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HIB Summary 2012-2013 Plumsted Township School District Rick DeMarco District Anti-Bullying Coordinator.

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2 HIB Summary Plumsted Township School District Rick DeMarco District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

3 HIB Investigation Yearly Analysis

4 Confirmed HIB Yearly Analysis

5 Two Year Data Analysis Total number of district HIB investigations dropped from 162 to 79. Total number of confirmed HIBs dropped from 30 to 21. All data reported to the state through EVVRS reporting

6 Protected Characteristics

7 HIB Grades HIB grading system is part of the newly implemented Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (January 2011) Self-assessment based on rubric Completed by School Safety Teams in each school Grades based on implementation of the law from January 2011 to current Grades given in Fall of 2013

8 HIB Grades – Core Elements Grading based on eight (8) categories or ‘Core Elements’ 1.HIB Programs, Approaches or Other Initiatives (15 Possible Points) 2.Training on the BOE Approved HIB Policy (9 Possible Points) 3.Other Staff Instruction/Training (15 Possible Points) 4.Curriculum and Instruction on HIB and Related Information and Skills (6 Possible Points) 5.HIB Personnel (9 Possible Points) 6.School-Level HIB Incident Reporting Procedure (6 Possible Points) 7.HIB Investigation Procedures (12 Possible Points) 8.HIB Reporting (3 Possible Points)

9 Assigning the School Grade There are 1 to 5 ‘indicators’ in each Core Element A point value is assigned for each indicator:  0 Points – Does not meet the requirements  1 Point – Partially meets the requirements  2 Points – Meets all requirements  3 Points – Exceeds the requirements

10 HIB Grades By School SchoolGrade (Out of 75) New Egypt Primary School59/75 Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary School58/75 New Egypt Middle School62/75 New Egypt High School56/75 District Grade (Average of All Schools) 235/300 (Average 58.75/75)

11 Areas for Adjustment Increased utilization of the School Safety Teams: – Anti-Bullying Program assessments – Professional Development for School Safety Teams (School climate programs and approaches) – Data findings and Action Plans Assessment of school Anti-Bullying approaches and initiatives

12 HIB Grades Public Reporting, Posting, and Review Submission to state due by August 15, Each school must post the grade received by the school and the district on the homepage of school’s website. (Within 10 days of receipt) District must post grade by the district and each school on the district homepage

13 Going Forward Annual HIB grades and reporting to the state (both via EVVRS and Grade reporting system) Year 2 and beyond applies to July 1, 2013 through June 30, Anti-Bullying Task Force assembled at the state level to review possible changes At district level, annual training of employees, recognition of Week of Respect, continuous Anti- Bullying Programs, use of school safety teams, reporting to state, etc.

14 District Anti-Bullying Programs Positive behavioral reinforcement programs Virtual Therapy Program for HIB offenders and victims Presenters to faculty and students Advisor/Advisee and Character Education lessons Week of Respect initiatives Peer leadership programs (Heroes and Cool Kids expanded) Food drives and charity Education based on protected categories

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