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Quick Start Guide for Flat Screen ~ March 2013 CASIO Dual Projection System XJ-SK600/SK650.

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1 Quick Start Guide for Flat Screen ~ March 2013 CASIO Dual Projection System XJ-SK600/SK650

2 Quick Start Guide This Quick Start Guide is for quick setup reference. For more detailed information about setup and operation Please refer to complete product manuals available for Free download on our website. Information Preparation XJ-SK600/650 Screen The purpose of this guide is to allow the user to set up the XJ-SK600/650 quickly Guide also includes all basic information needed for flat Image alignment in the tabletop configuration. 60inch Tools needed - Phillips head screwdriver Overview

3 Initial Projector Settings Page 1 Projector Settings A&B 1.Plug in (only) Projector A. 2.Set the menu of Projector A * language: English or other language * INPUT: HDMI * Auto Keystone: off * Keystone Correction: 0 * Auto Power Off: off * Signal Name Indicator: off * No Signal Screen: black * Direct Power On: off ( When you will use ceiling position…) *Ceiling mount :on 3.Power off projector A 4.Plug in only projector B (un-plug Projector A) 5.Set menu of projector B as listed in step 2. 6.Power off projector B Use The Projector Remote for Initial Menu Settings Hardware Settings Projector A Projector B Connect to Projector A HDMI & RS232C Connect to Projector B HDMI & RS232C Connect to AC Adapter Power cable to AC Adapter Each Power cable Geometric correction Box YA-S10 Install the 4 included feet for Table Top Setup Shut down using POWER BUTTON to retain all settings in memory. Once menu settings are completed you Are finished using the projector remote.

4 Geometric Image Correction Overview Page 2 Aligning the Position of Both Images 1. Position the SK600/SK650 so it is aligned with the screen. 2. Make Menu Adjustments on each projector 3. Power on all devices using the YA-S10 of remote control 4. Select Shaping type Flat Correct Shaping type +Enter key Flat + Enter key 5. Adjust Image Positions, Zoom and Focus (adjust so that both colored images overlap closely Adjust the movable projector by loosening the side screws and turning center adjustment. Toggle Colors with A/B Button on the remote 6. Make final adjustments to Corners, Sides and Center. Finish ( ESC button) * When setting up the SK600/SK600, align with screen as pictured below. Center Screw (All Image adjustments are made using the YA-S10 Remote Control)

5 Geometric Correction Details Page 3 Aligning the Position of Both Images *The closer the 2 images are aligned during this step the smaller final adjustments will be needed. 7. Select Corner Correction (4 corner adjustment) Explanation of keys. Correct fast 8-arrow slow 4-arrow Position Move position ( Up / Down / Left / Right) A B Toggle Image A (yellow) with projector B (Blue) Image Change PC image with grid move ESC Escape to Image shaping from grid mode Good No Good Align single Yellow line inside Blue double lines using arrow keys Its Important to start with good corner alignment

6 Geometric Correction 3 Page 4 Aligning the Position of Both Images 8. Select Side Correction (Arch) Finish (ESC) Back to menu 10. Select Center Point Correction (Repeat alignment process) Finish (ESC) Complete! - END - 9. Select Side Correction (Parallel Shift) (Repeat alignment process) Finish (ESC) 11. Set Screen aspect to (Automatic) Finish (ESC) 12. Select a single or double menu to be visible on screen Once all alignment settings are completed connect content Source (PC, DVD, Media Player) to control box input and run content

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