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1.12 Prospect for Corporate Sponsors

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1 1.12 Prospect for Corporate Sponsors
Individual Activity

2 Corporate Sponsors 1. Explain WHY there is an ongoing NEED to prospect Corporate Sponsors? 2. Name 3 Factors to consider when selecting Corporate Sponsors 3. How does one IDENTIFY Corporate Sponsors?

3 Use the website below: Why would a brand want to sponsor an event for another brand? How do you decide what possible brands you should reach out to? What are items that can be included in sponsorship packages? What’s the best way to reach out to sponsors?

4 http://eventplanning. about
Using the website above. What are Common Benefits Included in Sponsorships.

5 How can I find Corporate Sponsors?
Go to the website above List ALL 8 ways and give an example for each Liz….number 2 is really good for you.

6 Choose a small event or make up your own event
Create a small sponsorship Package for sponsors Only create 2-3 levels List 4-5 items that would be included in each level but these items HAVE TO BE SPECIFIC to this event

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