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August 12, 2013.  Sexual Harassment* and Non-discrimination  Child Abuse Reporting*  Code of Conduct*  Ethics Policies  Bullying and Hazing Policy*

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1 August 12, 2013

2  Sexual Harassment* and Non-discrimination  Child Abuse Reporting*  Code of Conduct*  Ethics Policies  Bullying and Hazing Policy*  Hate-Motivated Incidents and Crimes*  Injury and Illness Prevention Program  Internet Safety*  Student and Employee Security*  Uniform Complaint Procedures  Williams/Valenzuela Complaints * Required Fall and Spring

3  Handouts ◦ Sexual Harassment Policy  Bulletins and Memorandums: ◦ BUL-1893.1 Sexual Harassment – Employees ◦ BUL–3349.0 Sexual Harassment – Students

4 Sexual Harassment Policy

5  Sexual Harassment: Definition ◦ “…any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the work or educational setting…”  Includes behavior by Students and Adults to Students or Adults: ◦ Verbal comments, visual displays, gestures, pictures ◦ Unwanted touching, blocking of movement ◦ Threats, demands or pressure to submit to sexual requests receive benefits or avoid job loss

6  Handout ◦ Nondiscrimination Statement  Bulletins and Memorandums: ◦ MEM-5818.1Nondiscrimination Required Notices ◦ BUL-2521.1 Title IX Policy/Complaint Procedure

7  Policy prohibits discrimination or harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying based on actual or perceived: Age, genderAncestry, color, race Marital Status, religionEthnic group identification Sex, pregnancy, childbirthNational origin Disability: physical or mentalSexual orientation Or on the basis of a person’s association with someone with these characteristics Incident report form-complaint investigation form can be filed on paper or in istar


9 Incident Report Form

10  Handout: ◦ Employee Acknowledgement of Reporting Requirements  Bulletin: ◦ BUL-1347.2 Child Abuse Reporting  All staff must complete the online Child Abuse Training in the Learning Zone (Fall) and participate in a Spring Child Abuse Awareness Training. Child Abuse Certificate due to Coordinator by September 30, 2013


12 Employee Acknowledgement of Suspected Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

13  We are all mandated reporters with individual requirement to report reasonable suspicious : ◦ Life endangerment, willful cruelty ◦ Neglect to provide adequate food, clothing, medical care, shelter or supervision ◦ Physical abuse/injury ◦ Sexual abuse, assault, exploitation, molestation ◦ Infliction of mental or emotional suffering

14  Contact the parent/guardian or alleged perpetrator  Conduct an investigation  Report abuse/neglect to School Police  Remove or arrange clothing to inspect underclothing, breast, buttocks or genitalia Failure to report suspected child abuse is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment fines and district disciplinary action – including termination.

15  Phone report immediately to DCFS or law enforcement agency (NOT school police)  Written report within 36 hours (online or on paper)  Reports are confidential  Abuse by LAUSD staff must also be reported to the supervising administrator of the suspected perpetrator

16  Handout (Included in Staff Resource Guide): ◦ LAUSD Code of Conduct with Students  Bulletin: ◦ BUL-5167.0 Code of Conduct with Students – Distribution and Dissemination Requirements  Key Points: ◦ Follow the 12 guidelines in the handout ◦ Avoid any perception of impropriety ◦ The district must investigate any allegations ◦ Call Educational Equity Office with any questions at 213-241-7682

17 Employee Code of Conduct

18  Handout ◦ Employee Code of Ethics  Bulletin: ◦ BUL-4748.0 Ethics Policies  Employee Responsibilities ◦ Model ethical conduct ◦ Be familiar with ethics policy and help train others ◦ Address any ethical concerns in a respectful and constructive manner ◦ Honor the public’s trust and adhere to ethical standards ◦ Keep promises and commitments while maintaining ◦ respectful communication ◦ Ethics Office -213-241-3330


20  Bulletin : ◦ BUL 5212.1 Bullying and Hazing Policy  Student to student--Adult to student--Student to adult  New Definition ◦ Bullying is any severe or pervasive physical or verbal act(s) or conduct, including electronic communications committed by a pupil(s) that has, or can be reasonably predicted to have, the effect of one or more of the following: 1.Reasonable fear of harm to person or property. 2.Substantially detrimental effect on physical or mental health. 3.Substantial interference with academic performance. 4.Substantial interference with the ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities, or privilege's.

21  Hazing is a method of initiation or pre-initiation into a pupil organization or body, whether or not the organization or body is officially recognized by an educational institution, which is likely to cause serious bodily injury, personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to a former, current, or prospective pupil. Hazing does not include athletic events or school- sanctioned events

22  Verbal bullying includes hurtful gossiping, making rude noises, making threats, name-calling, spreading rumors, or teasing.  Physical bullying includes intentional, unwelcome acts of beating, biting, fighting, hitting, kicking, poking, punching, pushing, shoving, spitting, or tripping.  Social or relational bullying includes spreading rumors, manipulating relationships, exclusion, blackmailing, isolating, rejecting, using peer pressure and ranking personal characteristics.  Non-verbal bullying includes the use of threatening gestures, staring, stalking, graffiti or graphic images, and destruction of property to cause distress, intimidation, discomfort, pain or humiliation.  Indirect bullying is the use of intimidation or peer pressure to cause harm to a third part(ies).

23  Includes bullying on the basis of actual or perceived: ◦ Disabilities (mental or physical) ◦ Gender, sex, sexual behavior or orientation ◦ Other physical characteristics ◦ Racial/Ethnic/Religious Bullying  Notify: o Human Relations, Diversity and Equity - (213) 241-5337 o Educational Equity Compliance Office - (213) 241-7682

24  Model appropriate behavior  Recognize the indicators  Discuss strategies to prevent bullying and hazing with students  Encourage students to report these actions  Provide instruction to ensure that students are educated about appropriate on-line behavior, including cyber bullying awareness and response and how to interact with others on social networking websites and in chat rooms  Intervene immediately and take corrective action when incidents occur or are suspected

25  Report incidents to appropriate LAUSD offices or outside agencies if necessary  Report any incidents involving a District employee to the site administrator immediately  Incidents must be investigated, addressed, monitored and follow-up provided  Document all major incidents in ISTAR- Incident Reporting System

26  Bulletin: ◦ BUL-2047.0 Responding to and Reporting Hate- Motivated Incidents and Crimes  Definitions: ◦ Hate-motivated incident is an act or attempted act of hostility against a person, property or institution because of the target’s class characteristics ◦ Hate-motivated crime is an incident as described above that has been investigated by law enforcement, is criminal in nature and violates the law.

27  Know and understand the policy  Recognize the indicators of these actions  Intervene immediately  Report incidents to the site administrator  Help create a safe environment where these incidents will not be tolerated  Encourage victims, targets and witnesses to report incidents  Cooperate in any investigations  Guard against retaliatory actions

28  Bulletin ◦ BUL-3772.2 Injury and Illness Prevention Program Requirements  Employee Responsibilities ◦ Follow safe work practices and procedures ◦ Use personal protective equipment as needed or as directed by supervisor ◦ Report unsafe conditions, work practices and accidents immediately to supervisors ◦ Accidents and injuries must be documented and submitted within 24 hours through ISTAR- (Incident System Tracking Accountability Report)


30 Injury And Illness Prevention Program  Is required by Cal/OSHA health and safety regulations for all District schools and sites.  Reflects the District’s policy on employee safety.  Specifies procedures to maintain a safe and healthful workplace for employees.

31  Handouts: ◦ Acceptable Use Policy Information for Employees  Bulletins: ◦ BUL-999.8 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for District Computer and Network Systems ◦ BUL-5688.0 Social Media Policy for Employees and Associated Persons ◦ BUL-5181.2 Policy Regarding Internet Safety for Students




35  Adhere to the Social Media policy and guidelines  Keep personal accounts separate from work-related accounts  Direct students to school-approved sites  Never post any identifying student information (names, photos, videos) on ANY personal or professional forum without written, informed consent by parent and principal  Never share confidential student information

36  Inappropriate use of social media during or after school hours may be subject to discipline  Have NO expectation of privacy with District email, networks, or internet access  Use of District logos or images on personal websites is prohibited  It is best not to identify yourself as a school employee – follow policy if you choose to do so

37  Students using District internet must participate in an Internet Safety Education Program  Each year, schools must verify students using the computer network and Internet access at their school site. ◦ Students who are under 18 years of age must have their parent/guardian sign an AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) form that will be kept on file at the school  Videos and other resources that are grade- appropriate may be found on:

38  Inappropriate activity on District website: ◦ Creates security and/or safety issues for the District, students, employees, schools, network or computer resources ◦ Expends District resources on content that lacks legitimate educational content/purpose ◦ Use that violates any laws ◦ Unauthorized collection of District email addresses ◦ Using anonymous email sites; spamming; spreading viruses, chain letters, pyramid schemes, hacking ◦ Causing harm to others or damage to property

39  Bulletins: ◦ BUL-5721.1 Student and Employee Security ◦ BUL-1325.1 Visitors to School Campuses and Locked Campuses During Class Hours at All Schools  All school gates and exterior doors leading off campus must be locked except the main entrance during school hours  All visitors must report to the main office, be issued and required to have a Visitor’s Pass while on campus  The Visitor Pass MUST be returned prior to exit  Prohibit wearing of gang apparel or use of gang-related symbols

40  Report to designated office and sign in prior to proceeding to work area  Lock classroom doors when working alone, before or after school hours  Use extra caution in isolated areas or rooms with exterior doors  Leave door windows uncovered  Do not give or loan school keys to students  Secure all personal valuables  Report any person loitering or sitting in parked cars

41  Review safety tips with students  Remind students to be alert  Demonstrate and review appropriate conduct between students and adults  Maintain buddy systems for K-5 students going to and from office or restroom  Report all incidents that jeopardize the physical or emotional well-being of students

42  Bulletin: o BUL-1325.1 Visitors to School Campuses and Locked Campuses During Class Hours at All Schools  Schools must develop and post a visitor policy  All visitors must have permission to visit by the principal/designee  Children who are not enrolled in the school may not be on campus without prior approval of principal/designee  Parents have the right to visit classrooms, request meetings with teachers and principal /designee and teachers

43  Willfully interfere with discipline, order, conduct in any school, classroom or activity with the intent to disrupt, obstruct or inflict damage to property or bodily injury upon any person  Disrupt classwork, extracurricular activities or cause disorder in a place where a school employee is required to work Visitors who fail to adhere to the posted policy or defy the principal/designees authority may be reported to law enforcement.

44  Bulletin: ◦ BUL-5159.2 Uniform Complaint Procedures  Procedures are used to file complaints: ◦ Alleging failure to comply with applicable federal and state laws and regulations  Complainants are encouraged, when possible, to try to resolve their issues directly at the school or work site or with ESC  Complaints may be filed by staff, students, parents/guardians or other interested parties including District advisory committees

45 Uniform Complaint Brochure Uniform Complaint Brochure

46 Uniform Complaint Brochure Cont.

47  Bulletin: ◦ BUL-4759.1 Williams/Valenzuela Complaint Procedures


49  Each pupil must have textbooks and/or instructional material to use in class, after class and take home  School facilities must be clean, safe and maintained in good repair  There should be no teacher vacancies – teacher must be assigned for the entire year or one-semester course  The teacher must have the proper credentials to teach the class including ESL if present  Pupils who have not passed one or both parts of the CAHSEE by the end of 12 th grade may receive intensive instruction and services for up to 2 consecutive academic years after completion of 12 th grade


51 Seek assistance from your Pupil Services Administrator if you need clarification of any policies and procedures


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