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Presented By A.H.M Rezaul Haq Presented By A.H.M Rezaul Haq Climate Change in Coastal Region of Bangladesh.

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1 Presented By A.H.M Rezaul Haq Presented By A.H.M Rezaul Haq Climate Change in Coastal Region of Bangladesh

2 An increase in global temperature will cause sea level to rise and will change the amount and pattern of precipitation, and a probable expansion of subtropical deserts. Warming is expected to be strongest in Arctic and would be associated with continuing retreat of glaciers, permafrost and sea ice. What is Global Worming Other likely effects of the warming include more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events including heat waves, droughts and heavy rainfall events, species extinctions due to shifting temperature regimes, and changes in crop yields. Warming and related changes will vary from region to region around the globe, with projections being more robust in some areas than others

3 What is Climate Change Climate includes patterns of temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind and seasons. "Climate change" affects more than just a change in the weather, it refers to seasonal changes over a long period of time. These climate patterns play a fundamental role in shaping natural ecosystems, and the human economies and cultures that depend on them. Because so many systems are tied to climate, a change in climate can affect many related aspects of where and how people, plants and animals live, such as food production, availability and use of water, and health risks.

4  Draught period is extending and erratic rainfall monsoon period compress and shifting. ( we have now four season instead of six season )  Frequency and intensity of flood/flash flood is mounting.  River siltation and river erosion unusually proliferate  Salinity in the coast and in estuaries intruding toward upstream  Tidal surge intensity and frequency is rising  Unusual rainfall and water-logged areas is increasing.  Salinization increasing Climate change Bangladesh context

5 CC Driver Population Growth Economic Growth  Wetland degradation  Water diversion in upstream  Dying of River or river siltation  Mangrove/ Forest destruction Climate Change Environmental Backlash X Climate change = Impact Climate Change Impact of CC on specific location depends

6 Tidal river Saline Water Tidal river Saline Water Have a link with upstream Seasonal-saline Have a link with upstream Seasonal-saline Fully Connected with GBM Fresh water round the year Fully Connected with GBM Fresh water round the year Non delta Coastal ecosystem In Bangladesh and it types:

7 1963-Physical Situation of Sea Level and Ground Level

8 37 Polders = Areas covers 3 million Acres 2 million was inundated with one miter dept water that is by volume 120 million cubic miter. River and cannels cover 15% of total areas of which 50% inside polder.

9 Water flow from sea River Water + Wetland Area: 2 millions Acre Tidal Volume 120cubic meter After Polder Before Polder Nolian Forest Slope Comparison of Water flow

10 Impacts On Coastal Area 4. Increasing Salinization for increasing of Draught 5. Scarcity for availability of Freshwater 2. Intrusion of Saline water in upstream 1.Overflow of Embankments and Breaching. 3. Increasing Water Logging 7. Aggressive Sea Current 6. Siltation inside Sundarban, A threat for the forest


12 TRM at ‘Aila’ affected area: Gabura Beel Vina TRM Daly 4333 cm silt was deposited in 400 hectare of Beel Vaina 4years I month 10 days = 6.5 million cm silt deposited in Vaina basin

13 Name of River Water Logged Areas (in hac.) 1980-19851986-1990 1991- 1995 1996- 2000 2001-2005 2006-2009 Apar15003600 4300 2200510073008100 Horinadi31001040011600 2600940016900 20400 -1200260034004100 5300 --2300 4800 ---13002300 3500 ----2200 3500 -230097001870023700 47200 `-14006200850011000 14000 --1300380073009800 Total940033400615007890093800132500 Source (WRDS and Pani Committee ) Expanding waterlogged area per year is 5070 hac.This are all fresh water waterlogged areas:

14 Increase in Salinity with time series in the South West Region

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