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United States Census Bureau

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1 United States Census Bureau
Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) Vendor Conference July 15, 2004

2 United States Census Bureau
Welcome Mike Longini Chief, Decennial Systems and Contracts Management Office (DSCMO)

3 AGENDA 8:00 - 9:00 Registration
 9:00 -10:00 “Meet and Greet”/Refreshments 10:00-10:30 Opening Remarks 10:30-10:45 DRIS Acquisition Information 10:45-11:00 Security 11:00-11:15 IT Security 11:15-11:50 Question and Answer Forum 11:50-12:00 Conclusion

4 The list of attendees will be posted on the website.
Folder Contents Inside your folder you will find: Agenda & handout notes Map to cafeteria and restrooms Index cards Evaluation form The list of attendees will be posted on the website.

5 Digital Test Deck  One set of the Digital Test Deck (DTD) forms is available per company for those who requested it in writing before July 8, 2004. If you have not yet picked up the DTD, please see one of the Census Bureau representatives to pick up your copy.

6 Questions or Comments? Use the note cards to submit questions anonymously, if you wish. There is a box in the rear of the Auditorium for these questions. Please hold other questions until the Q&A Forum. Use the standing microphones so everyone can hear you.

7 Questions after the Conference?
After the conference you may submit questions by to The Census Bureau will only accept questions until July 23, 2004.

8 What Happens to the Comments?
The Census Bureau will post answers to written comments and questions on the website, by August 20, 2004. After further Government review, comments will be reflected in future DRIS documents as appropriate.

9 United States Census Bureau
Opening Remarks Arnold Jackson Assistant Director for Decennial Census

10 United States Census Bureau
DRIS Acquisition Information Mike Palensky Chief, Acquisition Division and Contracting Officer

11 Scope of Contract The goal of the DRIS contract is to obtain an innovative solution to providing respondent assistance and data capture for the 2010 Census.

12 Scope, Cont. The DRIS contractor will:
1) provide assistance to the public through the telephone and Internet 2) receive, capture, standardize, and archive census data provided by respondents.

13 Scope, Cont. The DRIS Contractor will be required to design, build, test, deploy, implement, operate, maintain, secure, and then dispose of the systems, infrastructure, staffing, procedures, and facilities to meet these objectives.

14 Scope, Cont. The DRIS Contractor must therefore keep current on issues related to securing confidential data received via paper and the Internet, including best practices and emerging technologies, and to utilize this information to provide a secure, scalable, and flexible solution.

15 DRIS Acquisition Schedule
Milestone Expected Completion Release of Draft RFP August Sections L & M Release of Draft Section B October 2004 RFP Release February 2005 Contract Award October 2005

16 All phases of the DRIS lifecycle are included:
System analysis and design Development Integration and testing Deploying, implementing, and supporting a nationwide production program for the 2010 Census; and Post-2010 disposition and operations, if needed.

17 Three Phases in the Contract
Phase I   SubPhase A Contract Award through September 30, Detailed Design Documentation SubPhase B October 1, 2006 through December 31, 2008 Development and Dress Rehearsal Production Phase II August 1, 2008 through January 2011 Deployment and 2010 Production Operations Phase III July 2010 through Contract Closeout Disposition and Archiving

18 Type of Contract The Government intends to award a cost reimbursement contract with multiple incentives applied to various elements, such as Cost Plus Award Fee, Cost Plus Incentive Fee, Share in Savings and Firm Fixed Price Elements. Phase I will have a ceiling.

19 Small Business Involvement

20 Pricing Offers will be required to base their costing proposal on
a physical architecture design using existing technology, and the use of modeling. Offerors will be required to incorporate security as part of their architecture design.

21 Pricing, Cont. The Government expects pricing detail down to a cost per form (paper and electronic) and cost of an average assistance call.

22 Pricing, Cont. For costing purposes, the Government will provide additional assumptions with the RFP. The assumptions will provide additional information on requirements that the Government plans to finalize during Phase I.

23 Pricing, Cont. Offerors will be asked to discuss how rapid technical obsolescence will impact the lifecycle costs of DRIS and how this can be minimized.

24 Basis for Award Best Value Past Performance and Similar Experience
Key Personnel Program Management Technical Approach Cost Factors are subject to change and are not listed in order of importance.

25 We would like to hear from you during the Q&A Session or via email.
Your ideas? What do you think of this approach to pricing? What do you think of the proposed evaluation criteria? We would like to hear from you during the Q&A Session or via .

26 Department of Commerce
Security Requirements Harold Washington, Office of Security Field Office Manager

27 Overview Office of Security Responsibilities
United States Code (U.S.C.) Title 13 Investigations and Forms Foreign Nationals Facilities Security Requirements

28 Office of Security Responsibilities
Anti-Terrorism Branch Counter-Espionage Branch Emergency Management and Client Services Branch

29 United States Code Title 13
Authorizes the Census Bureau to collect and maintain data on a broad range of subjects Protects confidentiality of data collected during surveys and during the Decennial

30 United States Code Title 13, Cont.
Strict penalties for unauthorized disclosure: Fine up to $250,000 or Jail Term up to 5 years Both penalties

31 Investigations and Forms: Points of Contact
Assigned CO/COR Department of Commerce Office of Security Counter-Espionage Branch Room 1616 FOB #3

32 Investigations and Forms: Pre-work/Pre-visit Requirements
Favorable pre-employment verification MUST be received prior to working at or visiting any DRIS site. Investigative packages for all potential personnel at contract award must be submitted within 72 hours of contract award.

33 Investigations and Forms: Pre-work/Pre-visit Requirements
All other potential personnel performing contract or support work, to include project supervisors and management officials who visit the sites, must submit investigative packages 2 weeks before they commence work under this contract.

34 Investigations and Forms: Pre-work/Pre-visit Requirements
Investigative packages will be furnished by the Government at contract award and will be made available as needed during the life of this contract.

35 Investigations and Forms: Four Required Forms
1. Bureau of the Census Form BC-1759 – Application for Special Sworn Status; Parts A and D should be completed prior to taking the Oath of Nondisclosure (swearing in). Parts B and C shall be completed at the time the Oath of Nondisclosure is administered.

36 Investigations and Forms: Four Required Forms, Cont.
2. SF 85 – Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (if access required is 365 days or more) OR SF 86C – Special Agreement Check (if access is less than 365 days)

37 Investigations and Forms: Four Required Forms, Cont.
3. OF 306 – Declaration for Federal Employment; and 4. FD 258 – Fingerprint Charts (2).

38 Investigations and Forms: Points of Contact
Assigned CO/COR Department of Commerce Office of Security Counter-Espionage Branch Room 1616 FOB #3

39 Foreign Nationals Two year residency restriction
Restricted areas access Position restrictions - administrative - policy-forming - security

40 Facilities Security Requirements
Approved by Department of Commerce/Office of Security Must Restrict Access Appropriate Countermeasures Guard Service Central Monitoring

41 United States Census Bureau
IT Security Overview Tim Ruland Chief, IT Security

42 IT Security Organization
Develops and manages the IT Security Program for the Census Bureau. Provides support to Decennial Operations. Manages BOC CIRT. Reports directly to CIO.

43 Title III - PL 107-347 (E-Government Act of 2002)
Provide a mechanism for improved oversight of Federal agency information security programs. Acknowledge that commercially developed IT security products offer advanced, dynamic, robust, & effective IT security solutions. Recognize that the selection of specific technical hardware and software solutions should be left to the individual agencies from among commercially developed products.

44 Specific Responsibilities
Providing IT security protections commensurate with the risk and magnitude of harm resulting from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction of Information collected or maintained by or on behalf of the agency; and Information systems used or operated by an agency or by a contractor of an agency or other organization on behalf of an agency.

45 Required Documentation
Risk Assessment (NIST SP ) Sensitive System Security Plan (NIST ) Contingency Plan (NIST ) Security Self-Assessment Guide for IT (NIST )

46 Other Considerations Encryption (NIST FIPS 140-2) Object Reuse
C2 Security (EAL 2 minimum) Certification and Accreditation (NIST ) On-site Reviews Patch Management Incident Handling

47 United States Census Bureau
Question and Answer Forum Mike Palensky Chief, Acquisition Division and Contracting Officer

48 Question and Answer Forum
Mike Palensky, Contracting Officer Suzanne Fratino, Telephone and Internet Alan Berlinger, Paper Response Tracy Wessler, Program Manager Dennis Stoudt, Headquarters Processing Dave Sliom, Decennial Security Mike Longini, Chief, Decennial Systems and Contracts Management Office Doug Clift, Special Assistant to the Associate Director for Information Technology

49 United States Census Bureau
Conclusion Mike Palensky Chief, Acquisition Division and Contracting Officer

50 For additional background, go to
Want More Info on DRIS? For additional background, go to This website is the official source of communication about the DRIS acquisition. Check it for future updates about the release of the DRIS RFP.

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