

4 Honors In Action  Investigate and research issues related to the Honors Study Topic  Take the initiative  Use and develop leadership abilities  Make a positive difference through service

5 Honors In Action  Incorporate each of the four Hallmarks: Scholarship Leadership Service Fellowship

6 Honors in Action Elements  Honors Study Topic  International Service Program  Leadership Development Program  Scholarly Fellowship

7 The Paradox of Affluence: Choices, Challenges, and Consequences  Definition  Fine Arts  Health  Economic Policy  Rise and Fall of Civilizations and Empires  Political and Civil Liberties  Geography  Education  Individual, Family and Community Life  Environment

8 Operation Green: Improving Our Communities  Education and raising awareness  Recycling  Beautification  Clean communities

9 Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Studies: A Humanities Approach  Classic literature  Film studies  Team building exercises  Case studies

10 Project Planning Model  Issue What issue or study question from the Honors Study Topic will you address?  Research Sources What academic publications and experts will you consult?

11 Project Planning Model  The Basics Who, what, where, when and how Specific leadership roles and actions Address the International Service Program

12 Project Planning Model  Resources Budget, funding source Committees Specific project goals Publicity and PR Fulfill any chapter goals

13 Project Planning Model  Resources Satisfy Five Star Chapter Development Program requirements Develop leadership skills and capacity of chapter members Reward and/or recognize participants

14 Project Planning Model  Impact Chapter College Community Region

15 Building the Team  Get personal  Go for the goal  Clarify who’s who  Make it official  Draw up a game plan  Use “group” speak  Share the information  Build strong communication lines  Make a play date  Encourage team spirit  Tickle the team funny bone  Every opinion counts

16 Smarter Projects Simple easily understandable Measurable demonstrate progress Accountable assign tasks Realistic consider available resources Timely set milestone dates Extending stretch your capabilities Recognition reward your members

17 Questions to Consider  How will you keep track of: Planning Quantitative and qualitative outcomes Lessons learned  As the project develops, ask What is left undone What opportunities remain for the future

18 Sources

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