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© 2008 IBM Corporation 1 InfoSphere Integration and Product Roadmap Keith Kohl Program Director, Product Management.

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1 © 2008 IBM Corporation 1 InfoSphere Integration and Product Roadmap Keith Kohl Program Director, Product Management

2 2 The IBM InfoSphere Vision An Industry Unique Information Platform Simplify the delivery of Trusted Information Accelerate client value Promote collaboration Mitigate risk Modular but Integrated Scalable – Project to Enterprise

3 3 Evolution of Information Projects Heterogeneous Systems & Information Sources ERP Claims Call Center Supply Chain… Applications Real time Situational Decisions Master Schemas Reports Dashboards KPIs… Scorecards Executives Performance Mgmt Understand, Decide Marts Analysts Spot Trends Recommend Analytic Applications Warehouses Marts Weak Information Architecture

4 4 An Information Agenda One Approach to Achieving Information On Demand Manage Data Over its Lifecycle Optimize Content -based Operational & Compliance Related Processes Optimize Business Performance & Organizational Knowledge Create, Manage, Govern & Deliver Trusted Information Create an approach for transforming information into a trusted strategic asset that can be leveraged across applications, processes & decisions for sustained competitive advantage Business Optimization DB2, Informix, IMS…

5 5 Four Pieces… but where is the synergy? When aiming to optimize costs in data management and integration initiatives, it is critical to know what steps to take and where significant savings can be realized while maintaining success in these projects. In most cases, the cost of implementing the steps will be far outweighed by the savings that can be realized. -- Ted Friedman, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer, Gartner

6 6 The Synergy Story ModelsCleansingETLMDM Data Warehouse BI OR

7 7 The Synergy Story ModelsCleansingETLMDM Data Warehouse BI Q: Who invests in these integrations? A: You A: IBM

8 8 Market Leadership Data Integration Data Quality CDI Customer Hubs PIM ETL

9 9 The Construction of Our Single Platform Metadata Integration Integrated Cleansing Integrated Matching Integrated Profiling SOA Deployment Grid Deployment Integrated Semi-structured Data Handling 2006 Architectural Unification IBM Information Server Federation Ascential Acquisition Replication Event Pub (pre-2002) Ascential IBM Mainframe Integration Content Integration Unstructured Information Mgmt

10 10 Master Data Management Construction PIM platform Departmental Collaboration Collaborative MDM Product Center WCC Trading partner Collaboration New Product Introduction Collaboration 2006 MDM Platform 1999 Ascential Acquisition - Data Cleansing, Meta Data Management, ETL Trigo Acquisition DWL Acquisition CDI platform Operational MDM Customer Center 500+ Services SOA Framework Atomic Services

11 11 The Synergy Facts IBM is the only vendor in the leadership quadrants in data integration, master data management, data warehousing, and business intelligence IBM invests $1B per year in this portfolio and the synergy points IBM has best practices & methodologies that extend across these domains IBM leads has the most advanced integration across these components available in the market today Customers who implement multiple pieces from the InfoSphere portfolio reduce their risk and time to market

12 12 The Big Picture Warehouse Management & Administration Metadata Management & Metadata Repository ETL/Data Quality Business Applications Products Customers Merchandizing Mgt Reporting Data Mining Predictive Modelling Data Analysis & Reporting Sources Data Warehouse Design ROLAP OLAP Server * Essbase POS Front Office Other Sources HR Accounting Inventory Data Warehouse Model Services Data Model Business Solution Templates Enterprise Data Warehouse Staging Area Data Warehouse Real-time Partition Master Data Management SIF MDM Repository Business Services MDM Consumers CRM ERP ESB

13 13 Existing Integration Points for Industry Models Generate warehouse structures through RDA BSTs provide design foundation for reports and cubes Pre-load Information Server with a business glossary & physical model for mapping Data and process models mapped to MDM model & business services Fit with our business requirements…..…....85% Savings from initial analysis phase.……....75% Design (inc. logical & physical models)..…65% Estimated 6 to 12 weeks for Logical model build Done in 2 Days

14 14 Models, Design Studio & Information Server Upon import to the Information Server, relationships are automatically created between technical assets and business terms Fit with our business requirements…..…....85% Savings from initial analysis phase.……....75% Mitigated project risk..………………. …… % Estimated 3 to 5 days to capture business metadata Done in Minutes

15 15 Existing Integration Points for Information Server Pre-built MDM load routines & embedded cleansing & matching High-speed parallel warehouse connectors Direct import of terms into business glossary & physical models into DataStage & FastTrack Metadata lineage into Cognos End-to-end lineage traceability and impact analysis 20-25% decrease in the time spent in design 15% decrease in the time spent in the deployment 15-20% cost savings to build the warehouse Estimated 2000 staff days for project Completed in 212 days

16 16 Flexible Reporting Specification Information Server FastTrack To Reduce Costs of Integration Projects Through Automation Business analysts and IT collaborate in context to create project specification Leverages source analysis, target models, and metadata to facilitate mapping process Auto-generation of data transformation jobs & reports Auto-generates DataStage jobs FastTrack usage can reduce the cost of ETL development in mid-size projects but 30%- 40%.…Wipro Utilizing FastTrack will bring significant productivity gains, quality improvement, documentation, and metadata transparency of our data integration tasks. It will also greatly improve the quality of our offshore development….Danske Bank

17 17 FastTrack Scenarios Industry Models SAP Industry Models Source Metadata Target Metadata Information Analyzer Information Analyzer Information Analyzer Data Warehouse SAP Packs MDM Server The ability to translate this information directly into Information Server with up to 70 percent of the code completed will significantly shorten our development lifecycle - Bank Austria

18 18 What does this Field Mean? Show relationships between business terms, data model entities, and technical and report fields Provides cross-tool mapping of business terms Allows field meaning to be understood Allows business term relationships to be understood

19 19 Where Happens if I Change this Column? Show complete change impact in graphical or list form Includes impact on reports in BI tools Visually navigate through impacted objects across tools Allows impact analysis on any object type

20 20 Where does a Field of Data in this Report Come From? Source Tables IBM Information Server Import & Browse Full BI Report Metadata Navigate through report attributes Visually navigate through data lineage across tools Combines operational & design viewpoint >50% report execs are now getting the information they want >50% report a faster time to value (business gets reports faster)

21 21 Existing Integration Points for MDM Server Pre-built MDM load routines & embedded cleansing & matching Service integration with ESB Direct mapping of MDM data model to the Industry Data & Process models Pre-built integration to load InfoSphere Warehouse Information Server and MDM Server can reduce initial load by 25%-50%, and improve quality An MDM Rapid Deployment release can be in production in 3-4 months vs months

22 22 Existing Integration Points for Warehouse High speed parallel connectors from Information Server Integration with Cognos through cubing services Generation of warehouse structures from models using RDA Pre-built integration with MDM Server

23 23 An Example: American Express Challenge No single view of merchant accounts across Amex Needed to combine multiple data sources into a single data warehouse Very short implementation timelines Solution Chose a complete InfoSphere stack: InfoSphere Information Server InfoSphere Warehouse IBM Industry Models Cognos 8 BI Results Rolled out their first data mart (just over 6 months) The synergies of the InfoSphere portfolio accelerated their project Now looking to expand into MDM

24 24 Bottom Line The InfoSphere portfolio addresses the majority of requirements companies face around their information There is no more integrated portfolio on the market IBM has the only portfolio which also leads in each and every category IBM invests $1B each year on this portfolio and its integration By choosing a more complete InfoSphere solution, organizations can reduce their risk & improve time to value

25 25 Continued Simplicity & Usability Advancements Rule & Transformation Discovery Automation to Optimization Platform Analytics & Dashboards Data Governance Tools InfoSphere Strategy & Vision

26 26 FastTrack : Automated Rule Discovery Parameters to control discovery Confidence, support, etc. Select set of functions to test for (regression, pivots, aggs, mapping, etc.) Predefined list of scalar functions supported by DataStage. Select source and target tables and subset of columns for discovery Select transformation functions to discover: Value mappings Arithmetic functions String functions If/then conditions Aggregates Lookups Pivots/reverse pivots Value mapping Arithmetic String Confidence: Support: Transformations: per column DiscoverSave Aggregates Pivots Lookups 90% 2 Top 3 Kickoff discovery process

27 27 Discovered Rules

28 28 InfoSphere DataStage Balanced Optimization Data Transformation Provides the same job design as traditional DataStage jobs so there is no recoding required Leverages investments in DBMS hardware by executing data integration tasks within the DBMS Optimizes job run-time by allowing the developer to control where the entire job or various parts of the job will execute. Transform and aggregate any volume of information in batch or real time through visually designed logic ArchitectsDevelopers Optimizing run time through intelligent use of DBMS hardware

29 29 Business As Usual: Projects 10x as long with individual tooling Unified Platform Benefits: Decreased risk by 53% Improved business alignment 83% Improve time to value by 75% Reduce project staffing by 90% IBM Has Invested To Meet These Requirements One Single Information Platform Source: Customer Case Studies, Industry Analyst Reports

30 © 2008 IBM Corporation 30 Thank You!

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