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Page Layout By Ericson S. Sabacan, Ed.D. ES-I, ICT 12 October 2009

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2 Page Layout By Ericson S. Sabacan, Ed.D. ES-I, ICT 12 October 2009
Talavera, Nueva Ecija


4 Layouting description page outlining designing newspaper
arranging articles and cuts experimenting to create pattern Layouting description

5 Layouting purposes to give an orderly and attractive appearance
to grade the news/articles to make an own identity/personality to get the interest of the readers Layouting purposes

6 Layouting things headline article or text pictures or cuts
objects or clip arts Layouting things

7 Layouting principles

8 proportion unity balance emphasis contrast Layouting principles

9 Layouting problems tombstoning bad breaks sea of gray
screaming headlines mismatch Layouting problems

10 Symbols Used in Preparing a Dummy Sheet
( )

11 types of makeup by way of articles
Balance Brace or Focus Broken Column Occult Balance Streamline (Modern) Jazz Makeup Layout types of makeup by way of articles

12 balance brace Layout

13 broken column occult Layout

14 streamlined jazz journal Layout

15 Layout formats by way of photos The X Format Curve Format L Format
J Format Umbrella Format Layout formats by way of photos

16 X format curve format Layout

17 L format J format Layout

18 umbrella format Layout

19 Group Contest Elementary Secondary
Bracket A ” x 12” with at least 8 pages standard printed newsletter Bracket B ½ x 13” with at least 8 pages mimeographed/computerized Group Contest Secondary Bracket A 12 x 18” standard printed at least 14 but not more that 20 pages in circulation for at least 5 years broadsheet or tabloid Bracket B standard printed broadsheet or tabloid with 8-12 pages

20 Arranging Articles

21 Put the headline news in the upper right corner, below is the second leading news.
Separate news or articles with the same length. Avoid arranging news in ladder style. If possible, do not cut stories. Don’t make the page top heavy. Arranging articles

22 Arranging articles Do not place jump stories at the top.
Do not jump stories backward. If possible, jump stories should be one inch in length and in two columns. Avoid widow word at the end of the story. Boxed stories should not be jumped. Arranging articles

23 Arranging Headlines

24 Headlines types headline banner
deck (second headline below the banner) streamer (one whole page) umbrella (headline above the nameplate) subhead (short headline inside the news) kicker (bold words or phrase in caption) Boxed headline headline of jump story Headlines types

25 Headlines form and style flush left or right dropline or step form
hanging indention inverted pyramid crossline or barline Flushline or fullline Headlines form and style

26 Headlines format Sibol nanguna sa paligsahan
Pangulong patnugot ng ‘Sibol’ nahalal na pinuno ng SPPNE 8 manunulat ng Sibol ‘wagi sa NSPC Pahayagan ng NE, ‘wagi sa NSPC Headlines 5 pahayagang Filipino humakot ng parangal format

27 Avoid using too many headlines with the same length, style and height.
Do not use short headline in long stories. Avoid tombstoning or bumping heads. Avoid screaming headlines. Write in downstyle form. Avoid fat and/or thin heads. Placing small heads on rather than long story. Headlines guidelines

28 Arranging Cuts

29 Cuts guidelines Avoid tombstoning and bumping objects.
Place big pictures in the upper page. Related articles and cuts must be together. Avoid facing out pictures. Avoid pictures crossing other columns. If possible, do not put pictures in the folded line. Be careful in the eyes and elbows. In case of sea of gray, use fillers. Cuts guidelines

30 Cuts guidelines Captions should be at least one centimeter in height.
Do not enclosed picture with line. Do not cut pictures of person in the elbow and knee area. Do not put line above the picture. Put surname of picture of person. Do not use staple wire in pasting picture. Cuts guidelines

31 Typography

32 Typography common type Times New Roman Arial Century Gothic
Monotype Corsiva Comic Sans MS ARIAL NARROW Typography common type

33 Typography font format (Cursive) Murphy Script (Roman) Times New Roman
(Italics) Garamond (Gothic) TW CEN MT (Cursive) Murphy Script (Bold) Arial Black (Text Letter) Old English Text Typography font format

34 Typography appropriateness Ang Typewriter Batas Militar
Multo sa Balite Bata, Batuta! Enteng Kabisote Kasalan ng Taon Ang Typewriter Batas Militar Typography appropriateness

35 Typography rulings 2 font rule in newspage Use appropriate font style
Maintain or make font consistent Do not over-emphasize headlines, example, bold headline with underline Kickers are usually in bold format Avoid all caps headline Usually headlines are in 14 font size and articles or text are in 12 font size Typography rulings

36 Suggested Contents per Page

37 The Pages contents Frontpage Newspage Opinion Page Feature Page
Sports Page The Pages contents

38 Nameplate contents box logo name of the paper
name of school and address date volume and Issue No. identity Nameplate contents


40 Frontpage contents nameplate ear table o contents headline banner
by line main lead headline news/pictures other news/pictures umbrella caption Frontpage contents

41 BAHAGI NG FRONTPAGE nameplate tainga talaan ng nilalaman pangunahing ulo ng balita may akda pamatnubay pangunahing balita pangunahing larawan iba pang balita kapsyon kicker o markang linya oberlayn o pamagat sa ibabaw ng larawan o pamagat

42 Newspage contents Folio other news
campus news, students, school officials national, regional, provincial, local news community-science development page Other type of news follow-up, research and interview news, future news, developmental news) Investigative Journalism investigative, in-depth and exclusive Newspage contents

43 Opinion Page contents folio flag (small name of the newspaper)
masthead or editorial board editorial cditorial cartoon column of the editor-in-chief letter to the editor exchange views invited opinion other columns Opinion Page contents

44 Feature Page contents folio short essay current events and issues
unique story cut or pictures Articles on different discipline personality sketch or success story trivia, comics, puzzle, fun page literary page (poem, short story) Feature Page contents

45 Sports Page contents sports nameplate headline sports banner
other sports news score board action picture sports feature, editorial and column sports trivia exchange sports views sports commentary Sports Page contents

46 Tips in Making a Winning Campus Paper
the ericson’s way

47 Frontpage the ericson’s way attractive nameplate
headline banner is about students interesting main lead complete, variety of news 3:5 or 2:3 number of cuts:news colored and glossy with numerous pages student centered news articles student accomplishments Frontpage the ericson’s way

48 Editorial Page the ericson’s way Credible, dignified and formal
Commentary editorial with news peg With commentary columns With heart despite of its disposition Complete and variety of articles Appropriate editorial cartoon In-depth and critical children’s views With numerous pages Masculine font types Editorial Page the ericson’s way

49 Feature Page the ericson’s way Creative and artistic layout
Complete and variety Numerous pages Entertainment page With variety of font style With drawings of students With children or youth page Feminine page, font or style Wider columns Feature Page the ericson’s way

50 Sports Page the ericson’s way With sports nameplate
Lively (action, speed and color) Complete and variety of sports news Numerous pages Modern layout With tally score With sports editorial, columns, features, trivia, exchange and special reports Sports Page the ericson’s way

51 The Paper the ericson’s way Colored Glossy Conventional Layout
Numerous pages Variety of articles Clean and neat Strong and with credibility Unique stories The Paper the ericson’s way

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