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Basic values Leiria 5 - 6 october 2007 Planning meeting 2006-2007 What are our plans?

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1 Basic values Leiria 5 - 6 october 2007 Planning meeting 2006-2007 What are our plans?

2 Concrete policy plans (1) Green flag,respect environment, sustainable development Dendermonde, Jyv ä skyl ä Esch-sur-Alzette, Geldrop, Leiria, Luxembourg, Ramsgrange, Zaragoza LitterLeiria, Dendermonde, Jyv ä skyl ä, Geldrop, Ramsgrange Tutoring by students Jyv ä skyl ä, Dendermonde Esch-sur-Alzette, Geldrop

3 Concrete policy plans (2) Drugs, alcohol etc.. Dendermonde, Respect for the individual Relations, bullying Leiria, Imola, Dendermonde, Geldrop, Luxembourg, Ramsgrange SolidarityWien, Imola Case studiesImola, Esch-sur-Alzette

4 Involvement students (3) Dendermonde Tutoring Esch-sur-Alzette Litter: new students First-aid volunteers Geldrop Social work: elderly home Imola Cases, discussions Each term one BV Jyv ä skyl ä Related to new building Activities local community Leiria Activities local community

5 Involvement students (3) Luxembourg Cases List of BV Ramsgrange Focus on some BV Local community Wien Various subjects Charity Zaragoza Cases Discussion on violence

6 Workshops session 1 40 min. 1.Green flag Sustainable development Geldrop 2. Tutoring by studentsJyv ä skyl ä 3. LitterLeiria

7 Workshops session 1 30 min. 4. Drugs, alcohol etc..Dendermonde 5. Respect for the individual, relations, bullying....; Ramsgrange 6. Students’ involved in local activities and solidarity Imola 7. Cases BV in schoolZaragoza

8 Chairman = time watcher Exchange experiences Each school max. 5 min. What is applicable to your school? What do we have in common ? BEST PRACTICES FINAL REPORT

9 1. Evaluation 2. Management 3. Workplan 4. Final products 5. Dissemination

10 1. Evaluation: To what extent did we reach our aims? 2006-2007: self-evaluation report on –General policy –Concrete policy measures –Involvement students –Linking Forest project to BV/curriculum 2004-2007: self-evaluation report (2 pag.) –What was the impact of BV on your school? –What did we learn ?

11 2. Communication/management Management Strabrecht College: Theo, Ruud and Ludo –Agenda meetings, forms, reports Communication via mail: Ton Communication website Europroject: Ludo Additional + optional communication : Flashmeeting

12 Anybody volunteering Flashmeeting Teachers

13 3. Workplan 2006-2007 October - March Local activities: all October - March School visits Common international activities?? March 15thSending 3 best practices: all March 15- 30thPublication best practices on website: PM April 15 thDeadline evaluation report 2006-2007: all Deadline Evaluation report 2004-2007: all Deadline Final reports: all April 25thPublication evaluation reports on website Europroject: PM May 2007Taiga project Evaluation meeting SDP BV 5th June 2007Sending draft version of joint activity report: PM End June 2007Sending final version of joint activity report: PM

14 3. Workplan 2006-2007 Local activities International activities –Lübbecke project to be linked to BV? –Litter

15 4. Final products A. Collection best practices (English). All schools –3 articles on best practices related to BV project –Each article: 300 words, 4 pictures –Format to be agreed on B. Project materials (own language). All schools -1 case study -1 (or more) other product -Formats to be agreed on Produced within the framework of the project Transferable (own language) Creative Common licence?? (free use, mentioning author)?? How to be delivered to users? Website: downloadable CD-Rom other??

16 4. Ideas final products? Best practices English, 1 page each, pictures All schools 3? Format: Cases studies: own languageAll schools one case? Format: Zaragoza and Ide@s, Aqu@, TaigaLinks to websites

17 5. Dissemination WhatwhoEvidences sent to PM and published on schooljournals WebsitesGeldrop, Zaragoza, Leiria, Jyväskylä Esch-sur-Alzette, Dendermonde, Presentation to all classes by students EschPictures Local newspapersDendermonde, Geldrop, Ramsgrange, Jyväskylä, Leiria, Zaragoza, Wien Scan, jpg Exhibition at schoolLuxembourg, Esch, LeiriaPictures SchoolmagazineAlljpg or pdf Materials given to all students Esch-sur-Alzette (charter) Imola (booklet), jpg or pdf Meeting local schoolsEsch (on litter project)Report and pictures Ceremony opening new school Ceremony 1OO anniversary Jyväskylä Wien pictures Meeting parentsRamsgrangeReport, pictures

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