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Neon By: Safiya Ibrahim.

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1 Neon By: Safiya Ibrahim

2 Neon Neon is a non-metal The melting point for neon is -248.6 *c
The boiling point is *c The atomic number of neon is 10 The atomic weight is

3 Appearance The appearances of neon are: Colourless Odorless Tasteless

4 History Neon was discovered by sir William Ramsay ( ) in 1898, and by Morris W. Travers ( ) in London. Ramsay discovered Neon (Ne) when he chilled a sample of air until it became a liquid. Then he warmed up the liquid till it became a gas as they boiled off.

5 Uses & Purposes Uses Television Tubes High-voltage indicators
Wave meter tubes What qualities of the element make it useful for this purpose To activate the machine when ever it gets the signal Used to indicate the presence of voltage to ensure safety Wave meter tubes are used to detect wave signals from electronic devices such as a TV.

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7 Bibliography Pictures
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