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Ken Tucker BSc MBA CEO DKI Canada, Business Mentors Consultant Marketing Transition…Become a ROCK STAR!

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1 Ken Tucker BSc MBA CEO DKI Canada, Business Mentors Consultant Marketing Transition…Become a ROCK STAR!

2 Overview ► Creating a sales based culture ► Who markets our services…” The Team ” ► Roles and responsibilities ► Exercises ► Recap

3 Reality Check…It’s Challenging Out There! 1. Adversarial relationship with Insurance Companies…RFP’s, KPI’s, Programs 2. More & bigger, stronger competition 3. Margin Pressure…10&2, 0&0 4. Increasing complexity 5. Attracting and keeping good staff The Beginning of Wisdom is the Recognition of Reality! Donald Cooper

4 One Key to Success…Persistance CPR! ► Persist through failures…Failing Forward!  Mistakes into Stepping Stones! ► Persit Through the C.R.A.P  Criticism  Rejection  Assholes  Pressure

5 Company Culture ► What culture does your company have?  Production culture ► Internal focus ► Production driven ► Order taker ► “It will be three to four weeks” weeks”

6 Company Culture ► Sales culture  Outward focus  Customer driven  Sales push your company forward company forward  “Yes we can do it!”

7 The Question How do we get everyone in the company focused on getting new clients and keeping them?

8 Creating a Sales Based Culture ► Make marketing a daily activity for everyone in the company including vendors! ► Measure and celebrate sales success ► Set and communicate sales goals ► What have you sold today? ► Company meetings ► Support from the top ► Celebration, challenges and Fun HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND ON THESE THINGS!


10 The 2012 Survey 144 USA 28 Canadian Participants








18 TOP Performers Criteria ► Top 10 in Net Income % ► Includes both USA & Canada Results ► 225% Greater Sales ► 2% Greater GP ► UP to 5% Higher Cost of Personnel ► 1% Less in Advertising ► Pre Tax Income 12.6% ► Sales Productivity $2.1 Million SO Often the Best is Often the Best Kept Secret! Donald Cooper

19 Your Marketing Depatment Who Can Market? ► Owner / operator - ? Sales Manager ► Marketing representative – ? Sales Manager ► Project managers ► Office staff ► Field staff ► Vendors ► Past Customers

20 As an Owner What Role do You Play? ► Sales attitude – Committed to the PROGRAM! ► If The Sales Manager…  High level marketing  Always control your accounts ► Yearly visit regarding customer service program  Pre – storm season meeting ► Community service  Service groups  Speak at functions – become the Expert! ► Management by walking around (MBWA)  Larger jobs  Find things we are doing right and celebrate them

21 10 Things You Can Do to Become a Rock Star Sales Manager ! 1. Care about your Salespeople! 2. Learn to Coach: “If there is a heaven… there is an express lane for coaches!” Donald Cooper 3. Provide continuous Training! 4. Serve your salespeople before your company! 5. Be the example! 6. Don’t be the Super-Closer! 7. Create independents! 8. Focus on Effectiveness not just Activity! 9. The industry is tough…provide air cover! 10. Remember YOUR lessons! Mediocrity is no longer an option!

22 What is the marketing divisions role”? ► The marketing divisions role  Route marketing  Open doors  Events and conventions  Participate in clubs and organizations  Website  Social Media  Advertising  Customer Service Campaigns/Programs! ► Focus groups ► Quality Assurance Questionnaires and follow up

23 Do PM/Estimators Market? ► Build and maintain relationships ¹It is estimated that 50% of sales are made because of a friendship ► 555 Plan This plan is designed to take a new estimator/PM over the $1,000,000 mark. It takes persistence without becoming a pain.

24 555 Plan ► Each day use every opportunity that presents itself to speak with 5 new or existing clients. This could be to discuss a current job, an estimate, an invoice or simply what’s up call. Always remember to ask for a little business before completing the call. ► The key is to try and make all calls after 2-3pm. When claims people receive assignments late in the day they like to pass them on and then deal with them the next day. We need to be the company they can pass things on to. ► Every Friday call 5 adjusters, property managers, agents or brokers etc. late in the day announcing you are carrying the on call pager. Assure them you can look after emergency’s so they can attend to family commitments and you can get together on Monday. ► Set a Goal - 5 New Jobs each week Ken Tucker ELCTraining – The Marketing Team

25 How can the office staff help in marketing? ► Answering the phone  ²Smile, your smile comes through in you voice ► Follow-up  Routine calls after initial loss to check quality and accuracy ► Communication- We are what we communicate!  How we look in every part of our business!  How we sound!  How we serve, coach and perform!  The prices we charge!  How & Where we advertise and promote!  How we care for each other and our planet!  How our business”feels”!

26 We work in the field we can’t market? ► Quality product  Our number one asset ► We are on a stage ► Customer Interaction!  Moments of Truth!  Emotional Bank Account “Success is making Those Who believed In You Look Brilliant”

27 Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer service is not a department… it’s an attitude ³Sam Parker and Mac Anderson

28 Can our Vendors & Customers market for us? ► Create incentives for referrals Tuckers Janitorial Plumbing Carpet Cleaning Drain Cleaning Tree Removal

29 Exercise One ► “That’s great, but who do we market to?”

30 Agents Adjusters Property Manager Condo Corps Past Customers Vendors Real Estate Cities & Towns School Boards Corporate Hospitatlity Homeowners ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????

31 If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful! Jeff Bezos, Amazon #12 Forbes 400, #19 Billionaires, #27 Powerful People

32 Exercise two ► “Ok, now I know who I am marketing to but what do I do?” Create a marketing strategy or plan for two or three of the contacts discussed in exercise one

33 Exercise three ► Creative Clarity…. Think of a market segment or group that has not been marketed to…pick a NICHE any Niche! Make the Noise Go Away!

34 Recap ► Culture ► Players ► Responsibilities

35 References ► ¹Gitomer, Jeffrey. The Little Red Book of Sales Answers New Jersey: Prentice Hall 2007. ► ²Carnegie, Dale. How to Win Friends & Influence People New York: Simon and Schuster Inc. 1981. ► ³Parker, Sam, Anderson, Mac. 212° the extra degree Illinoise: Simple Truths 2006. ► Donald Cooper, Donald Cooper Corporation, Vision Critical Guide 2013 ► David Romano, Benchmark Inc, 2012 Performance Report ► Steve Toburen, Strategy for Success, ELC Training

36 "Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." Thank you!

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