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Nu Delta Alpha Dance Honor Society.

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1 Nu Delta Alpha Dance Honor Society

2 What is Nu Delta Alpha? N∆A is a National dance honor society that recognizes academic and artistic achievements, including performance, production, scholarship, technology and community service.

3 Why Join? Recognition of students for outstanding artistic and academic achievement Provides student dancers with an honor society specifically focused on dance Provides contact opportunities with dance professionals Provides opportunities to be published in the NΔA Journal Leadership activities Increases venues for performances or choreographic projects and opportunities to showcase students’ work Induction and other recognition ceremonies Special awards to outstanding senior graduates Scholarship opportunities Graduation honor cords, stoles

4 Requirements to join: Have and maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA
Current sophomore and up to be inducted, freshmen can be pledges. Be actively involved in dance activities Earn 30 points toward induction as a full member, other members are pledges Attend Nu Delta Alpha meetings and activities $22.00 dues per new member $15.00 dues for each subsequent year

5 How do you earn points? Participate in a dance class at EHS
Participate in after school dance class at EHS or private studio, community center, club or other dance training Participate in dance performances Attend live dance concert Choreography, set/lighting design or costuming Community service in a dance related capacity Publication of an article in Nu Delta Alpha Other activities approved by Nu Delta Alpha advisor

6 Pledge vs. Member? To become a member, you must earn 30 points and be inducted into N∆A. Until then you are considered a pledge. Pledges and full members both participate in all N∆A activities. Only full members can be officers and receive honors.

7 Meetings and Events One Monday each month at 2:30 in Portable 959.
Next Meetings: Oct 8, Nov 5, Dec 3 Other meetings added according to planned activities. Event: Thrill the World Oct 27

8 Inductions Friday Dec. 7 at 6 pm
Attendance required- Pledges help, Inductees participate. All can perform!

9 Whats next? Go to EHS schoolwires, Teacher pages, Kristen Edmiaston, Nu Delta Alpha and print out application form. Turn in application form to Mrs. E by next meeting, Monday October 8. Come to the next meeting to elect officers and make plans for Thrill the World and the rest of the year!

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