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© 2012 United Providence 1 September 2012 Introduction to United Providence (UP!)

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1 © 2012 United Providence 1 September 2012 Introduction to United Providence (UP!)

2 © 2012 United Providence 2 Innovation Zone Design Principles: The 3 C’s of School Turnaround Conditions Change the rules and incentives governing people, time, money, and programs Reduce and streamline administrative burdens Establish clear ownership for turnaround schools at the district-level Provide political cover for school leaders FLEXIBILITY Capacity Build turnaround resources and human capital in schools within the Zone through Lead Partners and sufficient funding Create a unit at the central office dedicated to school turnaround and responsible for coordinating services across all other units PARTNERSHIPS Clustering Organize schools into intentional clusters Align services across the cluster to allow for scale benefits across schools Engage teachers and leaders in a community of practice for turnaround, encouraging schools to share practices and support one another ZONES

3 © 2012 United Providence 3 Cohort 2 Schools and Intervention Models Restart Model Transformation Model Carl Lauro Elementary School Gilbert Stuart Middle School Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School Pleasant View Elementary School Mount Pleasant High School

4 © 2012 United Providence 4 PLA Schools Restructuring the Central Office to Support and Enable School Turnaround Rhode Island Department of Education Providence Public School District Lead Partners The Office of Transformation and Innovation (OTI) is a new unit at the district central office established to manage and coordinate the district's school turnaround efforts and to provide targeted, flexible assistance to schools in the greatest need. Lead Partners are nonprofit organizations or units of district central offices on contract with the district or state to turn around schools. Lead Partners receives authority and flexibility and are accountable for results. District-Level Management School-Level Management Office of Transformation and Innovation

5 © 2012 United Providence 5 UP! Design Team Dr. Susan Lusi, Superintendent, Providence Public School District, Co-Chair Steven Smith, President, Providence Teachers Union, Co-Chair Maribeth Calabro, Vice President At Large, Providence Teachers Union Maura Galvao, Director of Member Services, Providence Teachers Union Colleen Jermain, Chief of Staff, Providence Public School District Debra Pilkington, Vice President, Middle Schools, Providence Teachers Union Debra Zuckerman, Treasurer, Providence Teachers Union Emily Pallin, Senior Program Manager, School Turnaround Group at Mass Insight

6 © 2012 United Providence 6 About United Providence! Our mission is to maximize student achievement in Providence’s most struggling schools by promoting innovation and fostering a truly collaborative environment for teaching and learning. In so doing, UP! will serve as a groundbreaking national model for student-centered collaboration between labor and management. Our vision is that all students in Providence will have access to a world-class education preparing them for success in their chosen colleges and careers. United Providence! (UP!) is a new nonprofit education management organization, the first of its kind in the nation, designed to manage the turnaround process in a cluster of Providence’s lowest-performing schools. UP! is a labor-management collaboration between the Providence Teachers Union and Providence Public School District. About UP! Our Mission Our Vision

7 © 2012 United Providence 7 Role of the Lead Partner are nonprofit organizations or units of district central offices on contract with the district or state to turn around schools. Lead Partners receives authority and flexibility and are accountable for results. The role of the Lead Partner is defined by four overarching responsibilities: Sign a 3-5 year performance contract for student achievement with the district or state Provide core academic and student support services directly or by aligning the services of other programs and supporting partners Assume authority for decision making on school staffing (as well as time, money, and program) Maintain an embedded, consistent, and intense relationship with each school (approx. 5 days per week) 12 34 Lead Partners: ACCOUNTABILITYAUTHORITY COMPREHENSIVE SERVICESSCHOOL PRESENCE

8 © 2012 United Providence 8 National Models that Informed UP!’s Design Academy for Urban School Leadership, Chicago, IL CPS Office of School Turnaround, Chicago, IL Mastery Schools, Philadelphia, PA Friendship Schools, Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Green Dot, Los Angeles, CA LA’s Promise, Los Angeles, CA Lead Academy, Nashville, TN

9 © 2012 United Providence 9 UP!’s Core Values A ccountability for student achievement and personal growth C ollaboration with peers and coworkers H ard work and persistence when confronted with obstacles I ntegrity in one’s conduct E xcellence in the face of adversity V alue and respect for all members of the school community E nthusiasm and passion for teaching and learning

10 © 2012 United Providence 10 Governance Structure Board of Directors PPSD Superintendent, Board Co-Chair PTU President, Board Co-Chair 2 PTU representatives 2 PPSD representatives 2 community members (e.g., business, philanthropic, and/or community representatives) 1 UP! parent representative 1 UP! school administrator 1 UP! teacher 1 UP! high school student (non-voting member)

11 © 2012 United Providence 11 Board Responsibilities Role and Responsibilities Meeting Schedule Adopt and refine the organization’s mission, purpose, and strategic direction Select, support, and evaluate the Executive Director Provide ongoing financial oversight and support fundraising efforts Monitor and strengthen the organization’s programs and services Ensure legal and ethical integrity Build and enhance the organization’s public standing Serve as ambassadors for UP! locally and nationally The Board will meet, at minimum, on a quarterly basis. Separate Board subcommittees (e.g., community engagement, fundraising, financial planning) will meet as needed. UP! will also form an Advisory Board comprised of national turnaround experts and local community leaders. The Advisory Board will meet biannually and support UP!’s Board and staff. Leadership The PTU President and PSD Superintendent will serve as Co-Chairs of UP!’s Board of Directors. The Co-Chairs will work with UP!’s Executive Director to develop agenda, minutes, and materials associated with Board meetings.

12 © 2012 United Providence 12 Preliminary UP! Staffing Plan Executive Director Director of External Affairs Director of Academics/ Operations Community Engagement Manager New hires Existing staff Year 1: 2012-2013Year 2: 2013-2014 Administrative Assistant Math Instructional Coach ELA/Literacy Instructional Coach Executive Director Director of External Affairs Director of Academics Administrative Assistant Math Instructional Coach ELA/Literacy Instructional Coach Director of Operations Business Manager (.5 FTE)

13 © 2012 United Providence 13 UP! Priorities (Launch Period) 1.Staffing and Governance: Identifying UP!’s Board members and hiring UP!’s central team. 2.School Planning: Refining school reform plans and preparing schools to implement these plans during the 2012-2013 school year. 3.School Governance: Identifying new building leadership and establishing school-level committees to drive the transformation process. 4.Development Strategy: Garnering support for UP! and school reform strategies in the three restart schools. 5.Communications and Community Outreach: Creating a sense of urgency and engaging community members in the restart process. 1 1 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2

14 © 2012 United Providence 14 Launch Process and Major Milestones Milestone/Activity Jan ‘12 Feb ‘12 Mar ‘12 Apr ‘12 May ‘12 Jun ‘12 Jul ‘12 Aug ‘12 Sept ‘12 1.Develop UP! business plan and obtain approval from the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) 2.Facilitate school planning sessions for SIG applications 3.Develop and submit SIG applications to RIDE 4.Hire building principals and identify building delegates 5.Recruit and hire UP!’s Executive Director 6.Establish school committees and continue pre- implementation planning 7.Initiate a performance contract with Providence Public School District and implement school plans

15 © 2012 United Providence 15 UP! School Planning and Committee Structure Academics and Professional Learning Committee Operations Committee Community Engagement Committee Culture and Climate Committee Instructional Leadership Team

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