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SURGING Forward Strategic Plan Update September 23, 2013.

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1 SURGING Forward Strategic Plan Update September 23, 2013

2 Where Did We Start?


4 Cincinnati State Ohio Community College Average National Average % Change in Headcount EF 2011 vs. EF 2010 -4%-3%-1% Retention Rate46%59%55% Graduation Rate (FT)14.5%8.6%23.7% Data Driven Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Comparison Note: retention rate for CS based on EF 2010

5 Environmental outlook High school graduates declining Economy improving, lower unemployment rates correlate to declines in adult enrollment What if analysis We calculated the impact of increasing our retention rate by 1% on revenue ($425K) Data Driven

6 Surging Forward

7 Goal 1: Increase Student Success Driving Academic Achievement

8 Goal 1: Key Strategies Reduce the time to complete required Academic Foundations Math courses Increase first-to-second year retention of first- time degree seeking students Increase number of merit scholarships awarded to first-time, full-time degree seeking students during their first semester Increase graduation rate for first-time, full- time degree seeking students

9 Goal 1: Accomplishments IncludeED – (AFM 075, 090 & 095) Starfish Early Alert System: progress survey COMPASS Prep & Tutoring – PTEC Boot Camps Fast Track – College Readiness (partnership with CPS-GED/ABLE and CityLink) Increased merit scholarships awarded to first- time, full-time degree-seeking students

10 Goal 1: Current Initiatives Supplemental Instruction Brain Research Starfish Early Alert System expansion (TRIO/Disability Services/Success Center/Writing Center) Mandatory Advising Implementation Study Skills workshops (Test Anxiety, Time Management, Test-Taking strategies, Career Exploration) Mandatory warning/probation/suspension/SAP workshops

11 Goal 1: Dashboard Metrics

12 Goal 2: Expand Our Reach Broadening Our Footprint

13 Goal 2: Key Strategies Expand dual enrollment Increase enrollment at off campus sites Increase distance education enrollment Expand outreach to targeted populations (high school, veteran, Hispanic/Latino and international) Subteam Leaders – Dr. Tim Mott, Michael Chikeleze, Jean Wisuri, Gaby Boeckermann

14 Goal 2: Accomplishments Expand dual enrollment: Established district-wide agreement with CPS Added new schools Dater, Deer Park, Fairfield, Hughes, Moeller, Reading, Shroder, Taft, Walnut Hills, Woodward Expanded course offerings History, Spanish, additional Math Completed web site with resources for students, parents, and schools

15 Goal 2: Accomplishments (continued) Increase enrollment at off campus sites: Completed Phase II of Middletown expansion with new labs and offerings Natural Sciences, Nurse Aid Training, WDC training – AK Steel, SunCoke Energy Offered more courses at Harrison on "start your degree here" promotion Implemented college bridge program with Lower Price Hill School

16 Goal 2: Accomplishments (continued) Increase Distance Education: Added 5 additional online degrees and one certificate Expanded faculty development for online instruction and design work Online for Sciences, Teaching Online, Blackboard, Collaborate Completed 14 Quality Matters Internal Reviews for online courses

17 Goal 2: Accomplishments (continued) Expand Outreach to Special Populations: Held ENGAGE Teacher event Completed 200+ high school Tech Prep agreements Implemented GE Skills to Work Program for Vets Hired Managers of Veterans and International Student Affairs Developed new partnerships with international and cultural organizations American Homestay Network, LULAC, Su Casa, African Foundation USA

18 Goal 2: Current Initiatives Expand dual enrollment: Achieve participation by all CPS high schools Establish cross district agreement with Butler and Warren County Educational Service Centers Improve processes and instructor training Recruit other categories of schools – charter, parochial, etc.

19 Goal 2: Current Initiatives (continued) Increase enrollment at off campus sites: Identify and offer transfer degrees at additional sites Research and plan for another campus Implement Middletown Phase 3

20 Goal 2: Current Initiatives (continued) Increase Distance Education: Utilize Pearson and other vendor partnerships to provide resources for expansion Develop and implement plans to maximize retention and graduation rates for students in online degrees - such as online orientation Offer online dual enrollment opportunities

21 Goal 2: Current Initiatives (continued) Expand Outreach to Special Populations: Hold ENGAGE 2013 with high school students and community members on campus Form team and implement PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) initiative Establish full and intensive ESL program Host new community wide international themed events Host or participate in Latino Leadership Workshop, Salsa on the Square, Cincinnati Hispanic Festival

22 Goal 2: Dashboard Metrics

23 Goal 3: Build Community Valuing Our Workforce

24 Goal 3: Strategies Enhance the sense of community within Cincinnati State Increase communication through improved and meaningful planned interactions Provide formal documentation for college operations and activities

25 Goal 3: Accomplishments Developed draft of Phase One Operations Manual Implemented Master Calendar through Resource 25/available on the College Web Site Presented Educational Sessions: –Active Shooter Training –Resource 25/Master Calendar Held Initial Planning Discussion on “Center for Teaching Excellence”

26 Goal 3: Current Initiatives Hold SURGE-A-PALOOZA Employee Picnic Distribute Phase One Operations Manual for review and feedback Distribute Phase Two Operations Manual for review and feedback Schedule Fall Semester and Spring Semester Lunch and Learn sessions Create Leadership Academy (grow your own talent program) AQIP Initiative

27 Goal 3: Dashboard Metrics

28 Goal 4: Strengthen Fiscal Sustainability Securing Our Future

29 Goal 4: Strategies Develop a financial plan that increases operating reserves annually Implement the $1000 4 One scholarship campaign Increase non-traditional revenue sources Implement priority-based budgeting

30 Goal 4: Accomplishments Partnership with Freestore Foodbank to create Hospitality Academy of Cincinnati Developed Apprenticeship Programs with G.E. & AK Steel Designed & implemented Machine Operator’s Program, driven by local manufacturing businesses Designed & launched G.E. Get Skills to Work program for Veterans (certificates & academic pathway)

31 Goal 4: Current Initiatives Ford Motor Company electrical maintenance Apprenticeship Program Development of Machine Operator’s II program & CNC Bootcamp Online non-credit programing in partnership with Pearson Online (5 courses) Collaboration with Butler Tech for concurrent enrollment

32 Goal 4: Current Initiatives (continued) $2.75M DOL grant, “Greater Cincinnati Manufacturing Career Accelerator” programming (Welding/CNC) Execute “People and Productivity” Training Program for Manufacturers – human skills development programming Design European Model Apprenticeship Program – certificate, academic pathway (Metalex, FineTool)

33 Goal 4: Dashboard Metrics

34 “You can be successful. You will be successful, and we will help you.” O’dell Moreno Owens, MD Our Mantra


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