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Presentation # 3 by Viv Makila Distribution in an online world.

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1 Presentation # 3 by Viv Makila Distribution in an online world

2 AAP Report for the first 9 Months of 2011 –Print Sales Fall 18.6% –E-Book goes up 137.9%. These figures mean that your customers want to do it online Therefore the strategy must be to Exploit the growing Online market for Books of all types The Changing Landscape

3 What is the business value chain model when selling ONLINE as well as OFFLINE How is the web-based business changing the content of the product? How do your business systems operate with multiple distribution channels (Wholesale, Digital, POD, Online content) What is the role of each component in this vertical? Where does Bookmaster fit in and how does it add value? How is ONLINE sales business changing the Content and Distribution model

4 The Online Sales Vertical Online means a new DISTRIBUTION model Paperbacks, Hardbacks, E-Books are not products but delivery and packaging models The product must be supplied however the consumer wants POD Delivery can make physical books quick and your warehouse small So, stop Amazon eating my business - Exploit them all: POD, EBooks, Online Content, Bookshops

5 THE BOOK itself !! We now have what some are calling FLAT CONTENT Words, Apps, Video, JPG’s etc Flat Content is then amalgamated into a product for sale Now deliver that product: Through a Warehouse via a Bookshop Direct to Consumer via POD printer/Courier Direct E-Book download to Consumer Online access to the content Installments via Subscription On Loan for a period of time Now pay/collect for the Rights and Permissions The SECOND Level of Change

6 Mixed Product Value Chain Content Management System (CMS) Digital Asset Management System (DAM) Digital Product Delivery System (DPD) DRM Controls Content Editor Commercial Web Site Physical Product Delivery System Original Works Authoring Commercial Product Creation POD Online Content Access Control Digital Asset Management System (DAM) Digital Product Delivery System (DPD) DRM Controls Online Content Access Control

7 Works Management Product Management Sales Management Delivery Management Web Enablement Subscriptions Management Where Does Bookmaster Fit in Rights and Royalty Management Book Production Financial Accounting BI Ops Reports Physical Supply Chain Content Management System (CMS) Physical Product Delivery System Digital Product Delivery System (DPD) DRM Controls Digital Asset Management System (DAM) Distribution POD Online Content Access Control Author/s DSR Sub Rights Buyer Bookmaster Joins all the touch points

8 One single point of record for all transactions One single invoice or multiple All transactions feed into BI reporting and rights/royalty collections and payments calculations Bookmaster Combines all Delivery Types Line 1: Front List TitleLine 2: Back List TitleLine 3: Digital e-BookLine 4: Subscription Product 1 1 Physical Warehouse POD Service Integration POD Printing Service Customer Parcel Service Customer Print On Demand Process Digital Warehouse 3 3 Subscription Managed Product Delivery 2 2 4 4 Digital Warehouse Physical Warehouse Bookmaster Sales Order Phone, Fax, Web, etc... Bookmaster Sales Order Phone, Fax, Web, etc...

9 Bookmaster Controls the Delivery Process Full Awareness of Digital Product in the Delivery Chain Mixed Order Controls  Physical Warehouse in Concert with Digital Warehouse  POD Controls based on Delivery Rules  EBook controls based on Delivery Rules  Dispatch via Normal Rule Set  Invoice Generation via Normal Rule Set  Control exerted over Digital Product Delivery timing and dispatch controls Consumer Direct or Wholesale Direct  Know your consumer  Know your distributor

10 Bookmaster Handles Third Party E-book Sales Third Party Retailer (e.g. Amazon) BKM Accounts Receivable BKM Sales System BKM Web Enablement Digital Product Distribution (DPD ) Invoice DSR Data

11 Bookmaster Manages the Accounting, Revenue and Payments Revenue Accounting  Online Integration with Financial Accounting  Integrated Royalty Payment and Rights Collections  Digital Product Cost Accounting  B2C Transactions as well as B2B Transactions are managed  Online Payments Collections  Repetitive Subscriptions Collections  PCI Compliance  Sub Rights Billing System

12 Bookmaster Removes the Complexity Fully Integrated and Online  One place for control of the products for sale  Online or CSR Sales does not matter  Online or CSR Delivery controls handled together  3 RD Party Aggregators Sales integrated after the sale is made Single View of Products and Sales  Accounting for all Delivery methods  POD Costs as COS  Rights and Permissions Accounting is automatic  Sales Integrated from 3 RD Party Aggregators (DSR Sales)

13 What is in BOOKMASTER to Help Manage this

14 Bookmaster Now/Next Bookmaster Release 8 V76 NOW Bookmaster Release 8 V77 Q2 2012  Completed Intellectual Property Management  RPM BI Reporting  B2C Self Service Portal  B2B Self Service Portal  Digital Products Management  Online Subscriptions  Web Enablement - Sales and Distribution Extensions  POD and E-Book Delivery Control  RPM BI Reporting

15 Thank You Questions Anyone ??

16 Welcome Page

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