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Reaching People Under 40 While Keeping Over 60 Authors/Coaches: Eddie Hammett & Randy Pierce – Co-authors Making Shifts Without Making Waves

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2 Reaching People Under 40 While Keeping Over 60 Authors/Coaches: Eddie Hammett & Randy Pierce – Co-authors Making Shifts Without Making Waves

3 Resources by Eddie Hammett Order at Prepared by Eddie Hammett

4 3 Challenges faced by the American Church, pg 57 After 40 years of life most churches decline in attendance by 2% a year. 80% of church attendance is now found in congregations over 40. Slightly more than 1% of all churches close each year. (about 4,000 churches) Healthy new churches typically grow at a rate of 10%/year for their first 4 years. Prepared by Eddie Hammett

5 “ Unchurched American turned off by church – open to Christians” 64% surveyed think ‘the Christian religion is a relevant and viable religion for today. 79% indicated they think Christianity is’more about organized religion than about loving God and loving people.” 78% said they would be willing to listen to someone who wanted to talk about their Christian beliefs. # increased to 89% among 18-29 year olds. – 3/08 Prepared by Eddie Hammett

6 Getting to Know the Unchurched Outreach Magazine Mar.April, 2008, 86% believe “I can have a good relationship with God without being involved in church” 32% would listen to an inspirational person if seeking inspirational guidance 27% would read a book 17% would go to church 4% would watch an inspirational movie 17% were uncertain Prepared by Eddie Hammett

7 Getting to Know New Christian Outreach Magazine Mar.April 2008 59% came to faith through family or friends Age of New Christians: – 47% baby boomers – 40% Gen-X – 17% Seniors/Builders 64% came to faith as a result of a conversation “New Christians Study” by M. Anthony and Gary McIntosh, Talbot School of Theology, pg. 59 Prepared by Eddie Hammett

8 New Generation Is Skeptical 16-29 yr. olds exhibit a greater degree of criticism toward Christianity than previous generations Only 3% of 16-29 yr. olds non believers express favorable views of evangelicals 87% believer evangelicals are too judgmental 78% believe they are old fashion From unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity and Why it matters by David Kinnaman of 07 Prepared by Eddie Hammett

9 Church Update - 2007 Between ’65 and ’01 between 2/3 and 75% of American churches started before 1960 stalled in outreach and growth. During the same period Mormans and Jehovah’s Witnesses grew rapidly – from 1.79 million to 5.1 million. Prepared by Eddie Hammett

10 Marriage in USA Married couples with children now occupy fewer than 1 in every 4 households As cohabitation and out-of-wedlock births increase among the broader population, social scientist predict that marriage with children will continue its retreat “Fewer are Married with Children” by Blaine Harden, Washington Post, March 4, 2007 Prepared by Eddie Hammett

11 Single Adults and the Church? 2000 census shows the foreign born population in NC increased 5.3% 50.6% of our NC adult population are single Singles make up 42% of the workforce in US; 40% of homebuyers; 35% of voters and one of the most potent consumer groups on record.” Business Week Magazine By 2010 nearly 30% of all homes will be inhabited by singles. Prepared by Eddie Hammett

12 Singles and the church? “Nationally only 13% of all churches report offering single adult specific activities What singles are in your church and/or community? What are you doing to reach them? Biblical Recorder, Norman Jameson editorial, Jan. 19, 2008 Prepared by Eddie Hammett

13 Church Update - 2007 1 out of every three Americans are unchurched 37% of Singles stay away from church 29% of married adults stay away 68% of house church attenders were satisfied Most 20 somethings disengage from church House church mov’t growing significantly Prepared by Eddie Hammett

14 State of the Church Today Many Christians have left congregations and formed house churches, small groups meeting in one another’s homes. Only three out of ten adults in the U.S. in their twenties (31 percent) attend church in a typical week, compared to four out of ten of those in their thirties (42 percent) and nearly half of all adults age forty and older (49%). Eight million adults today who were active churchgoers as teenagers will no longer be active in a church by their thirtieth birthday. Only three out of ten adults in their twenties donated to a church in the past year, which is half the proportion of older adults (30 percent to 61 percent). Prepared by Eddie Hammett

15 Barna Research “New Statistics on Church Attendance and Avoidance” March3, 2008 – popular measures such as the percentage of people who are "unchurched" - based on attendance at a conventional church service - are out of date. Various new forms of faith community and experience, such as house churches, marketplace ministries and cyberchurches, must be figured into the mix - and make calculating the percentage of Americans who can be counted as "unchurched" more complicated. New Ways of Measuring church attendance include: Prepared by Eddie Hammett

16 New Ways of Measuring Church Attendance – Unattached – 1 out of every 4 adults Intermittents – essentially under-churched. 1 out of every 7 adults Homebodies – about 3% Blenders – house church and trad. Church 3% of adult pop. Conventionals – 1 of every 3 adults Prepared by Eddie Hammett

17 Trends in the Church What Can You Expect in Next 3 to 7 Years in Your Church Denominations are not an issue The term home church has no relevance Cell churches are changing People are involved in the church without attending each Sunday High spirituality and low organized religion mark futuring church congregations Worship service days and times vary Worship structures are changing Worship styles are changing Evangelism takes place in both seek-sensitive as well as more blatant forms Revival comes in different forms The church develops rather than trains Education for the church is moving from teaching to learning Leadership teams replace single leaders Prepared by Eddie Hammett

18 Trends in the Church Decisions are made by consensus Church governments are changing The church is being forced to rethink sexuality The demand for excellence increases Church leaders are being held to stricter requirements Immigrants seek a vision and purpose driven church Discipline in the church is expected and implemented Relevancy is in demand Immigrants stress effectiveness and measurable benchmarks Family time is a premium consideration Pastoral care has higher demands Future churches recognize and respond to single-parent homes The number of younger retirees continues to grow From: Futuring: Leading Your Church into Tomorrow by S. Chands and C. Murphy, Baker, 2002 Prepared by Eddie Hammett

19 Resources to Help in the Journey & Prepared by Eddie Hammett

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