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C H I S H O L M Jim Jim جيم 吉姆 ג ' ים िजम ジム 짐 Джим.

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1 C H I S H O L M Jim Jim جيم 吉姆 ג ' ים िजम ジム 짐 Джим

2 C H I S H O L M Where’s the future? Where’s the value? And why’s it not happening?

3 C H I S H O L M Newspaper circulation Decline and accelerating  Circulation declining and rate of decline accelerating

4 C H I S H O L M News in print and digital still out-paces “high- speed” digital in all forms across all content.  Half a billion people now access their newspaper by the internet, with over 100 million of these accessing only the digital version 4 Sources: World Press Trends, ComScore, IPSOS, ITU Print Phone All viewers ever All genres 2G and below 3G and above Broadband Both Print & digital

5 C H I S H O L M Over 40% of the world’s digital audience read a newspaper online (up from 34% a year ago)……. ……. but….. 5 Sources: Comscore

6 C H I S H O L M Digital newspaper audiences still generate interest rather than intensity  High occasional visitor numbers do not translate into high levels of regular traffic  Newspaper print accessibility is not replicated in the fixed PC environment:  Navigation?  Range of alternative services? USABrazilGermanyRussiaFranceAustralia % of web users who ever visit a paper site 66.939. % of daily users who visit a paper site daily 17.18.511.77.411.614.4 % of all pages viewed per visitor per month 6 Sources: Comscore

7 C H I S H O L M The publisher’s horizon (Western markets) Our challenge is audience intensity  Over a month, print continues to deliver over 50 times the audience impact of newspaper digital websites. Comparing print and digital PrintDigital Circulation100- Readers per copy per day2.641.28 Visits per month16.006.12 Pages per visit36.003.46 Total pages per month 1,521 27 Source: Chisholm analysis of ComScore data. (Data for USA, UK and Germany)

8 C H I S H O L M The publisher’s horizon (Global) Our challenge is audience intensity Readers per copy Monthly uniques per reader Visits per unique Pages per visit Pages per circulation Philippines8. India3. Taiwan3. Japan1. Brazil6. Indonesia10. Venezuela5. Malaysia4. Poland7. Russia1. Hong Kong4. Switzerland3. Austria3. Germany3. Singapore2.40.410.55.051.2 Italy0. UK2. France2. Finland2.10.612.85.088.6 South Korea2. Sweden2.50.611.75.391.7 Australia4. Denmark4.10.510.64.494.0 Norway2.20.614.45.2100.3 Ireland3. USA3.30.910.34.4131.8 Belgium4. Spain4. New Zealand3. Netherlands3.20.614.56.4186.0 Canada6.30.610.74.5188.4 Chile11. Argentina6.

9 C H I S H O L M Small steps. Big rewards. Meet the multiplier. UK Newspapers net1.78.94.872.8 US Newspapers net2.710.14.4121.8 DE Newspapers net1.18.15.550.4 UK Mail Online5.77.04.2168.0 UK Guardian33.75.33.6640.0 UK Telegraph7.62.75.4110.2 UK The Sun Online1.65.74.642.2 UK Mirror Online2.62.72.416.4 UK Independent20.92.53.3173.5 UK 2.313.6 US New York Times35.66.13.3713.2 US USA Today13.73.63.5173.5 US Washington Post30.64.62.5355.1 US Wall Street Journal8.24.12.582.6 DE Bild.de2.79.24.3108.2 DE Welt4.73.32.742.0 DE Sueddeutsche.de7.23.14.7106.0 DE Faz.net4.73.52.440.8 DE RP-online.de4.62.55.461.0 DE Zeit.de5.13.52.748.0 Title totals7.84.93.5133.1 Unique visitors per circulation Visits per visitor Pages per visit Page impressions per copy

10 C H I S H O L M Newspaper advertising Decline and accelerating

11 C H I S H O L M Advertising disconnect. No longer part of the economic cycle

12 C H I S H O L M Digital is having only a small impact on newspaper revenues and share of media spend Newspapers $42B 2007 $76B 2011 $96B 2011 $128B 2007 Digital  Combined value $2.1 billion  2.2% of all press advertising  2.8% of digital total  6.6% of non-search digital © 2012 WAN-IFRA Sources: CHISHOLM analysis. Advertising Association, Zenith Optimedia

13 C H I S H O L M Digital advertising is the natural evolution of traditional marketing as well as media solutions.  Traditional media advertising has slowly been superseded by direct marketing for decades  Digital is as much of an extension of direct marketing as it is of traditional media  Search still accounts for over 60% of online advertising, as display advertising stalls in the digital environment 13 Search accounts for 58% of digital and 13% of all advertising expenditure. Sources: DMA, IAB, World Press Trends

14 C H I S H O L M Digital realities (Global) Print is going to fund our industry in the near future  Digital accounts for 10% of revenue in the USA.  It accounts for 29% of revenues at Schibsted Sweden. Source. PriceWaterhouseCoopers { Mobile is 1% of digital

15 C H I S H O L M The facts Our revenues are what we deserve… Share of newspaper audience intensity:1.8% Share of newspaper advertising revenue:2.2% Share of digital pages1.1% Share of all digital revenues2.8%

16 C H I S H O L M WHY?

17 C H I S H O L M WHY? And what do we do about it?

18 C H I S H O L M Reality Challenge  Serendipity  Navigation  Interface Response  Brand values  Interaction  Return

19 C H I S H O L M In conclusion  Our challenge lies in the intensity of our conection with our stakeholders – consumers, communicators  This conundrum is the cause of consumer and communication revenue shortfalls  The serendipity of our medium is not translating from the page to the digital environment (despite our affinity)  We require a global investment in the cause and solution for this conundrum  The solution to the conudrum is the path to future growth and prosperity.

20 C H I S H O L M

21 Jim Jim جيم 吉姆 ג ' ים िजम ジム 짐 Джим

22 C H I S H O L M What the future of newspapers means for the future of printing.

23 C H I S H O L M Content factors  Need to do less better (not less economically)  Consumers will welcome a smaller, better package  They only read a quarter of what we print  Greater emphasis on personal demand, driven by:  Time pressure  Conscious of the environment  Format shifts:  Ever smaller  Newzine concepts

24 C H I S H O L M Market factors  Volumes reducing geometrically  Copies produced  Advertising revenue (translated into volume reductions)  Reduction in publishing frequency  Cancellation of Saturday  Shift from daily to weekly  Demonstrable value case  Potential driver of print to digital  Greater localisation  Tailoring  Combined with alternative distribution models.  Decline in insert demand

25 C H I S H O L M Technology factors “Traditional”  Waste minimisation  More efficient short runs  Reduced copy cost  Improved “life-time-value” of press  Adoption of “Three round” printing Digital  Reduced operating cost per copy  Reduced capital cost  Improving speeds and volumes Alternative  Merging of newspaper and magazine concepts

26 C H I S H O L M Big picture will be smaller  More A4 or even A5 products.  Adoption of “three-round” printing increases format flexibility  Reduced paginations and frequency releases press capacity in the short- term and alters equipment requirement in the long term  Smaller volumes, paginations, print runs, formats  Shift to Newzine concept will radically alter editorial thinking

27 C H I S H O L M Consequences  Demand for greater flexibility from traditional presses:  Current – Three-round, tailoring and finishing  Acquisition/outsourcing – Flexibility in frequency, and format  Merging newspaper/magazine concepts  Greater use of digital printing  Shift from mail-room to press technologies

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