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Workshop on Writing Effective C URRICULUM V ITAE Hassan Bashiri Hamedan University of Technology April 2009.

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1 Workshop on Writing Effective C URRICULUM V ITAE Hassan Bashiri Hamedan University of Technology April 2009

2 Outline Definition of Resume and CV Resume vs. CV Cover Letter Parts of Cover Letter Types of CV The Anatomy of CV Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid Reviewing Samples Questions

3 What is a Résumé? The French word resume means “a summing up.” It is a concise, written summary of your work experience, education, accomplishments, and personal background Self marketing tool to highlight your uniqueness Personal Ad Job skills showcase “Value Added” to future employer Usually 1 or 2 pages length

4 What is a Résumé? Positive profile of your personal, educational and experiential qualifications for employment or admission. It cannot get you a job A good resume can help you get an interview. A good interview gets you the job offer The rest is up to you. It is a written representation of you!

5 What is a Curriculum Vita? Comprehensive biographical statement Not limited to 2 pages like resume Emphasizes teaching and research activities Should address faculty roles such as teaching, research, service, professional associations and presentations Publication is prominent section

6 How is a Curriculum Vita used? Often used in the field of higher education and concentrates on academic pursuits Used when applying for grants, fellowships, scholarships and/or other academic awards Competitive academic admission

7 Resume vs. CV Resume: From French «to summarize» Focus on job skills 1-2 pages long Used to apply for a job in a business world. You can scan it by 10 – 30 second CV (Curriculum Vitae): From Latin «the course of [one’s] life»; Not held to any particular length; Used for academic activities, certain professions (Ph.D) Includes papers published, memberships, etc.

8 What is a Cover Letter? To cover your resume. To introduce yourself along with your attached resume to a prospective employer. To obtain an interview appointment or application. Creates a desire for employer to read your resume and urges employer to talk with you. Informs employer of your communication skills.

9 2 Types of Cover Letters Letter of application –Targets identified positions Letter of inquiry or interest –Not directed at any specific job vacancy. –Directed at a school district or school. Writing and effective CL has some guidelines like resume, we are not going to discuss in detail

10 Types of CV Chronological –Reverse Chronological Functional –SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS An accomplishment that directly relates to the objective. A quality or characteristic of yours that supports this goal. Number of years of experience. Another accomplishment or characteristic. Combination Electronic e.g

11 How do I get started? Be familiar with the comprehensive anatomy of CV Think about categories of the resume or CV Customize your resume for the job you are applying Brainstorm what you might want to include –Professional, Vocational, Research Objective –Research Experience and Research Skills –Qualifications, Laboratory Experience –Publications and Presentations –Computer and Technical Skills, …

12 The Anatomy of CV Heading or Personal Information Objective Education Experience Teaching Research Professional Publications Honors & Awards

13 The Anatomy of CV (Cont.) Special Skills & Training Professional Memberships Presentations & Invited Talks Research Interests References Activities & Hobbies Student Advisement

14 Name (Usually Bold in Title) Address – If you have a permanent and local, put both. Phone number – it’s okay to use your cell phone number. Email Address – be careful of trendy email address names such as Using of academic email address is suggested. Website address Not add military service status, weight, height, … Heading and Personal Information

15 Personal Information: Example Mohammad Mahdian 90 WoodAvenue, Apartment #23 TeacherHill, MA 01832 978-212-64447 e-mail: First Name: HASSAN Last Name: BASHIRI Date of Birth: Home Address: Work Address: Lecturer of Computer Engineering Department, Bu-Ali Sina University, Shahid Fahmideh Avenue, Hamedan, Iran Home Phone: Cell Phone: Home Page : E-mail:

16 Tells the employer: –what kind of work you are interested in, –what you are hoping to do Be specific about the job you want. –To obtain an entry-level position within a financial institution requiring strong analytical and organizational skills. –To engage in advanced research and teaching programs of a top ranking university –To work in a Student Assistant position in Info Technology Services. –To become Marketing Assistant in a public relations firm –A research position, preferably in the area of Politics and International Relationships To obtain, To acquire, To utilize, To design, To Become, A position Objective

17 Research Interest Categorize and specify your research interest Area of research should have enough coverage Don’t expand it so much Example: –Information Retrieval IR Models and Ranking Matrix Processing (SVD, SDD, LSI, PCA) Search Engines Question Answering Systems

18 Education Describe your academic accomplishments: –Degree you expect to earn, university, and expected date of grad, Institution name and department –Overall or Major GPA –Related course work (if it is reflective of a specialization or is particularly relevant to the position you are pursuing) List institutions attended in reverse chronological order. DO NOT INCLUDE HIGH SCHOOL. List GPA if 3.0 or better, can be in major or overall Thesis Information (if relevant to the job)

19 Education: Example M.Sc. (2001-2004): Software Engineering Student, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran. –CGPA:17.22 out of 20 –Dissertation Title: Implementation and Evaluation of Latent Semantic Indexing Model for Persian Text Retrieval Grade: 20 out of 20 B.Sc. (1997-2001): Computer Engineering Student, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran. –CGPA:16.68 out of 20 –Dissertation Title: Analysis and Design of an Instance System with UML in RUP Software Process Grade: 19 out of 20

20 Education: Example

21 Awards and Honors Combinational is a good method (Chronological and Functional) 2005 –Champion of the 3 rd American Open RoboCup Competitions (USOpen05), Jul 2005, Atlanta, USA. –5 th Place of RoboCup WorldCup 2005 Competitions, May 2005, OSAKA, Japan 2004 –2 nd Place of the 3 rd Iranian Open Robotics Competitions, May 2005, Tehran, Iran. –Award of doing effective efforts in ICT Incubator Center of Bu-Ali Sina University as Assistant Director of Center, given by: Vice President of Research and Technology of Bu-Ali Sina University

22 Experience List work history in reverse chronological order. Begin descriptive statements with an action verb. –conducted, managed, supervised, determined, implemented, developed, Improved, documented DO NOT INCLUDE reasons for leaving, past salaries, complete address or phone number for employer, or past supervisor’s name. Internships and non-paid employment can be listed in this section. It is not necessary to note if they were unpaid. In CV it is better to classify in: –Research Experience –Teaching Experience –Professional Experience

23 Experience: Example Research Experience –Head of Persian Information Retrieval Research Group at the Department of Computer Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University (2003-Present), List of achievements: Design and Implementation of an Automatic Indexer for Persian Text Design and Implementation of New Crawling Method named Regional Crawler Teaching Experience –Lecturer of Modern Information Retrieval, Department of Computer Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran, Spring 2006, Spring 2005, Spring 2004 Professional Experience –Project Manager and Analyst of Xagross e-Commerce Project, Xagross Company, Hamedan, 2003-2004,

24 Publications Categorize them –Book, Conference Paper, Journal Paper, Technical Paper, … –Subjective –Reverse Chronological

25 Publications: Example Information Retrieval –H. Bashiri, F. Oroumchian, Assessment of Query Expansion based on Rocchio Approach in Persian Information Retrieval, 3 rd Iranian Journal of Information and Science, September, 2006 (in English) –H. Bashiri, F. Karbalaie, S. Mousavi, Design and Evaluation of Automatic Farsi Indexer for Persian Text, In Proceedings of 11 th International CSI Computer Conference Tehran, Iran, January 2006, (in Persian) RoboCup (Intelligent System) –H. Bashiri, M. Rafaei, RoboSina2006 Team Description, In Proceedings of the 10 th International RoboCup Symposium (RoboCup’06), Beremn, Germany, July 2006 (in English) –H. Zarrabi-Zadeh, H. Bashiri, RoboSina2005 Team Description, In Proceedings of the 9 th International RoboCup Symposium (RoboCup’05), OSAKA, Japan, July 2005 (in English)

26 Skills List your related skills Computer and Language skills are usually required –Computer: Microsoft office (Good) Internet and Search (Expert) SPSS (Expert) –English Language: Reading, Listening (Good) Speaking (Fluent) Writing (Expert)

27 Membership Member of American Mathematical Society, 2004-present.American Mathematical Society Member of Computer Society of Iran (CSI), 2001- present.Member of Meshkat Cultural Association, 1997- present.Computer Society of Iran (CSI) Member of Student Council, Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 1998-1999.Student Council

28 Student Advisement List thesis or research you have advised Example: –A. H. Jadidinejad, Design and Evaluation of Fuzzy Clustering Method in Persian Information Retrieval, Department of Computer Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University, In Process, (in Persian) –A. Rezvanian, SABA Crawler: Focused on Persian Web Characterization, Department of Computer Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University, September 2006, (In Persian) –M. Shokouhi, Regional Crawler, A New Method to Crawling the Web, Department of Computer Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University, March 2004, (in English)

29 References Available upon request. Dr. Farhad Oroumchian Associate Professor Wollongong University Dubai Branch Dr. Tom Hayden Dept. of Communication University of Hawaii at Manoa Honolulu, HI 96822 (808) 956-2222

30 Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid Avoid tables, paragraph borders, columns, and fancy fonts. Avoid trying to indent or center text using the spacebar. Keep all lines left justified against the page, and use line breaks to separate headings and sections. Make sure all dates are correct. Be prepared to explain any gaps. List your education and experience in reverse chronological order – from the most current back. Use key words and action words. –Key words are words used in “professional jargon”. Use quantifiable numbers. –Wrong: “Helped increase sales substantially while in position”. –Right: “Increased sales by 35% in nine months”.

31 Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid (Cont.) Check & double check for content flow, grammar, punctuation, redundancy, and spelling Have a top, bottom, left and right margin Print on quality white or off-white paper Have your CV and resume reviewed by expert people –Seek others’ opinions –Proofread– then have someone else proofread Keep length right (resume: 1 or 2 pages, CV has more)

32 Always: Be relevant. Stay focused on specifics that relate to the job for which you are applying. Be positive. Emphasize your strengths, accomplishments (not just responsibilities), and experience. Be accurate. DO NOT exaggerate or mislead. Be factual Be neat. Go for eye appeal. Not too fancy, no colored paper. Be brief: Don’t be general Scanned in 10 seconds – make sure important information stands out Be organized: Create section by section so it’s not overwhelming Write long on first draft – edit later Focus on accomplishments, not routine duties Don’t use without proofreading Don’t let someone else write it for you

33 Common Resume and CV Mistakes Including a heading such as "Résumé" or "Curriculum Vitae": not necessary Including irrelevant information: personal details (age), high school etc. Format/Style: lack of white space, too narrow margins, loud gimmicky paper or font use. Ordering of information: not in reverse chronological order. Excluding information such as phone or email: include on résumé Attention to detail: spelling mistakes, grammar and use of consistent tense.

34 Take a look to some samples …..

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