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The Murderer  Jazlyn  Brandi  Jeremy  Ryan Click here to begin your adventure.

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1 The Murderer  Jazlyn  Brandi  Jeremy  Ryan Click here to begin your adventure

2 Two weeks have passed since your mother has been murdered. You plan on going to the war to find the man who you know murdered her. And on your way there, you find a clue that leads you closer to the murderer. As you get closer you learn that he is a terrorist. You are nervous, but smart so you know what you are doing. You are very brave, so you feel pretty confident that you will catch him. You are grieving, but you have to stay strong, like your mom knows you are, that is the only way you can keep her in your heart. Your friends are not supporting you by telling you that you are going to get hurt or get caught in between trouble. The problem is the man who murdered your mother keeps running away, he knows you are coming. If you decide to go to the war and try to catch the murderer, click here. If you decide to track the murderer down at home, click here.

3 You decide to go to the war and try to catch your mother’s murderer. So you will need supplies. You pack clothes, water, food, weapons, and other necessities. You get on the private airplane that a friend rented you. And you’re on your way. You are almost there and then your airplane runs out of fuel. You jump with a parachute out of the plane. (So you don’t get noticed.) You still get to the war before the sun sets. You hear airplanes in the distance. You see people on the ground fighting for their lives. You taste the dryness in the air. You have felt the small breeze on your head, it is very cold. You search through all of the cabins to try to see if he is in one of them. Click here to continue

4 The soldiers are busy fighting at war, so nobody can catch you searching through their cabins. You feel that you are really close because you know the murderer is there. A note that you find in a cabin says where you live and who you are. You look at the bottom and your best friends name is signed. If you decide to figure out what your friend did, click here. If you decide to ignore your friend and work harder, click here.

5 You go home to see your place has been robbed. You look inside and find every thing is either stolen or broken. Also you find that some one had been searching through your stuff and your safe that had cash stashed in it is missing. Then you see a piece of hair by your safe that was not stolen and you’re about to take it to the police so they can analyze the piece of evidence. Also you see a note taped to the remains of the door that says “I will keep running so just give up.” You wonder if it is an ordinary robber or the terrorist. Also you’re thinking whether you should go find him or let the police find the murderer. Then you hear a crash through the window. You duck under a table so you didn’t get hit by what ever came crashing through the window. Click here to continue

6 A baseball rolled across the floor in front of you. Then you stand up and turn around to see kids rushing up to your window. They say “sorry sir we promise will pay for this”. When they start to leave you see a glimpse of something move behind a tree. You feel like you are being watched. So you go outside to see what it is. You approach the tree cautiously. You look around the tree and find a little squirrel. Then you turn around to go back into your house, but you see a face peer over your neighbor’s fence then it disappeared. You wonder if it was the terrorist. If you choose to call police click here If you decide to chase the face that appeared over the fence click here

7 You have decided to try to figure out the mysterious thing your friend did. While you are leaving one of the last rooms, you hear somebody say your name. It is your best friend! He says, “Why are you here?” You reply, “You know why I am here! You are one of the ones that told me not to come here! Why are you here?” He looks at you with an evil look. “What did you do?” you say. You know that he did something because he is acting very strange! “Why don’t you go ask the man that murdered your mom?” He said. The murderer walks in the door, “What did my friend do, and what did he tell you?” you ask. Click here to continue

8 “The truth is, your friend told me that you were coming and warned me about you, but now we have you, we are going to kill you” he threatened. “Now all of your pain and suffering about your mom will be gone, and so will you,” he mumbled. He pointed the gun at you and then you heard a gun shot you opened your eyes and your friend had shot him. “Thank you so much, now I am safe, and so is my mom’s spirit!” You hugged your friend. “Yeah, hey listen, I am very sorry about this and I swear nothing like it will ever happen again!” he cried. You went home that night with your friend and ate out. Then you went to sleep at your house. As for the murderer, well he is dead what can you say about him!

9 You decided to stay at the war and find the man you know who murdered your mom. Just remember you have to stay strong. (For your mom.) You go to a cabin you think is suspicious. You walk in… The dust from the oldness in the air startles you. You look around. You see something white on the old dusty worn pillow. Your heart starts racing through beats. There is a piece of paper… you go to look at it. You read it. “I know your coming, catch me if you can!” You feel your heart is skipping every other beat. You run out of the cabin. You look around. You feel like your going to vomit, because you’re so scared. Bravery is the key right now. You keep looking up and down the drive way. Click here to continue

10 You see something in the distance in the snow. You keep running. You look away for one split second, and the figure is gone. You look again and there is nothing. “Why does he keep running away?” you scream. At that second your mother comes up in your mind. You start to cry. Something touches your shoulder. All that comes out of your mouth is “OMG!” Then you turn around. There in the dirty snow is a person that looks like one of the terrorist you saw on TV. “Are you him” you say about to pee your pants. “si” is all he says. You run for your life. And that’s the last time you saw him.

11 You decide to call the police. You run into your house. You hide under a knocked over table and pull out your phone. You dial 911 and the phone starts to ring. “Come on. Come on.” Some one answer. “Hello,” they say. “Some one is coming for me. They already robbed my house.” you say. “Please send help!” They tell you. “Ok I’m going to contact the police.” “Yes please make it quick!” you say. You hear the lady on the other line calling for the police. She picks up the phone. “Help is on the sir.” Click here to continue

12 “Thank you!” you say happily. Then one minute later you hear foot steps in your house. You stay hidden behind the table hoping that the foot steps are the police. Then you hear “Hello. Anyone here? Its ok to come out the police is here.” Then you calm down. You get up and say, “Yeh, I’m here. I’m ok. I’m not hurt.” You see the police and you tell them what you saw and where the man was. They say they’ll try every thing they can to catch the man. Then you calm down. You get up and say, “Yeh, I’m here. I’m ok. I’m not hurt.” You see the police and you tell them what you saw and where the man was. They say they’ll try every thing they can to catch the man.

13 You go chasing after the thing you saw but it had some how disappeared. Boom! You hear a gun shot and you follow the sound to see what it was. You see it is merely your neighbor shooting a target. He asked you if that was bugging you and he goes in the house for a second. Then when he comes back out, he apologizes and asks if you want to see something. So you follow him to a small room that has about twenty camera screens showing different parts of the house. He puts in a tape and you see the person that killed your mom but his face is faded and you can’t make out who it really is. You zoom in and it reveals that your friend’s dad killed her. Click here to continue

14 So you go to your friend’s house and as you are about to knock on the door you think maybe your friend’s dad would kill you next so you devise a trap. First you get a whole lot of thin wires and tie them to make a net and you put the trip wire in front of the door. Then you grab a metal barrel to catch him in just in case he walks over the wire trip cord. Also you get the video tape and get your cell phone out ready to call the police. You knock on the door and hide in a bush. When the murderer comes out he trips over the wire and face plants the floor. The net is not springing up and he spots you so you dial 911 and leave the video tape there. You start running but he is not following you. Click here to continue.

15 You go by him and you see that he thinks it is a game because he is cracking up. When the police arrive he stops laughing and gets real angry. You show the police and him the video and they see that it was him so they take him away. As he leaves he keeps yelling, “I didn’t do it!” Then you hear a voice right behind you! It was a guy with a gun shaped pocket so you suspect that he was associated with your friend’s dad! You tackle him and feel his pocket for a gun. It wasn’t there. You still yell for help anyways. You see that he has a mask and under it you see that it is your friend! The same friend that told you not to go looking for him! That so called friend was one of the murderers! So they were arrested and had a life time sentence. Or so you thought, they broke out of prison and are coming after YOU!

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