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Element(ary) My(nerals), dear (Rock)son!!! What’s the difference?

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1 Element(ary) My(nerals), dear (Rock)son!!! What’s the difference?

2 Goals O You will be able to distinguish rocks from minerals and elements at the end of these notes O You will be able to describe the differences between rocks, elements, and minerals

3 What comes to your mind when You think of Elements? O Smallest piece of matter O Mass number/Atomic number O Proton/Neutron/Electron

4 What comes to mind when you hear the word Minerals? O Vitamins and Minerals O Valuable O Mineral buildup (hard water) O…O…

5 Real Definitions O Minerals- Naturally occurring, inorganic solid that possesses definite chemical structure with unique physical properties.  Quartz Diamond 

6 Characteristics of Minerals 1. Naturally Occurring 2. Inorganic –Never Alive 3. Must be solid 4. Must have definite chemical structure

7 Examples of Minerals O Quartz O Chemical formula: SiO 2 O Crystal structure: Multi-faceted(faced), elongated, with flat faces and no specific fracture pattern O Most prized pieces are large and clear but there are many variants based on impurities

8 Examples of Minerals O Orthoclase Feldspar O Chemical formula: KAlSi 2 O 8 O Crystal Structure: molecules form 3- Dimensional network with anhedral (no organizations) crystal structure O Appearance: Usually light pink in color, but varies

9 Examples of Minerals O Horneblende O Chemical formula: Ca 2 (Mg, Fe, Al) 5 (Al, Si) 8 O 22 (OH) 2 ; the Mg, Fe, and Al are interchangeable in the first group as the Al and Si are in the second. The (OH) is a hydroxide unit. O Crystal structure and appearance: Black irregular structure

10 What comes to mind when you hear the word Rocks? O Dirty O Hard O ______s are dumb, throw Rocks at them… O…O…

11 Real Definitions O Rock- A collection or aggregation of minerals

12 Example: Granite Granite Quartz Feldspar Hornblende

13 Difference Between Rocks and Minerals O Rocks O Collections of minerals and other materials O Consolidated mixtures of minerals O Minerals O A naturally occurring, inorganic crystalline material with a unique chemical makeup

14 Characteristics of Minerals O Minerals are identified by their physical characteristics O Luster O Color O Hardness O Cleavage O Streak O Diaphaneity (light transmission) O Tenacity O Crystal form O Magnetism O Refraction or double refraction O Taste O Odor O Reactivity

15 Vocab. O Use the handout and your partner to complete the vocabulary for this section in your notes. We will have a vocabulary check on Tuesday for this set and the previous set.

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