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Jane Collings and Pete Watton Introduction and module overview.

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1 Jane Collings and Pete Watton Introduction and module overview

2 Module Aims To facilitate an evaluation of the participant’s immediate and wider work context in order to promote professional development To facilitate the participant’s identification, planning, implementation and evaluation of a work-based project To enhance the participant’s understanding of the work-based learning process and its role in learning through experience and critical reflection

3 Experiential learning is at the heart of this module. Work place experience provides a rich source of learning Effective experiential learning requires a systematic approach These resources are underpinned by such an approach, as suggested by Greenaway (1988) and others such as Kolb (1984) Learners are invited to review and reflect on their own experience and relate it to wider theory Experiential Learning

4 Greenaway’s 3-stage model DoReviewPlan Develop strategies and plan to improve performance. Evaluate, reflect and improve performance Take action to improve performance.

5 Module overview The module is structured around a number of similar stages shown in the diagram on the next slide. These stages form part of a spiral, which are repeated but which continually move the learner forward.


7 This module is supported by a package of resources, organised around each of these stages into a website. The resources include presentations video clips learner activities resources to support report writing a bibliography Resources

8 References Greenaway, R. (1988). Powerful Learning Experiences in Management Learning and Development Kolb, D. (1984) Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall Links to other modules: Project Management: Understanding Professional Development Understanding the Organisation

9 This resource was created by the University of Plymouth, Learning from WOeRk project. This project is funded by HEFCE as part of the HEA/JISC OER release programme.Learning from WOeRk This resource is licensed under the terms of the Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales license ( The resource, where specified below, contains other 3 rd party materials under their own licenses. The licenses and attributions are outlined below: 1.The name of the University of Plymouth and its logos are unregistered trade marks of the University. The University reserves all rights to these items beyond their inclusion in these CC resources. 2.The JISC logo, the and the logo of the Higher Education Academy are licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution -non-commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK England & Wales license. All reproductions must comply with the terms of that license. Authors Jane Collings, Pete Watton InstitutionUniversity of Plymouth Title Work Based Learning – Introduction and Overview Description PowerPoint Presentation Date Created 12 th June 2011 Educational Level Module level 5 Keywords UKOER, LFWOER, UKOER, LFWOER, UOPCPDWBL, Continuous Professional Development, CPD, Work-based Learning, WBL Back page originally developed by the OER phase 1 C-Change project ©University of Plymouth, 2011, some rights reserved

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