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TEIN2-VN / VINAREN update TEIN2-VN Technical Task Force July/2006.

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1 TEIN2-VN / VINAREN update TEIN2-VN Technical Task Force July/2006

2 Content Why VINAREN? TEIN2-VN / VINAREN inside Launching and demos: Positive start Looking at the future

3 Why TEIN2-VN / VINAREN? First NREN ever built in Vietnam Strongly supported by VN government Supported by TEIN2 as 1 of 6 beneficiary countries Benefits from TEIN2: Direct access to the Euro-Asian backbone Equal conditions in accessing the resources of National Research Educational Networks (NRENs) Boost up S&T collaboration domestically and internationally on the ICT base Reduce a digital divide among ASEM countries

4 TEIN2-VN / VINAREN Hanoi (NOC-VN) – Hong Kong TEIN2 hub: clear channel T3 = 45Mbps NOC-VN built at Hanoi University of Technologies (HUT) Fiber Optic infrastructure connecting VINAREN members in Hanoi with 100Mbps: IOIT/VAST, MOST, NHP, VNU Open Source Based Platform and Environment (OS, Network Tools, StarOffice, Open Office, e-learning platforms, …) Network monitoring systems

5 TEIN2-VN / VINAREN (cont.) The 1st National Symposium on TEIN2-VN and VINAREN in Dec. 3, 2005 to Promote the VINAREN Activities Operation and Maintenance by the Leading Institutions (HUT, IOIT, VNU, …) International collaboration: Telemedicine, Video- Conference, DVTS, etc. Experience Sharing with other NOCs, NRENs for the Most Advanced Solutions and Technology

6 TEIN2-VN / VINAREN (cont.) Focus on the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Project Technology for the Community: collaborations with most important Research Institutions and Hospitals for Epidemic, Disasters, Environmental Studies, … Cost Sharing Model for Sustainable Development of the VINAREN after TEIN2

7 VINAREN: International link TEIN2

8 VINAREN: backbone Backbone Northern, Central and Southern areas NOCs

9 VINAREN: Northern region

10 VINAREN: national NOC (NOC-VN) @ HUT

11 Network monitoring tools

12 VINAREN Launch: TEIN2 10 th Halong meeting

13 Application demos on TEIN2-VN / VINAREN Tele-consultancy by doctors from RCH (Melbourne) and NHP (Hanoi) Endoscope training from KyuShu University hospital using DVTS E-Culture video streaming from KISDI and MYREN


15 VINAREN: Looking at the future Hanoi – Hong Kong link upgrade to STM1 = 155Mbps VINAREN Backbone design and implementation Domestic Connectivity from regional NOCs to other Institutions 15 + 10 + 5 Points (6/2007) Extension to 50+ Institutions. Expansion of the Connectivity if allowed by TEIN2 (12/2007) Sustainable Development, Expansion to others (with TEIN3) Detailed Plan of VINAREN for 2005-2007 with 3.7M USD

16 Looking at the future (cont.) Joint research activities with foreign institutions and organizations: Open Source systems development Advanced network technologies: network security, monitoring, etc. Video conferencing Network applications: E-learning, Grid computing, etc. Human resource training for NOCs and Vietnam R&E community

17 Looking at the future (cont.) Participation in International and regional projects: AI3-SOI (WIDE project) among ASEAN+JP with IOIT-HUT-VNU as core members of VINAREN AEN (Asia Elearning Network), ASEAN e-Learning AVIST-VN (MOST, HUT, IOIT, VNU, …) ASTRENA Activities in Vietnam (WG, Action Plan, …) TEIN2-based S&T Collaborations among ASEAN, ASEM Countries Other S&T Activities among ASEAN, ASEAN+x, ASEM Countries

18 Thank you!

19 Appendix: Ongoing S&T collaborations IPv4 to IPv6 transition solution - AI3 – SOI project IPv6 via IPv4 tunel IPv6 to IPv4

20 Appendix: Ongoing S&T collaborations IPv4/IPv6 messed infrastructure Connection to 6bone via AI3 satellite link with Keio University

21 Appendix: Ongoing S&T collaborations Network security Implementation of Policy- based architecture (from DMTF and IETF) Strict procedures in configuration and deployment of network security policies With local Vietnamese partners Security mechanism and services Security tools Procedures and processes Rules Human Security policy

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