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There are 6,588,065 Jews in the USA. The country includes (50) states; (48) continental states, + Alaska and Hawaii, the two newest states. Barak Obama.

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2 There are 6,588,065 Jews in the USA.

3 The country includes (50) states; (48) continental states, + Alaska and Hawaii, the two newest states. Barak Obama is the president of the United States of America. The Jewish population is to the Northeast (43%), where proportionately more than twice as many Jews as non-Jews (19%) reside. The region containing the fewest Jews is the Midwest, where the proportion of Jews (13%) is almost half that of non-Jews (23%). Jews are also proportionately underrepresented in the South (22% versus 35% for non- Jews). The only region in which Jews are in equal proportion to non-Jews is the West (22% Jews versus 23% non-Jews). B arak Obama

4 Until the 1830s the Jewish community of Carlson south Carolina was the most numerous in North America. With the large scale immigration of Jews from Germany in the 19th century, they established themselves in many small towns and cities. A much larger immigration of Eastern European Jews, 1880–1914, brought a large, poor, traditional element to New York City. Refugees arrived from Europe after World War 2, and many arrived from the Soviet Union after 1970.


6 There are more than 6,588,065. Jews in the USA.

7 Although Jews comprise less than three percent of the American population, Jews have generally had a disproportionately larger representation in American movement, and entertainment. American Jews have suffered setbacks and have had to combat anti-Semitism during the early 20 century. Jews have enjoyed greater acceptance in America than in any other country and have figured prominently in American culture and politics.

8 The largest wave of Jewish immigrants were eastern European Jews who came to America between 1881 and 1924. During these years 1/3 of the Jewish population in eastern Europe emigrated because of changing political and economic conditions. The assassination of Russian Tsar Alexander II in 1881 ushered in a new era of violence and anti-Jewish sentiment. Pogroms, or massacres, by the Slavs against the Jews had occurred since the mid-7th century, but the pogroms of 1881 and 1882 were particularly numerous and intense, wiping out entire villages and killing hundreds of Jews. Also, industrialization made it difficult for Jewish peddlers, merchants, and artisans to sustain themselves economically. As a result, a mass exodus of Jews from eastern Europe occurred, with approximately 90 percent bound for America. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of Jews arrived in America annually. The immigration of some 2.4 million eastern European Jews boosted the American Jewish population from roughly a quarter million in 1881 to 4.5 million by 1924.

9 The Sephardic Jews who settled in the American colonies established themselves in cities along the eastern seaboard. From the mid-70th to the mid-80th centuries, the largest Jewish population centers were in New York, Newport, Savannah, Philadelphia, and Charleston, the only cities with synagogues during the period. Jewish businessmen from these cities were supported by influential business from Sephardic communities in London and Amsterdam. The influx of German Jews in the 19century contributed to the westward expansion of the Jewish population in the US. By the mid-19th century, there were approximately 160 Jewish communities from New York to California, with Jewish population centers in the major hubs along the trade routes from east to west. Cities such as Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati, and St. Louis all became centers of Jewish business, cultural, and religious life. Jewish peddlers and retailers also followed the economic growth of the cotton industry in the South and the discovery of gold in the West. Most of the Jewish immigrants from this period were young, single Germans hoping to escape unfavorable economic conditions and repressive legislation that restricted marriage. Individuals from the same community would typically immigrate together and continue their congregation in the New World.

10 The wave of eastern European Jews at the turn of the century gravitated toward big cities in the East and Midwest. The result was that by 1920 Jews had their greatest population centers in NY, Newark, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit. Within these cities, eastern European Jews established their own communities and maintained their cultural heritage and identity much more so than nineteenth-century German Jews, who were eager to assimilate into American culture. Jewish settlement trends in the twentieth century have shown population decreases in the mid west and increases in cities such as Los Angeles and Miami. During the 1930s and 1940s, refugees from Nazi Germany predominantly settled in Manhattan's West Side and Washington Heights as well as in Chicago and San Francisco. After World War II the population of American Jews decreased in mid western cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland and increased in Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, D.C. For each major city with a significant Jewish population, there has been a steady postwar trend of outward movement toward the suburbs. The young and middle-aged professionals have led this movement, while working-class, Orthodox, and older Jews continue to inhabit the old neighborhoods closer to the city.

11 By the end of 1992, the largest Jewish population centers were in NY City (1.45 million), Los Angeles (490,000), Chicago (261,000), Philadelphia (250,000), Boston (228,000), San Francisco Bay Area (210,000), Miami (189,000), and Washington, D.C. (165,000).

12 American Jews have no tunes and songs different to Jews all over the world that I could find!


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