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Ch 23 Section 1 Notes.

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1 Ch 23 Section 1 Notes

2 How Solutions Form ( )—a mixture that appears the same throughout and is uniformly mixed at the molecular level. ( )—substance being dissolved ()—substance doing the dissolving Solutions can be liquids, gases, or solids. ()are solid solutions.

3 How Dissolving Happens
Water molecules are ()—they have a positive area and a negative area. Water molecules cluster around ()molecules, with their negative ends attracted to the positive ends of the solids. Water molecules ()the solid particles into solution. The moving ()molecules and ()molecules spread out and mix evenly to form a (). To mix solids to make an alloy solution, you must ()the solids.



6 Rate of Dissolving Depends on:
()—speeds up dissolving by bringing more fresh solvent into contact with more solute. Crystal () Dissolving occurs at the ()of a solid. Breaking a solid into pieces or powder increases its (), which speeds up dissolving Temperature—()the temperature of a solvent speeds up the movement of its particles. To make a gas dissolve more quickly in a liquid, ()the liquid solvent and ()the pressure of the gas.

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