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A culinary competition to learn about creating a product and running a business! February 2014 Cookie Entrepreneurial Project.

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1 A culinary competition to learn about creating a product and running a business! February 2014 Cookie Entrepreneurial Project

2 Period 4 – Kitchen 1 Sugar and Spice Cookies Mini spice cookies, cut in small designs with a dab of butter cream icing on top of some of them. Great with a cup of hot chocolate or tea with lemon. Recipe Source: com/?p=3839

3 Period 4 – Kitchen 2 Blueberry & Chocolate Chip Cookies Unusual cookie dough that includes instant vanilla pudding, two kinds of chocolate chips and “blueberry infused” dried cranberries. Recipe Source: ecipe/blueberry-choco- chip-cookies

4 Period 4 – Kitchen 3 “Strawberry Tiaras” Vanilla cream cheese dough square is filled and folded to make a delicious pastry, then lightly dusted with confectioner’s sugar. Substitute strawberry jam for the apricot preserves in the recipe. Recipe Source: /recipes/bow-tie-cookies- apricot-preserves.aspx

5 Period 4 – Kitchen 4 “Pink Delights” A delicious pink- colored dough rolled and cut in a heart shape… then topped with vanilla butter cream icing and sparkly red sugar crystals. Recipe Source: om/recipe/vanilla-roll- out-cookies

6 Period 4 – Kitchen 5 Cinnamon Roll Cookies A riff on a roll out cookie, vanilla dough was sliced, baked, iced and sprinkled with colorful sugar and nonpareils. Recipe Source: cinnamon-roll-sugar- cookies-yes/

7 Period 5 – Kitchen 1 Galaxy Cookies Milky Way infused cookies from our corner of the Galaxy. WOWZA! Have you ever tried these? The chocolate caramel combination is AMAZING! Recipe Source: cookies/ cookies/

8 Period 5 – Kitchen 1 Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies Traditional sandwich cookie with a delectable taste ~ Red Velvet cookie with Cream Cheese Icing. Recipe Source: m/recipes/red-velvet-white- chocolate-chip- cookies/dd39d93f-f694-4ddf- afd4-48aba8930fb6 Filling from BCHS Pumpkin Cake Roll recipe: /20/ /CA%20NB% 2008%20page%2007%20- %20Pumpkin%20Cake%20Ro ll.pdf /20/ /CA%20NB% 2008%20page%2007%20- %20Pumpkin%20Cake%20Ro ll.pdf

9 Period 5 – Kitchen 2 M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies Cookies using M&M candies, any variety. Old recipe-but ALWAYS a favorite! Recipe Source: m/recipe/robbis- mm-cookies/

10 Period 5 – Kitchen 3 “Pink Puffles” Described as a “yummy puff of pink heaven”, these two bite cookies feature a soft vanilla cookie with a generous amount of sweet pink icing glaze. Recipe Source: /8/20/ /CA%20 NB%2005%20page%2015a %20- %20Pink%20Puffles%20Co okie%20Recipe%20by%20L indsey%20and%20Frankie.p df

11 Period 5 – Kitchen 3 “Eggcellent” A buttery bite of heaven is a true description of this tasty, bite size cookie! Don’t be put off by the cooked egg yolks in this recipe! Delicious! Recipe Source: 09/8/20/ /CA %20NB%2005%20page% 2015b%20- %20Eggcellent%20Cooki e%20Recipe%20by%20As hton%20Fisher.pdf

12 Period 5 – Kitchen 4 “A Little Bit of Everything” Enjoy some amazing peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips inside…. along with melted caramel and a chocolate drizzle on top. Recipe Source: /8/20/ /CA%20 NB%2005%20page%2015c %20- %20A%20Little%20Bit%20 of%20Everything%20Cooki e%20Recip e.pdf /8/20/ /CA%20 NB%2005%20page%2015c %20- %20A%20Little%20Bit%20 of%20Everything%20Cooki e%20Recip e.pdf

13 Period 5 – Kitchen 5 Almond Cookies A cookie for those folks who are not giant sugar fans but love almonds…. Shortbread-like texture with plenty of slivered almonds. Would be even better with almond icing…. Recipe Source: /8/20/ /CA%20 NB%2005%20page%2015d %20- %20Almond%20Cookies.pd f /8/20/ /CA%20 NB%2005%20page%2015d %20- %20Almond%20Cookies.pd f

14 Period 7 – Kitchen 1 “Coolicious” Cookies Delicious heart shaped roll out cookie dipped in a luscious chocolate glaze. Recipe Source: easy-sugar-cookies/ easy-sugar-cookies/ Glaze by Alie: melt one stick of butter in a saucepan then stir in one cup powdered sugar, two tablespoons cocoa and two tablespoons of coffee. Add more powdered sugar to obtain desired consistency.

15 Period 7 – Kitchen 2 “Chocolate Fistik” Cookies Peanut Blossom Cookies A cookie exchange favorite! Peanut butter cookies topped with a chocolate candy kiss are always a hit, and peanut butter cookie recipes don't get much easier than this. Recipe Source: pes/recipe- details.aspx?id=5191&name=Pea nut%20Butter%20Blossoms pes/recipe- details.aspx?id=5191&name=Pea nut%20Butter%20Blossoms

16 Period 7 – Kitchen 3 “Pumpkin.C.P.” Cookies "A delicious pumpkin cookie that can be eaten single or filled with whoopie pie filling to make it even better.” Recipe Source for Whoopie Pies: pumpkin-whoopie-pies/ pumpkin-whoopie-pies/ Filling from BCHS Pumpkin Cake Roll recipe: /20/ /CA%20NB% 2008%20page%2007%20- %20Pumpkin%20Cake%20Ro ll.pdf /20/ /CA%20NB% 2008%20page%2007%20- %20Pumpkin%20Cake%20Ro ll.pdf

17 Period 7 – Kitchen 4 “Precious Petals” Cookies Classic Austrian Linzer Cookie Tart layered with strawberry jam and a milk chocolate drizzle. Recipe Source for cookie dough: ipe/soft-sugar-cookies-iv/ ipe/soft-sugar-cookies-iv/ For assembling cookie: cookie-tarts/ c- c b-89ab- f0dd668333e2

18 Period 7 – Kitchen 5 Browned Butter Pretzel M&M Cookies Craving something salty and sweet? Try pretzel pieces, M&Ms, and browned butter. Brown butter is a secret little weapon in the kitchen. It adds so much more concentrated, deep flavor to your baked good than creamed or melted butter would. Think lots of caramel and butterscotch undertones paired with a nutty aroma. Recipe source: wn-butter-pretzel-mm- cookies/

19 Period 8 – Kitchen 1 Meringue Cookies Meringue Cookies are so light and airy, sweet and crisp - they seem to just melt in your mouth. The outsides of the meringues are nice and crisp, yet the insides remain wonderfully soft and puffy. Recipe Source: com/ ml#ixzz2tIo0cTZe com/ ml#ixzz2tIo0cTZe Use dried egg whites in any standard meringue cookie recipe. om/deb_el_just_whites.h tml om/deb_el_just_whites.h tml

20 Period 8 – Kitchen 2 “Sweetie Pops” Red Velvet cookie dough is chilled first and then a popsicle stick is inserted in the dough ball before baking. Cream cheese frosting and red sugar crystals make a very attractive cookie pop. Recipe Source: velvet-chocolate-chip- cookies/ om/recipes/cream_cheese_ frosting/

21 Period 8 – Kitchen 3 Peanut Butter Cookies Classic Peanut Butter Cookie. Recipe Source: com/recipefinder/p eanut-butter- cookies-recipe

22 Period 8 – Kitchen 4 “You’re One Smart Cookie” Marble refrigerator cookie sandwich with dark chocolate and smooth vanilla filling. This cookie was an adaptation of a Martha Stewart recipe. The filling recipes are divine! Recipe Source: 7054/chocolate-pecan-layered- icebox-cookies pes/vanilla-buttercream- frosting/39107a19-be f1fc5bd1d606 ocolate-Fudge-Icing

23 Period 8 – Kitchen 5 “The Munchie Pies” Classic Whoopee Pie - delicious chocolate cake cookie with a creamy marshmallow filling. Read the reviews, but the 1½ tablespoons of baking soda worked fine! Kitchen 5 thought that the filling was not nearly enough for all these pies. Use a “disher” to evenly portion out batter. Recipe Source: ecipes/whoopie-pies-recipe1.html

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