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Natural Resources…. This is it…… Week # 5 leaves!!!

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1 Natural Resources…. This is it…… Week # 5 leaves!!!

2 River birch Characteristics of the leaf.. Arrow shaped leaves Bark is papery, peels off crosswise, not up and down Bark has a pink to reddish color to it Has seeds in spring too Likes wet areas

3 Slipper elm What the leaf looks like…. Upper surface is very rough twigs are gray, has fat buds Also has wafer like seeds- 1 inch in diameter, in spring Old timers call it the “red elm”

4 American Elm Characteristics of this leaf.. * Also called white elm Upper surface is smooth to slightly rough Twigs are brown, buds are little Seeds are little ¼ to ½ inch wafers in the spring

5 Black Willow Characteristics…. 3 times longer than wide Grows near streams Seeds appear in spring Branches are used for crafts

6 Black cherry Characteristics….. Leaves are shiny, oblong, with very small teeth The petiole has two little black dots, usually right beneath the base of the leaf Seed is a purplish berry in late summer and fall

7 Hackberry What to look for… Oblong leaf with a lopsided base Seeds are berries that are reddish brown and hard A virus causes the top branches to form “witches brooms”

8 American Beech What to look for: Each vein has a tooth Seed is a spiny bur with two triangular seeds inside it Buds are 1inch long and shiny Has smooth gray bark that people carve names it (bad people)

9 Eastern Hophornbeam Characteristics… Sometimes called “blue beech” Oblong leaves, short petiole Veins fork backwards Seed looks like hopvine Bark is shreddy Seed will be on leaf sample

10 American hornbeam Characteristics.. Also called “Ironwood” Oblong leaf with longer petiole Veins seldom fork Seed in the center of a 3 lobed leaf Bark has muscular ridges seed will be on the leaf sample for quiz

11 Eastern Hophornbeam Another sample of this leaf showing the seeds

12 Time once again to quiz you…..




16 Slippery Elm


18 Eastern Hophornbeam


20 Black willow


22 American Elm


24 Hackberry


26 American beech


28 Black cherry


30 American hornbeam

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