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TOURISM ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP Akhona 2013 © 2009 Tourism Enterprise Partnership. All Rights Reserved.

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1 TOURISM ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP Akhona Maqwazima @AkhonaMaqwazima 2013 © 2009 Tourism Enterprise Partnership. All Rights Reserved

2 TEP 2012/2013 STRATEGY The driving force behind the new strategy (SIR): Sustainability Impact Relevance Cost to become a TEP Member: Based on international best practice with regards to enterprise development cost sharing, TEP charges an annual administration fee of R600, and a commitment fee of 10% per service used Success: Since 1 April 2013 more than 670 clients have committed to TEP through paying the administration fee


4 TEP, in partnership with Cathsseta, launched a new 12 months learnership programme in July 2013 To date TEP has an intake of 15 learners, currently employed in supervisory posts A learnership is a structured learning process to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the workplace, leading to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework It is a work-based learning programme, directly related to an occupation and combines learning with practical work experience Learners have to attend classes to complete the classroom-based learning, and also complete on-the- job training in the workplace An important aspect of a learnership is the support and guidance of learners, hence the role of workplace mentors for learners were introduced to ensure workplace learning is achieved and recorded Those entering the learnership will not be charged for any training or assessment fees NEW INITIATIVE - LEARNERSHIP

5 LEARNERSHIP - SELECTION CRITERIA One employee per business allowed - NOT the Business Owner (Mentor) Employed and in a supervisory / management position Between the ages of 18 and 35 Have certified copies of their Matric Certificate with a pass in Mathematics and English Have certified copies of their South Africa ID document Have commitment from the Organisation / Business to allow the employee to attend classroom training and assessment (for this learnership, approximately 3 days per month as we plan to roll the project out with approximately 18 physical contact days). Employees/ Learners to sign a Declaration of Commitment to commit to self- study, completion of assignments as specified in the project plan and employers commit to ensuring that the workplace logbook is kept up to date. Employer involvement in this process will be of utmost importance due to the practical nature of this qualification. Completion of a Numeracy and Literacy test is required on the day of registration (± 1hour )


7 TEP, in partnership with Department of Communications organise an E- commerce workshop in August 2013 The aim of this project is to contribute to the achievement of the Department’s mandate of accelerating the uptake and usage of Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs) by small enterprises and was initiated in line with the objectives of the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) no.25 of 2002 The Act is enacted to enable and facilitate electronic communication transactions in the public interest. It requires government to “promote the development of electronic transaction services which are responsive to the needs of users and consumers” and “to promote SMMEs within the electronic transaction environment” The E-commerce platform is for SMMEs in prioritised sectors including tourism, arts and craft and agriculture NEW INITIATIVE - E-COMMERCE


9 Mentorship induction workshop hosted 17 Sep 2013 in Rustenburg It is widely acknowledged as having one of the greatest impacts on business development and allows on-the-job skills & saving work hours Mentorship deliverables are: -Providing an assessment of mentee’s business -Developing a growth plan in partnership with the mentee -Implementing the goals as discussed in the growth plans -Monitoring the achievement of these goals Mentorship criteria are: -A business plan and at least one set of financials -For business owners that are full-time involved in the business -A proven track record -Willing and able to commit to the programme -Must grant permission for site visits to verify the accuracy of information and project outcome quality -Signed agreement with TEPMENTORSHIP

10 MENTORSHIP - PARTICIPANTS Mogwase Guesthouse, Mogwase Kopano Guesthouse, Ledig ASDA Guesthouse, Mogwase Majwe Masweu B&B, Rustenburg Donkerhoek Guestlodge, Rustenburg Rotwe Travel and Tours, Zeerust – Lehurutse Sentlhaga Guesthouse, Mafikeng Boiketlo Guesthouse, Vryburg Maboe Travel and Tours, Ledig Matshi B&B, Rustenburg - Tlhabane

11 Bradley Bothma, Bradley Bothma & Associates Dereck Milburn, Intergrated Ecotourism Solutions Nirvan Bhudhai, Affirmative Youth Consulting Percy Nkosi, Datacom MENTORSHIP - MENTEES Mrs Millicent Shai, owner of the Award Winning Thaba Legae Guest Lodge in Rustenburg sharing her experiences of the programme

12 TEP has partnered with the Netherlands-based PUM organisation The programme has more than 4000 retired experts (265 tourism related) willing to offer their skills and services PUM’s network of senior experts has many years of experience in advising businesses in developing countries and emerging markets For TEP the overall objective is to facilitate the sustainability of high potential small tourism businesses, increase their competitiveness and profitability – allowing them to compete directly against large, well established tourism products The programme seeks to achieve the following: One on one dedicated mentorship to high potential tourism products Identify individual business development needs based on diagnostics Develop implementation plans to address identified needs Follow up through post implementation site visits Facilitate market access and business linkages (where possible) MENTORSHIP - PUM

13 Businesses wishing to participate must: Be registered with TEP Be three years or older Have a minimum of ten (10) employees (maximum of 200) Have a annual turnover of more than R1 million Already be based on sound principles and have a proven track record Have at least 2 years financial statements Be committed to providing accurate and regular monthly progress reports on turnover, profitability and employment Be business owners that are involved in the business on a full-time basis Be willing and able to commit to the programme which means they must cooperate, participate and make time available to meet with the specialist during the visit The business owner, and not individual staff or support, must host of the specialist during his/her visit to the business Must grant permission to TEP to conduct site visits to verify the accuracy of information and project outcome quality MENTORSHIP – PUM CRITERIA

14 Alna van der Walt, Onsdorphuis, with PUM Mentor Marinus Kasteleijn Millicent Shai, Thaba Legae Guest Lodge, with PUM Mentor Leo van der Lebben PREVIOUS PUM PARTICIPANTS

15 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FUNDING TEP offers financial assistance to clients and thus far TEP has assisted as follows: Indaba: We assisted 8 clients with funds to attended the Annual Tourism Trade show in Durban. The assistance ranged from: Accommodation Flights Road Travel Marketing Materials – Brochures, Flyers, Presentation folders, Business Cards Stand costs All in all TEP has assisted clients as follows since beginning of financial year: Approved applications: 25 Disbursed: 17 New Registrations (and paid Administration fees): 35

16 BENEFITS OF BELONGING TO TEP Registered TEP clients, having paid the annual administration fee, gain access to: A source of relevant and up to date industry information A network of like minded business owners and entrepreneurs Discounted services such as skills development and market access TEP’s Business Development Fund, which can assist with up to 50% cost sharing of approved business services. This is a fund that can assist with up to 50% cost sharing of certain business services that meet impact and job growth criteria Approval of service use is based on impact and relevance with regards to addressing identified business needs, growth and job creation.

17 VALUE ADD BENEFITS – COST SAVING In the continuing tough economic climate, cost savings on essential services can make a big difference to the bottom line. This, coupled with increased market access, supports small businesses to achieve greater profitability and ultimately sustainability, transformation and job creation – TEP’s main objectives TEP has partnered with: Sky Tiv Promark (STP) Insurance Brokers and ETANA Insurance Offering 15% discount on tailor-made tourism insurance products TEP hopes to soon unveil more partnerships, offering discounted services such as: Legal assistance, Website maintenance and hosting, Marketing (advertising) Printing Etc.

18 VALUE ADD BENEFITS – MARKET ACCESS As a lack of market access continues to be one of the greatest barriers to small business development, especially in the tourism industry with its established distribution channels and networks, TEP is actively pursuing greater market access opportunities for its client base, using the same economy of scale method. TEP has partnered with: Shanduka Black Umbrellas Offering free listing on the Shanduka Blackpages to all its black owned tourism clients TEP hopes to soon unveil more partnerships, offering listings on similar procurement portals

19 NEW HIDDEN TREASURES STRATEGY In 2010 TEP launched a market access initiative called South African Hidden Treasures, a grouping of over 100 unique and exciting cultural, heritage and adventure tourism products, offering visitors the opportunity to experience activities and places that authentically represent the stories and people of South Africa’s past and present. Over the past few years the Hidden Treasures brand has gained good traction both locally and internationally.

20 NEW HIDDEN TREASURES STRATEGY TEP is opening up applications for new members to join the brand free of charge. As the brand continues to grow and the benefits become even more tangible, a membership fee will be introduced. The criteria for becoming a Hidden Treasure includes: Being a fee-paying registered member of TEP Having a unique heritage, social, cultural or adventure selling proposition Being a legal tourism SMME Proving excellent customer service Adhering to high quality standards Benefits of belonging to the Hidden Treasures brand are inclusions in: Marketing collateral Hidden Treasures website TEP’s marketing and public relations activities both domestically and internationally


22 A scalable custom designed content management platform that allows members to update their own information Using cutting edge visual display and intuitive search that follows best practises of the world’s leading social engines Offering the amalgamation of business profiles with google maps and social media pages it summarises everything into one digital business card Providing multiple ways in which members can be contacted and uses tools such as SMS response and vouchers to accurately track visitor interest and conversions Accessible across all platforms, including desktop, tablet and mobile smart phones Operating as a sharing platform that allows visitors and members to share across the world’s top 30 social sharing platforms In development is a TEP branded payment gateway with call centre to support e-commerce TOUCH SOUTH AFRICA

23 TEP is proud to announce that its existing Hidden Treasures members have already been uploaded to Touch South Africa and that there will be no fees for this specialised market access initiative until April 2014. TEP will actively market Touch South Africa during its European and Asian marketing missions in October and November this year where more than 500 trade and tourism buyers will be exposed to this destination marketing effort. Through the portal potential travellers and trade partners can meaningfully engage directly with the Hidden Treasures of South Africa ensuring a personal experience and creating a greater sense of community. TOUCH SOUTH AFRICA

24 Thank you © 2009 Tourism Enterprise Partnership. All Rights Reserved TEP co-funded by: TEP an initiative of:

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