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Interim County Manager’s Recommended Budget For Fiscal Year 2013-2014 May 20, 2013.

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1 Interim County Manager’s Recommended Budget For Fiscal Year 2013-2014 May 20, 2013

2 Recent Total Budget History (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2014

3 Brunswick County Ranked 5 th Fastest Growing in NC in 2012 Recommended Budget 2014


5 General Fund Revenues Budget (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2014

6 General Fund Revenues Recommended Budget 2014

7 General Fund Expenditures Budget (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2014

8 General Fund Expenditures Recommended Budget 2014

9 General Fund Balance & Capital Reserve Transfers Used To Balance Budget (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2014

10 NO TAX INCREASE RECOMMENDED $0.4425 cents per hundred Value of 1 cent $2,351,329 FY 13 BudgetFY 14 Recommended Change Real Property Value $23.53 Billion$23.82 Billion$0.3 Billion Motor Vehicle$890 Million$925 Million$35 Million Tax Generated$101.9 Million$104.1 Million$2.1 Million Recommended Budget 2014

11 $250,000 Home = $1,106.25 tax $25,000 Vehicle = $110.63 tax Recommended Budget 2014

12 Local Option Sales Tax (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2014

13 Brunswick County Public Schools (In Million $’s) FY 10FY 11FY 12FY 13FY 14 Recommended Current Expense $30.4$29.5$31.3$32.3$33.5 Equipment & Vehicles$0.6$0$0.7 Debt Service (exclude sales tax funded) $7.7$7.4$7.1$6.3 $5.6 Recommended Budget 2014

14 Brunswick Community College (In Million $’s) FY 10FY 11FY 12FY 13FY 14 Recommended Appropriation$3.4 $3.5$3.7$3.8 Debt Service$2.6$2.5 $2.4$2.5 Recommended Budget 2014

15 Governmental Debt Service Budget (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2014

16 RECOMMENDATION INCLUDES IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPENSATION AND CLASSIFICATION STUDY Increase Pay Range Minimum, Midpoint and Maximum by 8% Employees falling below Minimum raised to Minimum for their Grade Employees progress on scale based on years with Brunswick County up to Midpoint with Cap of 5%, Minimum of 3% Employees receiving Grade increase Maximum of 5% or Bottom of Scale Whichever is Higher Total cost to General Fund $2.3 million Total cost to Enterprise Fund $0.3 million 665 Employees receive 3-5.99% 100 Employees receive 6-10.99% 21 Employees receive 11% or more Recommended Budget 2014

17 Recent Budget History of Full Time County Employees Recommended Budget 2014

18 Staffing/Positions-Recommended FY 14 New Positions 1 SQL Administrator for MIS 1 Social Worker Investigator/Assessor 1 Utility System Electrician 9 Elementary School Resource Officers Added Mid FY 13 Recommended Budget 2014

19 Capital Improvement Plan-General Government-Total $14.9 Million EMS Bldg HVAC Systems Replacement-$75k Roof Replacements Bldgs H and F-$307k MSW Transfer Station Floor Replacement-$98k C&D Landfill Cell 1-$110k C&D Landfill Closure- $375k Town Creek park Improvements-$4.6m (Debt Issue) Waccamaw Park Expansion & Renovation-$345k Senior Citizen/Community Centers-$3m Sheriff’s Firing Range-$200k 911 Center Expansion-$2m Completion of Infrastructure for Avalon-$3.5m (Bond Funds) Springlake at Maritime Shores Completion-$275k (Bond Funds) Recommended Budget 2013

20 Capital Outlay & Major Operating Highlights-General Government 18 Replacement Sheriff Patrol Vehicles-$451k 2 Ambulances with cots-$317k Viper Radio Diagnostic System$62k Phase I Technology Infrastructure-$351k 109 Desktop Computers-$109k 14 Tablet Computers-$15k 17’ Flat Bottom Work Boat/Trailer-$15k 60 HP Tractor-$45k Recommended Budget 2014

21 Commercial Grade Mower-$15k Mini Rubber Track Excavator-$60k Bldg I Planning Office Improv.-$11k Press Box Replacement-Shallotte Park-$27k Irrigation of Soccer Fields-Smithville Park-$22k Replacement of Fencing Leland Park-$10k Trimble Laser Optics Positioning System-$15k Funding Assistance for 911 Bldg-$226k Recommended Budget 2014 Capital Outlay & Major Operating Highlights- General Government Continued…

22 Water Fund Revenues Budget (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2014

23 Retail Water Rate NO INCREASE RECOMMENDED IN RETAIL WATER RATE $11 monthly base charge $3.05 per 1,000 gallons Recommended Budget 2014

24 Steady Growth in Retail Water Customers Recommended Budget 2014

25 Wholesale and Industrial Water Rate NO INCREASE RECOMMENDED IN WHOLESALE & INDUSTRIAL WATER RATE Rate Calculated on May PPI rate Estimate of PPI rate = $2.81 per 1,000 Recommend current rate of $2.76 unless PPI rate is lower than current rate Recommended Budget 2014

26 Capital Outlay Highlights-Water Fifth Year of Automated Meter Reading System and Meter Installation $1.5m Extended Boom Backhoe-$70k Vac Machine-$51k 4 Replacement trucks-$112k 1 Diesel Utility Work Truck-$55k Recommended Budget 2014

27 Water Fund Debt Service FY 13 $1.7 Million FY 14 $1.9 Million FY 14 Issue $4 Million of debt for Northwest Transmission Phase 1 Recommended Budget 2014

28 Capital Improvement Plan-Water-Total $10.1 Million Northwest Water Transmission Improv. Ph I-$4m Northwest Transmission Improv.-Ph II-$1m Sunset Beach Ext. Second Feed-$983k System Improv. Mains-Neighborhood-$850k Southeast Area Water Tank-$100k Miscellaneous Water Projects-$100k Special Assessment Petition Projects-$300k Mobile Generator Storage Bldg.-$100k 2 nd Feed to City of Northwest-$1.5m 211 Plant Improvements-$1.2m Recommended Budget 2014

29 Wastewater Fund Revenues Budget (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2014

30 Wastewater Customers Recommended Budget 2014

31 Retail Wastewater Rate NO INCREASE RECOMMENDED IN RETAIL SEWER RATE $39 monthly charge, includes $3,000 gallons $6.50 per 1,000 gallons monthly> 3,000 gallons Recommended Budget 2014

32 Wholesale Wastewater Rates Increase From $1.50 to $1.85 per 1,000 gallons Decrease in flow from participant Northeast Participants Increase From $2.55 to $2.70 per 1,000 gallons Establish Capital Replacement Reserve Fund West Participants Recommended Budget 2014

33 Capital Outlay Highlights-Wastewater 3 Replacement Trucks-$81k ¾ Ton Truck-$36k 30 Ton Boom Truck-$300k Disc Filter Panel Replacement NW Plant-$44k Recommended Budget 2014

34 Wastewater Fund-Debt Service (In Million $’s) Recommended Budget 2013

35 Capital Improvement Plan-Sewer-Total $5.1 Million Ocean ridge Pump Station-$1m Ocean Isle Beach WWTP Pump Station-$3.5m Special Assessment District projects-$500k Miscellaneous Wastewater Projects-$100k Recommended Budget 2014

36 FY 2013-2014 Budget Next Steps Public Hearing-June 3, 2013 at 6:30 pm Commissioner Budget Workshop- Establish Date Commissioners Adopt Budget June 17, 2013 Recommended Budget 2014

37 FY 2013-2014 Recommended Budget $201.8 Million $0.4425 Cents 95.04% collection rate 1 cent =$2,351,329 NO PROPERTY TAX RATE INCREASE Recommended Budget 2014

38 FOR MORE INFORMATION Finance/BudgetDocuments.aspx Recommended Budget 2014

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