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NAV, 11.10.2014Side 1 Summary Bulgaria – Hotel Bolero.

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2 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 1 Summary Bulgaria – Hotel Bolero

3 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 2 Summary Monday the 9th of April 2008 09:00 – 09:15Opening of the meeting by Project-leader John 09:15 – 09:30Host welcome speech - The Mayor of Kubrat Welcome to Bulgaria for present and future projects 09:30 – 09:45Mayors from Rakkestad and Eidsberg Presents and greetings from Norway. Future structure and tools 09:45 – 10:15 Project status and summary from the Steering Committee meeting in Prague, Project owner Alf  Goals and target groups, education and work possibilities for dropouts between the age of 18-25 years. Summary of project meetings and steering group meetings, issues and challenges Result presentation, account and budget situation 10:30 – 11:30 The economic situation by Alf (substituting for John Østby) Challenges of travel costs for different partners, transferral of means between partners. Steering group meetings to be covered by the OTD and Promentor partners as administrative costs.  Conclusion: Alternative budget to be presented before the end of the project meeting taking care of the abovementioned issues.

4 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 3 Cont’d 10:50 – 11:00 Work package 6, 7 and 8, – and the rest of the project period. By project leader John (see handouts) 11:00 - 11:30PowerPoint presentation by Eidsberg & Rakkestad (enclosed) 11:30 - 12:15PowerPoint presentation by Kubrat (summary to be enclosed) 12:30 – 13:30Lunch  13:45 - 14:00PowerPoint presentation by Nachod (enclosed)  14:30 – 14:45PowerPoint presentation by Hamar (enclosed)  Presentations will be posted on the web-site:  Please forward statistics regarding participants and employers to Conrad ( for the final report and dissemination

5 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 4 Tuesday the 10th of June 2008  09:00 – 09:15Today’s Agenda  09:05 – 09:25Summary from Monday  09:25 – 09:45PowerPoint presentation by Åmål (enclosed)  10:05 – 10:15PowerPoint presentation by Maribor (enclosed)  11:00 – 12:30Fulfilment of promises  14:00 –.........Excursion & dinner in the woods  

6 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 5 Pinpoints – challenges and innovations  Bulgaria  Key challenges: 1. Managing to find dropouts despite not being registered anywhere 2. Identifying reasons for dropping out of school 1. Socio-economic 2. Education 3. Ethno-cultural background 3. Few enterprises capable of offering suitable work Key innovative measures: 1. Mediator between dropouts and employers 2. Creation/development of protocol model when meeting employer 3. Raising question/debate related to future mediator role

7 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 6 Cont’d  Czech Republic  Key challenges: 1. Permanent counseling (including follow-up service) 2. Employer support to combine possibilities of participants with the needs of the labour market 3. Working with participants’ background  Innovative measures: 1. Change of short-term jobs and offering counselling during their placement 2. Close cooperation with employers during placement 3. Employment through employment agency

8 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 7 Cont’d  Norway  Key challenges: 1. Lack of appropriate cooperative structures on a national level 2. Individually following-up service 3. Motivate and support employers  Innovative measures:  Career guidance, motivation and conscious-awareness to establish self-esteem and self-confidence. Create the understanding that they are main player in their life and not a pawn in a chessgame.  The importance of close following-up  The establishment of good rrealtions between cooperating partners; the municipalities, the social insurance offices, employment offices (PES) and local enterprises

9 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 8 Cont’d  Slovenia  Key challenges: 1. Finding minimum 2 placements for participants 2. On the job training in real enterprises 3. Individual approach  Innovative measures: 1. Participants test several job placements 2. Special institution follow-up the participants’ training 3. New target group which nobody cared about

10 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 9 Cont’d  Sweden  Key challenges and innovative measures:  Cross-sectorial network between different public authorities and private enterprise to provide dropouts with best possible support  Individual plans dependent on dropouts’s needs and wishes  Mentoring and coaching. On-the-job training and close following-up

11 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 10 Wednesday the 11th of June 2008  Østfold county struck by forestfires!  The project owner and local mayors have left the building!  Welcoming the NAV EURES-adviser responsible for Bulgaria: Jahn Tore Green  Preparing an outline of innovative approaches in the JobCircuit-method to be utilised in the Final Report  Defining templates and spreadsheets for the dissemination of the achieved results:  Examples will be posted on the web-site and sent each partner by Conrad

12 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 11 Final report/dissemination  Preliminary report by each partner describing experiences, good or bad.  What did we learn? Matters for improvement  Dissemination commitee to be decided today!  Urgent deadline, scheduled by the end of June  Awareness, understanding, action  Lobbying towards politicians, public authorities, enterprises

13 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 12 Cont’d  Steering commitee to go through all relevant documents  and refresh its methodology in order to repeat it  The follow-up: for example ”Family JobCircuit”  Dissemination suggestions: 1. Congress/seminar presentation, chamber of commerce 2. Newsletter max. 1 A4 page, press releases 3. Leaflets and brochures (to be printed in Czech Republic?)

14 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 13 And now what?  Deadline for first draft of the final report by each partner to be forwarded to the project manager, John, by June 30th!  A revised budget will be forwarded each member of the steering commitee  Need for a final steering group commitee meeting will be decided and duly informed (possible location: Slovenia)  Questions and answers:  We still must be in close contact and share each others work, ideas and suggestions.  Remember: !

15 NAV, 11.10.2014Side 14 Thank you Bulgaria! Goodbye? No! Au revoir! We will meet again! In the meantime; have a nice summer and good luck with the final report. And remember: Be careful out there! Conrad

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