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The V-Chip Spencer Milliner.

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1 The V-Chip Spencer Milliner

2 What is the V-Chip? An electronic chip placed within the television
Parents choose the maximum rating for their children to watch The v-chip receives ratings of broadcasts, denying access for programs deemed inappropriate.

3 The Rating System The “TV Parental Guidelines” were developed by the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Cable Television Association and the Motion Picture Association of America. These ratings are displayed for the first fifteen seconds of programming and are read by the v-chip.

4 The Rating System Continued
TV-Y : All children, designed specifically for ages 2-6. TV-Y7 : Older children, may have comedic violence. TV-G : General audience, little violence and sexual situations, and no strong language. TV-PG : Parental guidance suggested, may contain moderate violence, suggestive dialogue, or coarse language. TV-14 : Parents strongly cautioned, contains material parents may find unsuitable for children under fourteen. TV-MA : Mature audience only, can contain graphic violence, explicit sexual activity, or extremely indecent language.

5 Reach of the V-Chip Nearly all stations and networks provide ratings for broadcasted programs Television larger than 13 inches and manufactured after January 1, 2000 are required to have v-chip technology.

6 Censorship or Not? There is debate over whether use of the v-chip should be considered censorship. Television stations fear the v-chip will cut into revenue The v-chip does not prevent free speech, only prevents it from reaching impressionable viewers.

7 Problems with the V-Chip
Expensive Must be placed in every television to which child has access Parents may have trouble setting up the system Relies on broadcasted ratings of programs

8 Conclusion V-chips can be effective, but only when set properly
V-chips can defend children against violent material, but are unable to determine context. Parents must have a greater involvement in the television viewing habits of their children.

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