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“When Google met”

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1 “When Google met”


3 What it’s about?



6 Future of IT: The Business Web

7 The Consumer Web Platforms

8 Everything is Going On-Demand! No applications market is untouched… Business Email email/ Word many others… Spreadsheets many others… Database many others… many others… Document Mgmt many others… Graphics many others… ContactsProject Mgmt. many others…

9 Innovation and New Technologies Shape the Future of Software Why can’t business applications be as easy as the Consumer Web?

10 The Business Web Create & Publish RunIntegrate Deliver Everywhere ISV StandardsSecure & ScalableMash-Ups Think Global, Act Local

11 New Business Model : The Application utility Pre-Utility Software  Buy the software  Buy the hardware  Hire the dedicated staff  Customise, implement, train  Upgrade, update, maintain  No software  No hardware  No dedicated staff  Instant deployments  No hassle upgrade, update and maintenance Application Utilities

12 The Starting Point for On-Demand… Try Before You Buy Fast & Easy to Implement Painless Upgrades Lower TCO Predictability On Premises = Hidden Costs Licenses Hardware Consultants Infrastructure Maintenance Dedicated Staff Upgrades On Demand = Lower Risk & Cost

13 Faster implementation with On Demand

14 The On-Demand Market Leader 32,300 organisations +600,000 users 50% of on Demand CRM market *Source: IDC, Worldwide On-Demand Customer Relationship Management Applications Market 2004 Vendor Analysis, August 2005, rounded to nearest full percent.

15 On-Demand Reaches a Tipping Point in EMEA 52% Growth Higher EMEA growth than US 52% 41% €1.9 Billion Market European On-Demand Market 2005 2011 4Bn 2Bn March 2007 52% US EMEA

16 5000 ROLLS-ROYCE Motor Company

17 The Circle of Success

18 Developing The Next Generation Of’s

19 The Circle of Success


21 1. Delivering the Killer Apps: CRM

22 2. IdeaExchange: Community Empowerment Post Product Ideas Vote on Ideas

23 3. Developer Network: Developer Empowerment Join Community of 35,000 Developers Build and Publis h Apps


25 4. Development on Demand Create Any Database Create Any User Interface Create Any Business Logic Run On Our Infrastructure

26 Customers Want Innovation, Not Infrastructure

27 The Fun Stuff Infrastructure Services Network Storage Operating System Database App Server Web Server Data Center Disaster Recovery Application Services Security Sharing Integration Customization Web Services API Multi-Language Multi-Currency Workflow Analytics Multi-Device Messaging Search Operations Services Authentication Availability Monitoring Patch Mgmt Upgrades Backup NOC Business Services Ordering Provisioning Licensing Billing Renewal Upgrades Marketing Sales You

28 The Fun Stuff Infrastructure Services Application Services Operations Services Business Services YouUs

29 5. AppExchange: Sharing & Distribution

30 67 183 228 300 430 The New Model Delivers Choice to Customers 550 Apps! 500

31 Salesforce Foundation

32 The 1% model  1% time: All employees get 6 paid days a year to volunteer in the community  1% product: Donation of CRM to charities and nonprofit initiatives  1% Equity: Grants to support community projects  1 with Earth: Earthforce – our response to carbon imprint globally

33 Power of Us Program  Partners of join forces with the Foundation  Offer expert consultancy and skills to our nonprofit community at affordable costs  And join in the Foundation volunteering events

34 European Volunteers (200 and counting)

35 Be a Hero: as a user as a developer as a partner as a volunteer

36 Investing when innovation is disruptive  Creative destruction, co-opetition around customers’ needs  Ex: Pervasive builds SAP connector for  By the time structural implementation is half way, new technologies will become available as services  Mass customisation and globalisation means reduction of infrastructural costs down very quickly if the business model is based on internet (cost is shared by many many many) so most of the infrastructural investment is shifted from the end-user business to the venture capitalists  After the first dotcom crisis, this is done in a smarter way, doing business on Web 2.0 is much more "proof of concept" and partnership driven. Almost nothing can be done alone.

37 Lessons from the Business Web  SaaS: IT is becoming a utility/service rather than capital investment  Real investment is in relationships and applications talking to each other (integration)  Focus on innovation, not systems  Let intelligence emerge from connections in your network, analytics alone may not be enough  Zero time-to-market  Success practices over “best practices”  Implementation is a full time job, let experts do it!

38 OnboardCRM and Success On Demand Process PlatformPlatform People Partnership Virtual Team connecting East and West Local partners Business Excellence, Customer Success, Best Practices Spreading the word about On Demand CRM Building success stories Preparing the market for the Business Web Bringing “Success Practices” to Eastern Europe

39 USE THE FORCE ! NDK Admin Building 1, Bulgaria Sq. 1463 Sofia +359 2 489 11 70 +359 2 489 11 74

40 Thank you.

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