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1 Overview for DAP Business Units Digital Archives Problem Statement Records are all material "regardless of physical form, created or received in connection.

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1 1 Overview for DAP Business Units Digital Archives Problem Statement Records are all material "regardless of physical form, created or received in connection with or as a result of the official work of the United Nations” and are the business, legal and historical informational assets of the organisation Increasingly, electronic records provide the documentation of the UNPO activities and business process; Digital records are not captured, managed or preserved in an appropriate or consistent manner; Critical knowledge assets are at risk of loss or recovery only at high cost.

2 2 Challenges Lack of consistent policy and procedures concerning electronic records; Large volume of digital records and a decentralized computing environment make it difficult to implement effective ERM procedures; Obsolescence and ageing of storage media; Software and hardware dependencies; Lack of resources, commitment and accountability concerning long term preservation of digital records;

3 3 Digital Archives Programme, DAP Definition The Digital Archives Programme is a combination of policies, procedures and technologies that will facilitate the proper management, appraisal/retention and preservation of digital records and provides for the long term access and use of materials with archival value. Preservation requires active management that begins with record creation.

4 4 Digital Archive Programme Policy & Procedures Technologies Management Roles & Responsibilities

5 5 Scope EDMS NY DAP NY ERMS NY Digital Records Other Locations

6 6 Project Overview Strategic Plan for a Digital Archives Programme 1) Digital Assessment 2) DAP Design 3) Implementation Plan DAP of NY notes relationship to: ERMS – Electronic Records Management Systems EDMS – Electronic Document Management Systems Transaction Systems Digital Records Other Locations

7 7 The main project activities for DAP Phase One Activity 1 Establish Project Management Infrastructure Activity 2 Survey and review the current policies, procedures, approaches, initiatives and best practices related to digital records Activity 3 Inventory the current Information Management data bases and technical platforms related to digital records Activity 4 Develop DAP specifications, requirements and standards Activity 5 Prepare an Implementation Plan for DAP Activity 6 Prepare and Market the DAP Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan Activity 7 Prepare a Work Plan for implementation (Phase 2)

8 8 UNPOs Business Units [other than ICT and IRAM related functions ] Administration, Conferences, Central Support and Procurement (ACP), Finance, Budget and Accounts (FBA), Human Resource Management (HRM), Legal (LEG), Oversight, Audit and Evaluation (OAE), Organisation, Co-ordination and Management (OCM), Programmes, Projects and Missions (PPM) and Relations, Outreach, Media and Communications (ROC)

9 9 ICT and IRAM Information and Communication Technology : ITC representatives include E-mail Administrators [e-mail policies and procedures]; Technology Coordinators [initiatives, usage, and standards across multiple business processes, groups, and/or applications]; Information Architects [ business processes relationship to the high level function and information assets of the organization]; Application Owners [Records, Document, and Transactional systems and applications within UNPOs]. Information, Records and Archive Management; IRAM and Information Assets Management [IAM] functions include records, document, archives and other information assets or content management areas. Also covered are those responsible for: libraries, official document repositories and the registration or upkeep of special collections and reference materials; and specialists for content or knowledge sharing and management.

10 10 DAP relation to other HQ locations and Field Offices Excerpt - DAP Statement of Work registered # UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2003-00008 1.1 …a strategic plan for managing and preserving digital records of [potential] long term value created and maintained by UNPOs based in New York...In the future, such a programme may also be applied to other locations, …. 3.2..primary focus is records created or received in New York.. However, … will also identify any issues concerning the preservation and management of digital records created or received in UNPO offices outside New York if they are integrally related to business processes or operational performance. Where additional information or clarification is required on systems related to NY activities or mandates which are maintained in other locations [e.g. Geneva or Copenhagen] conference calls will be arranged where useful. The major issues …should be noted and potential additional estimated costs identified if the project size were increased to cover other UNPOs locations.

11 11 DAP - Business Units [BU] Survey Annexes for update or validation AnnexLists to be reviewed updated – will be critical for implementation phase Question to be answered 1 Organizational Units within UNPOs Who are we? 2 Generic Functions and main subfunctions across UNPOs What are BU functions? 3 Record Series of individual UNPOs & Generic List What Record Series used? 3.a The owner/responsible unit for specific Record Series within individual UNPOs Which Records Series are we “responsible” for? 4 ICT systems, applications and software in UNPOs: Systems / Applications Dependencies exist? 5 Policies and Procedures for UNPOs Policy & Procedure Guidance now available?

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